Deep inside Me

Deep inside Me

A Chapter by Neha samant

I never wanna quarrel with the external world because my inner world is enough to quarrel with me.
My silence or you can say my feelings which some people has also named as Soul.. talks more than my body has ever talked.
& The poor body just get lost in a limited world of words. It has never got exact words to define itself wholly. And because of this incompleteness of body it has limited its world just to the actions.
The Body kills itself just to live for the world's sake.
And the Soul lives just for its life's sake. And ignore the worldly things.
But life is not just about Body Or just Soul.
You can't go long just with a single aspect.
Just like Rivers,
A river never remains lonely towards it's destination. It's tributaries also flow with it. And make the flow more firm.

Your Body is something like a candle and the Soul is just it's beautiful flame.
You have to make a balance between the outer world as well as the inner one.
Because all the warmth which a flame gives to it's candle makes it complete.
And your flame or Soul is your feelings emotion thoughts and desires, because you can't see them but just feel their warmth in you.
You can't live by ignoring the external needs because this world is belongs to you nor u can't be selfish just by thinking for your own.
So You can't leave your body in the external world wholly nor you can leave your inner self alone somewhere deep inside you. In both situation you'll definitely loose your self somewhere completely.

Remembering a story about Buddha who had abandoned his worldly life for his inner life or you can say him Soul. And separated himself from the external things. And bear all the agony, pain and all sufferings. Despite being a God himself.
And when he came back from his exile and went to his home to meet his wife.
His wife asked- couldn't you get that knowledge here with us?
And the Lord replied- yes my dear
I could get this knowledge here too, but this answer I also got after going away from you.
Even the Lord regret for separating himself from the outer world to find his inner world.
The same way we are also doing the same thing.
But the contrast is now people saperate their inner self or their Soul from themselves just for the false perception of the worldly desire.

Life is not just what people will say or just why do I care.

© 2018 Neha samant

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Added on January 3, 2018
Last Updated on January 3, 2018


Neha samant
Neha samant

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