A Poem by Neville Pettitt

a rant in time.... nah don't kid yourself, just one o them odd ideas that came to me at the hospital earlier....




You are a….

Feel free to enter your own favourite cuss word above

You know that don’t you


You are a fool you know that don’t you

Feel free to substitute the word fool above with your own chosen insult


I despise you, you know that don’t you

Sometime you just have to spell it out to them


You pervert, liar, idiot, philistine, heathen, pretender, and manipulator you

If you can think of any other appropriate insults please add at your own pleasure and choosing


You are all these things and so much more

There now, I feel so much better


But then you know that don’t you

We call that insight…




© 2018 Neville Pettitt

Author's Note

Neville Pettitt
Oh yes it did....

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Nothing like a good vent from time to time to clear the air, and I could think of some good words to fill in the blanks. This reminded me of an episode with one of our grandchildren. They were in a right strop and wanted a vent. Something had made him really mad. So with as much fury as possible he yelled out, poo, bum , wee as loud as his three year old voice could yell. That was the whole extent of his angry vocab. That always makes me smile.

Posted 7 Months Ago

Neville Pettitt

7 Months Ago

made me smile poo..........:) x
and yes if there is a need to rant then rant, express every emotion be it good or bad for the sake of sanity...that is probably the best advice i can give to myself right now and thanks for this poem my friend it had helped me a lot more than you think...

Posted 7 Months Ago

Wow. Don't hold back or anything. Lol. This is a lovely little spot of vitriol. Can be so liberally applied to different people.:)

Posted 7 Months Ago

Neville Pettitt

7 Months Ago

Indeed it can... it is my gift... cheers Neville
Back in the old days, I used to get a supreme charge of adrenalin when I managed to fling the most imaginative insults to the deserving! But now I’ve gotten woefully passive in my old age, so I’m glad you’ve given us a one-size-fits-all rant here. That way I don’t have to conjure up all my fiercest emissions & have them flooding my blood! This feels as simplified as the “block” button. Very modern. There might be a big market for your ready-made rants . . . over here we are submerged in nastiness lately! *tee! hee!* Fondly, Margie

Posted 7 Months Ago

Neville Pettitt

7 Months Ago

go on, get ya pen out.. I treble dare ya...N

7 Months Ago

dueling deliveries . . .
Neville Pettitt

7 Months Ago

I submit, or rather I don't submit, I consider myself literally subjugated......x

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Added on July 9, 2018
Last Updated on July 9, 2018


Neville Pettitt
Neville Pettitt

Gone West folks....., United Kingdom

Sometimes my imagination get's the better of me and then the pen takes over....N more..


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