Remember That Night, Baby

Remember That Night, Baby

A Poem by Abhishek Izy

Remember that Night baby? It was so crazy
You walked into the terrace, draped in the sheet
The blues of your eyes, glittering so hazy,
You looked so tight, you walked so lazy.
And as I lay wondering beneath the stars.
You kissed me so full and the night was ours.

Remember that Night baby? The wine got you drunk
And you were so high, and so inviting can’t deny
You danced your way to me, so touching close.
Ignited, you hugged me and I could hear your heart beats
Smiling like a mermaid, mischief trailing your toes.
I kissed your red lips. And the Night smiled and it froze.

Remember that Night baby? Midnight maybe?
When you looked right in my eyes and promised
In the backdrop of the skies, our silhouettes blended
The Millennium was over, and we hit the sunrise.
We embraced so warm in the cold of the night.
Now those promises are all lies and you can’t stand my sight.

Remember that Night baby? Like no other night.
Those times when we didn’t cry and had no fight.
But now I look at your photo, framed above my fireplace.
It looks so out of place, and pain hits right on my face.
I know you are out there happy and maybe that’s my solace.
So forget that Night baby. The night which has lost its trace.

Remember that Night Baby?
It’s alright, Baby.
The Night has died, baby!
So let’s not fight, Baby.
I ain’t your man no more.
But I guess you’re still my lady

© 2019 Abhishek Izy

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Deeply emotional, I can feel this write.

Posted 5 Months Ago

5 Months Ago

Yessss! Surely ..after some time i too will get hold on it .Right now am just a beginner and i had n.. read more
Abhishek Izy

5 Months Ago

Of course you’ll write more and it will be beautiful. As a fellow writer I always tell people tha.. read more

5 Months Ago

Thank you so much .May you flourish!!

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Added on January 6, 2019
Last Updated on January 6, 2019
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Abhishek Izy
Abhishek Izy

Bengaluru, India

Hello Everyone, This is Abhishek Kumar, and I had an old profile here which isn't accessible anymore under the pen name "AbhishekIzy". Hence creating an entirely new profile, though I might be import.. more..