The Tour 6 (No satisfaction)

The Tour 6 (No satisfaction)

A Story by Nick.B

Another day in the life of Jack

"Babe, it's not that I'm not found of you. I truly am, you're smart, great, beautiful, you deserve someone better. You don't want me, I'm a lost cause," said Jack as he looked in the mirror.

He sighed for a moment, smiled and went back to his date. Her name was Tammy, a surgeon that Jack met at a charitable event. He was drunk at the time, she was coming out of a complicated relationship, her lover had to chose between his wife and Tammy, she was out. Eventually Jack and Tammy got fond to one another or at least that's what she thought.

Jack was back from the bathroom, Tammy sat there smiling, eating her food.

"So um..." Jack paused, and held Tammy's hand "look, I've got something to say that's been sticking in my head for a long time."

Tammy's green eyes were wide opened, this was it, she thought, a fancy restaurant, repetitive trips to the bathroom, holding hands, she knew what was to come.

"Look just say it, you goddamn pig, say how you liked using me, how it isn't my fault, but out of the blue it's over. Say it!" She yelled, the people at the other tables were starring at them.

"That's not the point. I like you and," before Jack can even finish his sentence Tammy threw her drink towards his face.

"You're a monster! You know that?" And left. Jack lit his cigar and took one hit before he could sighed.

"Well, I had worse" said to himself and left to his car. While in the car he looked to his phone searching for Diane's number, starring at it for minutes thinking of reasons not to call her and reasons to.

"Are you gonna press dial, hotshot?" It appeared again. Jack's brain was playing games, there she was, Diane sitting next to him.

"Well go ahead, press it! Let's see if something happens."

"Wow, you again and this time I'm not even drunk! Am I that crazy?"

"Last time you tried to kiss me, so I should believe so!"

"Damn," he sighed and just starred at his imaginary friend.

"So I heard you broke another heart, way to go Jack!" A smoothing voice filled Jack's mind, this was it, in his subconscious Jack regretted dumping Tammy? He asked himself "Could that be it?"

Diane's silhouette nodded, she moved closer to Jack whispering to his ear.

"Why all this? What's the point of all of this? Do you have a pleasure ruining other peoples lives as well?" Jack glanced at her for a second, he missed her glowing, clear white skin, her big brown eyes, he could smell her perfume even if she wasn't really there.

"The whole point is to forget about you, but it seems impossible!" Shouted Jack "I thought if I would meet a few girls I would forget all about you." He banged his head against the steering wheel "hurts like hell when I think about you" but the image disappeared.

He lit his cigar and drove to Joe's house wondering about Diane, Chrissy and the meaning of time. What's time anyway? That thing that heals, saves, steals or flies away, it leaves you with mental scars and the feeling of being paranoid all the time. Looking over your shoulder, questioning things, new people appears old friends are gone quietly but fast. Life can be lived to the fullest or just carry yourself around not giving two cents about anyone, and why should you? No one cares about you, we live alone, miserable surrounded by shades of grey. Time can surrely heal all wounds but it can also make new ones, deeper and more painful wounds. Worries can strengthen a man or it can make him a to tired to even seek shelter against the world, often looking for drugs, alcohol and sex, music comes in second. The spark can't be there anymore, now you're knowing how time has played you once more, ticking, kicking, taking all of your loved ones away. One day you're dreaming, the next your dream has become your reality, sharpen, twisted and forgotten.

It was the best of times, if only someone would've told him. Mistakes were made, hearts were broken, time had no mercy, this lesson was too harsh for both sides. Eventually she learned to move on, start over while he is rotting away in the warm California sun thinking about that magical thing that was once there.

"So what's my story all about?" Jack asks himself while admiring the sunrise "What's this story that I'm leaving behind." Loving them ahs been the most profound, intense, painful experience of his life. He's just a child trapped in a man's body, he cares for nothing and everything at the same time. Leaving them? Or making things right for once? Like the song says, it's getting dark, too dark to see...

"Hey Jack! Wake up man" Yelled Joe. Jack slowly woke up, looking around he realized that he was right in front Joe's house, he must've felt asleep in the car.

"Wild night, huh?" Smiled Joe.

"Tell me about it, last thing I remember was drowning while the sun was rising." Said Jack as he stretched. 

"Ah shucks, looks like Jackie had a little nightmare. Here have a glass of orange juice." He hands his glass to Jack, it didn't quite felt like orange juice, something else was there.

"What did you put in it?"


"Cool." And drank the whole glass. As they got inside the house Jack crashed on the sofa.

"Let's talk about my motherfucking genius album." Yelled Joe

"Right, I need to know what I will write about."

"That should be easy, about me."
"Let's not do so, I was thinking that I could ask your ex a few question."

"What ex? I wasn't dumped by nobody, I'm a mean f*****g machine baby!"

"Look I liked the thing that you said back in the limo that night, about that rusty mustang, both broke in your twenties, that's a good album right there."

"S**t, did I say that, I was high, forget about it. Now wanna call some hookers? They're really skillful."

"F**k, now I know how it is to be living with me. Don't try to change the subject, she is your only shoot of anything." Joe stood silent for a few minutes.

"Fine, but mark my words Jackie if you touch her, even wink at her, I'm going to cut your f*****g dick off, I swear to god. Watch out now."

"Scouts honor, Joey" And left the house, heading to Joey's first and only love.


© 2013 Nick.B

Author's Note

Jack's strange life strikes again

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A few inconsistancies in the tense but seems like a good start to a great story. Hope you keep it up:)

Posted 4 Years Ago

My first thought was why was he messing around on his wife anyway? First red flag. Diane and Tammy need to realize that this guy is a bum cheater count their blessings and move on. Second thought was very true to life writing about the way guys think and other than a few typos it was very very good.

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Well first thing is that Diane first cheated, he cheated on never being mentally there for her, but .. read more

4 Years Ago

well it goes both ways then, it's a great story if people come back and discuss who's cheating first.. read more
It looks like Jack had a shot with Tammy.... is he going to ruin what they have thoroughly?
I'd say he's messed up!.... aren't most rockers? lol
We'll see what happens next, hopefully something will change him for the better....
Keep penning, Nick! :)

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thanks Robbie I appreciate it :D

4 Years Ago

My pleasure, Nick. xx :)
Always vodka lol Love it tho

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thanks, glad you like it :D

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