The chimes

The chimes

A Story by NCC

your fine but when you hear the chimes you've lost all hope of escape

I walk in the castle like door of my parents house, not bothering to be neat and tidy. I manage to sneak to my room downstairs with little to no one noticing me besides my two dogs, Milo and Anne. Walking down the dark dimly lit hallway I listen to the pitter patter of my dogs clawed feet on the hardwood floor. Almost rhythmically they match my foot steps. I throw my bags off to the corner of my room and lye down on my bed. i feel the coiled tension in my spine release and almost simultaneously a wave of  comatose washes over me putting me into a sort of short trance. 
After brushing my teeth and hopping into something a little more comfortable to sleep in i notice my bag is no longer in the corner. It had moved from the corner to the entry way of my room. As if one of my dogs a dragged it there. With out really thinking about it I pick it up and move it back to the corner. I get my text book out and start on some of my homework I hadn't finished the day before. As i start my homework I hear a small chime. the sort of chime you would hear when opening a small jewelry box. The ones with the small porcelain ballerinas that twirl around. I stop my work and listen closer and as I do so it seemed to quickly fade off. 
Thinking little of it or that it might just be inside my head I head upstairs for a glass of water. My mother and father are still awake watching TV. By now its around 11:30, granted it was a weekend I had never seen my parents stay up so late. I say Hi to them and head back down stairs. Provoking no response from them I stop and slowly creep back up the stairs. I walk slowly in front of my mother. to say the least I was almost paralyzed by what I saw. Her eyes wide open, the same with my father. I wave my hand in front of her face and still no response. I run to my father and shake him by the shoulders. I cannot break their transcending gaze. I run down stairs to my room. sprinting down the hallway I trip over a  small furry creature. It's my dog Anne. she is cold and hard as stone. On the verge of breaking into tears I jog to my room thinking I will find some sort of clue or answer their. I slam the door it's complete darkness. As I stumble for the light switch I hear the same chime. Frozen in fear, this time it's more clear. It's so clear it sound as if its emanating from right behind me. I find it harder and harder to move my arms and legs. My chest is getting heavy and my lungs fell smaller. It fells like some one is reaching inside my chest and squeezing them. A faint voice calls out. I can't make out what it says. It repeats this time louder. Almost able to understand what it's saying I can only make out a few words. The third time I can hear it clearly. After hearing the words I am completely frozen. it feels like my body is made of stone. I feel a sharp pair of claws brushing against my arms. I can't scream I can only let the air out of my slowly shrinking lungs. the creature wipers into my ear. It utters the words it was saying earlier. "Behold the eternal slumber, be quiet as you slip into madness".

© 2015 NCC

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Added on February 8, 2015
Last Updated on February 8, 2015
Tags: calm, horror, thriller



Bel Aire, KS

Writing is my vent of sorts. Other than letting my emotions and ideas out verbally. I love writing and hope you love mine. more..

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