A Poem by Neeko Ford

Why try to wrap words around a poem if the poem is right here with the actual words in it to read?

Im convulsing naked in the rain because of the black clouds over you
The crystal ball put its money on black tar becoming my glue
I ingenuinly hope it wont, 
but my brains deepest craving for truth can't suppress my escape artists tastebuds for ruining what I really need and curling up in the comfort zone of making myself lose
And I can feel it...
Its stale breath sogging the hairs behind my neck
This capsule where I quiver, 
my little silicone poppy field of bliss
as every future becomes a now 
and my repressed excitement for a romanticized art-f**k addict life grows a moldy morbid existence that Im starting to think fits me best

And I self sabotage with the best of em' 
tear me by the tendons, 
got this tendency to tongue f**k the sinkhole of all its hair, 
Throw myself in the sinkhole pink, peeled and bare 
Rock myself to sleep cradle-capped and overcared
Pluck me dry
hug my stys
gulp my daily meal of wet tangled hair 
that belonged to someone else

Its gross... but i still do it

Why wont all of you just please let me slowly kill myself

At least the sinks unclogged

Now everyone can wash their filthy little hands 
but ill let yall keep repressing that they're not
so you can whisper yourself to sleep 
Oh how i applaud 
you're bleached little paws
pat your sweaty back and keep passing go till im gone

I wish you didn't want to help 

But please help me
i cant swallow 
Jagged blades of vices I inherited are the same excuse my parents followed

the welts in my throat may not let me go to sleep
But its the lack of guilt that's truly killing me

© 2017 Neeko Ford

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Added on September 8, 2017
Last Updated on September 8, 2017
Tags: Dark, Addiction, Regret, Rap, Poetry, Introspective, Contraditcions


Neeko Ford
Neeko Ford

Tucson, AZ

My name is Neeko Ford, but that is simply just another name tag to separate myself from humanity and I'm not one for labels very much. I am a poet (Yes as pretentious and f*****g funny as a job title .. more..