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A Poem by Norman223

Just a little reminiscing


Is it the kid next door with the thudding football

As he endlessly kicks it against your wall

Or the uncontrolled monster that's crashed through the door

Scattering clothes and school bags on the floor

As it rushes upstairs into it's room

And turns on it's hi-fi to full bass and volume

That shakes the house with a deafening din

Oblivious to the nerves of his suffering kin.

Then there's the immature species who are also the bane

Of teachers in school, who are driven insane

By having to indulge in psychological fights

With disruptive young thugs with their legal rights

To avoid any form of discipline

Now classed as abuse, so the teachers can't win.

Then just as you feel that every youth

Is the epitome of everything that's uncouth

You discover that the unpublicised kids of today

Are the ones who study and make their way

In the world and survive, despite our fears                          

That they'll all end up like their moronic peers.     


But then you find that these monsters have grown                     

Into parents with tyrannical kids of their own ,                          

Who will then say," I’m sure, I was never like this"                   

And we, as grandparents, will say nothing remiss

For we're now older and wiser and quite reconciled

That at any age ,  you can still be a child.

© 2018 Norman223

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Your whole poem rings far too true, and I suppose I can only laugh at how much is like myself or those I know, and the section about the teacher I'm sure is paraphrased from each time my mum has to teach a difficult lesson and off-burdens her complaints.
The end rounds the message off so beautifully, I thought you were going to end with a positive image of the unseen good kids- as I am often inclined to a happy ending-but it was not the message of this poem and yours was so much better, that we are all inclined to be naive, unthoughtful and downright a nuisance throughout our whole lives- maybe some more than others-but is that wholly negative? Or does it just make living a bit more interesting? The poem did have a teasing tone, so I reckon that imperfect behaviour is the option to chose.
Great read, as you can see thought provoking, but lighthearted too. Loved it.

Posted 11 Months Ago


11 Months Ago

JUst put it down to resignation, rose coloured specs or reminiscences, Emma. Now trying to "under.. read more
dear Norman, I adore your thesis on growing Wild Flowers. My grands are much easier to raise. Somehow we all grow up to appreciate how intelligent we all became. truly, Pat

Posted 12 Months Ago


12 Months Ago

I loved your Wild Flower reference, Pat. I was inclined to think that "thorn in the side" was mo.. read more
Thank you for reminding me why I never had kids! *wink! wink!* I'm just now barely getting into my own belated childhood these days! I love the way you use "hi-fi" as a nicely vintage word, reminding me of my own childhood, but not like the digital music habits of today's kids! I laugh at the way you suggest teachers have their hands tied behind their backs when it comes to discipline, yet the latest solution for school shootings here is for teachers to carry guns! Can you just imagine the possible mishaps if a teacher doesn't handle that responsibility with perfect decorum? My favorite sentiments are carried forth by your 3rd stanza, becuz I do believe kids will survive & carry on in this messed up world, with or without the advantage of knowing what we had to learn the hard way! All in all, your observations do a good job of covering those things we remember from childhood, as well as what some lucky parents remember about enduring their kids' childhoods! Nicely tongue-in-cheek & playful! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Like all things in life, Margie, we wonder how the next generation will survive the changing problem.. read more
I really and truly like-love this poem, Norman.. it has it all! You've covered youth and all its woes and welcomes, you've referenced the somewhat older folk who see it all and wonder, you've proved a point throughout your wonderfully metred words but most of all , you've displayed the wisest quote of the day, 'you CAN still be a child'. As to what you've said through each finely constructed line, so much is true. You could start a debate that never ends with your thoughts. Bravo!

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you Emma. This was prompted as I see the changes in my once "winsome" grand daughters, who ar.. read more

1 Year Ago

Yes, have heard how different things appear between the ;ages'.. seems that NOT saying 'thank you' i.. read more

1 Year Ago

I can't lose your second thank you.. will just say 'my pleasure' twice over! :)
and there is a part of me that still feels seven years my mind i will never really age...
part brat, part good kid, part napper, part explorer...

love this one.


Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Don't we all, Jacob? I have always been intrigued by the imagination of some children. They oft.. read more
just have to chuckle Norman ;) we have to subscribe to Reader's Digest to get positive stories in every issue ... all "news" wants now is scandal and horror in multiples of 10s ... i like your humor and we do become more tolerant and patient (if we learned anything at all) with age ... your poem also makes me think of the leftist ideology that has been peddled in our institutions of learning for decades wonder the thinking prevails that "you (government as some "other" entity) owes me .... ...lots!!!! those young people that make strong and leadership decisions for their own lives do exist .. more than we know .. so there is hope eh!? anyway...great poem..fine humor ..cased me to think about how important the youth is today ..and to pray for them all ...right now!!! ;))

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

As you have rightly pointed out, E., this attitude of the "free lunch", is a political ploy that ev.. read more
Einstein Noodle

1 Year Ago

I so agree ..I don't remember my parents ever actually telling me in so many words that to work hone.. read more

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Added on February 2, 2018
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Essex UK, United Kingdom

At the age of 87+, I enjoy writing as an optimistic exercise to keep senility at bay, for I now accept old age as being unavoidable. Basically,although a fairly serious person, I prefer satire, as.. more..


A Poem by Norman223

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