Keep Those Broken Shards

Keep Those Broken Shards

A Poem by Neville Pettitt

Another one inspired by my most recent Eastern adventures


Keep Those Broken Shards


Although the rice bowl might be broken

 Way beyond repair

Don’t dare throw those shards away



Take heed my friend and listen to these words

Then do precisely as I say



Sew one piece discretely

Inside the sleeve of your kimono

Then place another in my pillow



Wear one

Wrapped in silk and leather

Loosely tied around your ankle




 These three things will keep forever

All bad spirits and poor lovers

From your bedroom  



© 2018 Neville Pettitt

Author's Note

Neville Pettitt
Try it, it works for me, my 3 wives & my 29 mistresses..........

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OOOOOOO, this sound a bit like a spell! But, like a lot of symbolic actions, I think if you believe they will work, they will work! But seriously I do like your symbolism of the broken rice bowl. It can be a metaphor for many things, and I am sure that treasuring the shards is the best thing to do. Nicely done.

Posted 10 Months Ago

Neville Pettitt

10 Months Ago

Thank you again Great Aunt Astri........N
You are bestowing on us your expertise on travel and fun occasions with your witty self. All your harems have tales to tell about you...Lol

Posted 10 Months Ago

Neville Pettitt

10 Months Ago

Ssshh, keep it to yourself, words have ears, N
Sami Khalil

10 Months Ago

Lol. You are welcome.
You are a very wry & funny man! *smile* Your poem is informative & your author's note hilarious! Not sure I'll try your formula, but it's good to know how others do it *wink! wink!* (((NUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 10 Months Ago

Neville Pettitt

10 Months Ago

Bless ya Margie, very much appreciated. Go on give it a try.........All Good Things, Neville
I never heard of rice bowl shards turning into amulets! This is new to me. I will try as soon as I break a rice bowl ( I believe any thing you say) what (a mischievous) wonderful suggestion, and brilliant poem!

Posted 10 Months Ago

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Neville Pettitt

10 Months Ago

What lovely sentiments you have bestowed upon me & much appreciated they are too, but hey, sometimes.. read more
Mrudula Rani

10 Months Ago

A little exaggeration Is very much appreciated it adds excitement to life!. All the best

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Neville Pettitt
Neville Pettitt

Gone West folks....., United Kingdom

Sometimes my imagination get's the better of me and then the pen takes over....N more..