I dare you

I dare you

A Poem by Nayomii

love unexplained, undefined and taken for granted and given to the wrong person

            I DARE YOU

Here I am,
staring outside my window just looking at how each drop of water falls from the sky
and blends with the cold ground.
A drop signifying a beaten up phase of my mind
An Abandoned heart in the middle of no where just flowing with the crowd
With each cold drop touching the ground, 
the more i realize how cruel the love world can be
The coldness of this heavy rain seems to be how heavy my heart is,
with all the warnings, signs and other things i saw before this terrible outcome

The funny thing is I DARED YOU,
I dared you to leave me hopelessly in love with you
and drop me in your world of mystery,
 and you did,
See life has always had its ways of treating one
but the way you treat life is what we always seek out
not how well it treated you.

I dared you to spent your sad, lonely, depressed, happy,moody, confused days with me
and you did,
I dared you to give me enough of you to hope in
and you did,
i dared you to love me with something to expect back which is your love in return
and you did,
i dared you to rock my world and treat me like i am the only thing you will ever need
and you did,
i dared you to take a step into my crazy world and be the guest that my odd feels and demons love
and you did,
i dared you to stay when i was at my lowest
and you did,
i dared you to make an unending life after death promise and
you did,

How foolish of me to think that you were going to stay
How foolish of me to think feelings are what i live on
How foolish of me to put my whole life on you without saving anything for me
Just like the prodigal son,
How foolish of me to save you with a bleeding heart while i was dying
How foolish of me not to see that all of this was a facade
How foolish of me to trust and love blindly

Here I am,
After the rehearsed memories that you gave me
After the stolen kisses and fake promises and late night talks
Here I am,
Still hoping and waiting for someone to wake me up from this sad ending
Here I am,
Still thinking you leaving was joke and I'll laugh
Here I am,
Just surviving on nothing but a dead heart killed by you
Here I am,
Just wanting to get everything I left in Life to be with you

© 2017 Nayomii

Author's Note

Hi Everyone! this is an updated and reviewed piece of "I DARE YOU". It is not complete. A big Thank you! to people who reviewed. Have a lovely weekend!

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i found this totally amazing to be honest

Posted 5 Months Ago

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5 Months Ago

Hi Quinn!
Thank you!
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this poem pierced my heart even if it's not perfect but it still did.

Posted 10 Months Ago

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9 Months Ago

Thanks LR...i appreciate. So sorry the late response though...

9 Months Ago

It's okay! Some people are busy sometimes haha

9 Months Ago

not too busy for you to take your precious time to view my poem...Thank you so much once again
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Added on August 16, 2017
Last Updated on August 25, 2017
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