No tolerance series (chapter 2)

No tolerance series (chapter 2)

A Chapter by Nickdykstra

Suspense goes well in this chapter.

CHAPTER 2- The stack of paperwork was horrific on detective frays desk as he approached, captain Ortega’s voice filled the room, “welcome back from vacation fray, everything has hit the fan and I need you and det.O'Donnell to work together on the preschool case, I need something solid fray,don't let me down.”ortega said. “you know I am here to help you captain”. Fray convinced. Ortega grunted and walked away exhaling the extra air he always seems to find when in the I'm sick of the world and its people attitude. After hours of dull paperwork files, calls leading to dead ends, and 3 dark roast black coffee cups later detective O'Donnell walks in. “Late rise O'Donnell”? “Actually no, just figured would swing through the pharmacy and pick up my medicine, after arriving on the preschool a late c4 went off nearly leaving me blind and deaf”. He sat and winced at the pain shooting up his spine. “Well sorry buddy, at least some good news on a lead.”,”got a mailman who says a black van posted outside roughly early morning of the preschool, white male with moustache and blonde hair, positive I.d. on a tag from a nearby ATM so let's go pay a visit what do you say”. Fray asked. “Yeah, we got nothing so hopefully this gives us a one-up, we need it desperately.” O'Donnell said and headed for the door.

Neighborhood of misty oaks, pulling up to a light brown home, sits a black van and a white van. Approaching the home detectives eye one another as a confirmation on what they are about to do. Repeated banging on the door is followed by silence, absolute no noise from the other side of the door. Just another dead end O'Donnell thought. The door suddenly creaked and a older Italian man answers “hello”, “can I help you”. The strong Italian accent let O'Donnell knew this is gotta be him, black van, and Italian. “What is the cause of this, do you have a warrant!?”. He yelled. “No we just had a few questions, will you cooperate”. Fray asked. “No!” , the man slammed the door and the sound of locks turning gave O'Donnell the answer he was looking for , another dead end. Baanggg! , the gunshot came from inside. O'Donnell and fray both kick and move in with guns drawn turning each corner to find that the fat Italian man just blew his brains out in his own kitchen. “God damn, what the hell, call for backup”. O'Donnell said and checked for a pulse. Dirty b*****d, how can the preschool bomber get away this easily. Anger arose and he started tearing the house apart looking for any clue. Nothing, house is spotless, no furniture and brand new. How could this happen O'Donnell thought. With scene officers arriving followed by paramedics and forensics, O'Donnell steps out and catches a deep breath, the last couple days have been more than he could fathom. As he looks away at the neighbor's yard he sees a pamphlet sticking the dashboard of the black van, checking the lock, it's unlocked and reaches for the pamphlet and a card falls out. It reads hotel 91 @ 11. O'Donnell puts the pamphlet in his pocket and walk back to the side door where fray stands talking to a analyst, “we have nothing here fray, I'm going to head back to the headquarters and type a memo and incident report of what went on”. “Call me if you hear anything else”. O'Donnell said. “Will do”. Fray replied. O'Donnell went his separate way with every intention of what he said, his idea of captains parter was ludicrous and he had to do this just like the beginning days of his career, rookie to get in the way, except one stop, hotel 91. Revenge is near O'Donnell processed it over and over like a phone number, revenge is near.

The news plays the horrific scenes over and over, “...believed to be mass bombing targeting children and innocent people, police are determining the motive behind these terriosm acts of violence we will keep you updated back at the studio……”, TV shuts off. The aroma of black powder fills the air and stench of rot, Robert Lynn ,Suddenly feels a liquid pouring on his face and the foul gas aroma suddenly makes him light-Headed. “You’ve owed me for a long time Robby”. The voice states. “Maybe when I'm done with you I'll pay your wife Rita and little Hannah a visit, huh, what Do ya think.?!”.. The sounds of liquid stops pouring and a flick-sound brings pandemonium to life. The flames sorch with extreme heat blasting to feed off the soaked liquid, the skin blisters away and faded memories of once was a moment flashed by the second. Intensified paid shoots through and life drifts away and everything goes pitch black….

Firefighters intercept the incoming distress of a building call and act immediately, preparing within record-breaking time, precision and accuracy take tole. The trucks leave and head toward the destination in matter of minutes. The scene is horrific and rising in flames and collapsing quickly. The putty is placed on the back of the c4 and placed to the underneath of the manhole drain top, the opposite lies the middle of the truck that holds any help to the disaster above. Following the ladder deeper below darkness is only split in segments where the sewer line separates from the cold pitch black background, slowly making away the c4 is engaged and a sort of double-take emerges. “What am I doing, what if I die, oh god why am I doing this.” The mental state is overbearing with pressure, almost as if someone were twisting one ear and pulling the other. The plan must evaile , the struggle continues until the break of the tunnel, fresh air brings the flashback of the torture back. Wincing to the jerk of spasms from the flashback tightens the grip and the c4 switch turns. He looks down and gasps with the thought of for the first time and freezes, guilt.

Arriving on scene of the on call off the warehouse building on fire Det O'Donnel pulls to park beside the crown Victoria police cruiser blocking the road when suddenly a earth shaking sound fills the area and the fire truck explodes straight to the front and shooting to the side engulfed in flames. The sight froze O'Donnell , det.fray yells to O'Donnel “ move and get down , I'll call for back up!” . O'Donnel was just froze in pure could someone make a distraction for a attack , were they trying to prove a point, how many people will die. The incident are impossible to O'Donnell, as he reaches down the firfighter truck gas tank explodes and shoots metal in hundreds of directions, a quick strike rips odonnell’s forhead with force to stumble him.just trying to focus on everything sent the world in a spin and fuzzy vision of the disaster that just took place … “det.O'Donnell!”.......

© 2016 Nickdykstra

Author's Note

Editing is need I know. Would like to partner series with Co editor and Co author ..

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