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Bump In The Night

Bump In The Night

A Chapter by North Dakota

After a rough night, a disturbing revelation comes to Mordecai in his sleep...


Mordecai produced a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from his pants pocket as he slowly trekked back to the apartment building. He quickly popped one between his teeth then lit it, returning the lighter to his pocket as he did so. The hunter sighed, taking a long draw from the cigarette. He couldn’t stop seeing the ghastly image of the boy’s sunken eyes and wide-open mouth in his mind. It never got easier for Mordecai, especially when it came to younger vampires. It always pained him to see somebody so young do something so stupid. But it was his job nonetheless to hunt them, no matter who they were before. He could only hope that it would eventually stop; that they would sober up and realize the implications of their actions.

Above him towered the familiar sight of the apartment building from which he had fled not twenty minutes ago. The hunter passed through the front door with a yawn, the fatigue beginning to set in. He strolled across the lobby, lightly pressed the call button, then sat back and watched the lights descend. Mordecai tapped the butt of the cigarette with his thumb to drop the accumulated ash as he waited for the elevator.

Mordecai slowly strolled down the fourth floor hallway, flicking the remainder of his cigarette into a passing potted plant. The hunter gingerly opened the victim’s door, quickly noticing that she now sat in the living room, hands folded in her lap.

“Oh! Uh, you left this here!” she exclaimed as she leaned forward to grab the bag off of the coffee table. Her sudden motion triggered a sharp headache.

“Ah, thanks, but you’re a tad bit late on that one,” he said with a smirk as he sauntered into the living room and sat across from the girl. The hunter politely took the bag from the wincing woman.

“How’s the noggin?” Mordecai inquired, leaning back into the sofa.

“It could be worse… ” she said with a weak smile. “But… what about him?”

Mordecai grimaced, biting the inside of his cheek as he formulated an answer.

“He’s… he’s gone now.”

“Are you saying you…?” she questioned, staring into the emerald eyes of her protector.

“It’s over. You’re gonna be okay.”

“Oh, well, um, thank you, sir.”  

“You’re welcome. The name’s Mordecai. And you are?” He held out his hand, relieving some of the awkward tension in the room.

“My name is Francine,” she spoke, then shook his hand.

“Well, Francine, I’m glad I was able to make it in time,” He said with a warm smile that set her heart at ease. For the first time since she had arrived, Francine took a full observation of the one who had saved her. His thick, chestnut hair was set in a short quiff, his chin and jawline were covered in a thin layer of stubble, and his breath reeked of stale smoke.

“So, I’m sure you have a few questions,” Mordecai commented as he reached into his back pocket.

“Yeah, more than just a few!” she indignantly retorted. With a raised hand, he attempted to quell her indignance long enough for him to explain. From his wallet, the hunter plucked a business card.

“I want you to call these people the moment you can, okay? They’ll help you. And they’ll answer any questions you might have, alright?" Mordecai assured the frazzled lady as he placed the card into her hand.  "By the way, you’re gonna wanna keep quiet about all that happened tonight. Seriously. I… ” he gave an uncomfortable glance to the side. ”I really don’t wanna have to tell you what happens if you don’t… ”

“What do you… ” Before she could continue, Mordecai rose from the couch.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t explain it to you. I’m not really qualified for that kind of thing. I’m more in the hunt and shoot department.” He scratched the back of his head as he began making his way out of the room. “Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience.” He stood in the door frame, glancing over his shoulder towards the utterly confused victim. “See ya, Francine.” He gave a two finger salute as he departed, leaving Francine to ponder the night she had just experienced.

As she tried to piece together what had just happened, the victim inspected the business card she was given. It was a very plain, simple white card with nothing more than a phone number in red font on the front and a large cross printed on the back.

“What the hell is going on… ” she muttered to herself as she gingerly nursed her aching head.

“So, how’d it go?” A older man with thinning, gray hair sitting behind a desk inquired.

“Another one down, Newman,” Mordecai replied as he took a seat across from his boss.

“Good, every hunt makes the city just a bit safer.” He flipped open a folder to find a picture of the boy Mordecai had encountered, along with all of his general information.

As Newman began scribbling post-mission notes, Mordecai let his gaze wander throughout the room, as it did when he found himself bored. His eyes rested on the golden plaque that hung proudly on his boss’ wall. It merely listed the name of the base and its General, John Newman.

“The Holy Sword… Hard to think it’s been thirteen years with these guys… ” Mordecai muttered to himself as he reminisced about his many memories with the vampire eradication organization. “Hey, Newman,” Mordecai spoke as he threw his head back to stare at the ceiling.

“Yeah?” the older man replied without looking up from his folder.

“What do you think the Australian citadel’s like?” Mordecai asked as he shifted in his seat.

“I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been to any of the other six organization’s offices.”

“But what about that conference you go to every year?” the hunter asked, one leg hanging over the arm of the chair.

“That’s usually held in the same building every year. Although, I have met the Australian hunter.”

“Was it Crocodile Dundee?”

“I wish.”

“Wait, if the hunters are there, why have you never taken me?” The hunter sat upright, suddenly interested.

“Maybe because you never read the emails I send you.”

“Wait, I have an email?”

Newman sighed, choosing to drop the conversation and continue his work.

“What was his name, anyway?” Mordecai nonchalantly questioned, then leaned over the desk to see.

“Richard. Richard Smith. Before he turned, he was the inherited owner of a hardware store in lower Bradston. Hmm… ” Newman took a moment to read over his bio. “No children, no spouse, all immediate family deceased…seems like he didn’t have much left to live for, I suppose.” Newman shrugged, then, with a large stamp, stamped the word “Deceased” onto his profile in red ink. After closing the file, he slid it into the lowest drawer of his desk. Mordecai shook his head, then stood from the chair.

“People just don’t get it, do they?”

“Apparently not,” Newman spoke matter-of-factually.

“Once you make that decision, that’s it, it’s over. You’re not human anymore! And after you've became something like that…” Mordecai sighed as a final still image of his target appeared in his mind. He sighed. “It’s my job to take care of it.”

“It’s tragic, but you have to accept that it is a reality we have to face, Mordecai.”

“Yeah, I know, Newman. This isn’t my first rodeo. It’s just that… ” His gaze was cast to the floor for a moment before shrugging and dropping the subject all together. Mordecai yawned, raising a hand to rub his tired eyes.

“You should get some rest, it’s late,” Newman suggested, tossing a glance toward the clock.

"That sounds pretty good right now, to be honest with ya.” Mordecai placed his hands in his pockets as he began to walk out of the older man’s office. “Night, Newman.”

"Goodnight," he quietly replied as he continued his work.

Leaving the threat of paperwork behind him, Mordecai stepped out the office and down the hall. The organization was grand to say the least. As he passed two identical oak doors, Mordecai came to the staircase and railing. From the front door, the stairs were on the immediate right and left, leading to the second floor where Mordecai resided. Normally, he would be given a cot in the barracks like any other soldier on the Holy Sword’s grounds, but due to his fortunate position as the resident hunter, Mordecai was granted the second highest command position in the base, leaving him to only report to Newman.

He crossed the long expanse of railing and trudged his way to the other set of doors, stopping at the second door he passed. The vampire hunter roughly pushed open the door to his room. With a sluggish groan, Mordecai laid his revolver on the bedside table, then plopped onto his queen-sized bed. Sleep quickly wrapped him in its loving embrace, resting and rejuvenating his exhausted muscles.


A dark voice resonated throughout the room.

“Mordecai… the vampire hunter.”

The hunter slowly sat up, attempting to trace the source of the voice.

“Mordecai… a slayer of the unholy.”

“Who’s there?” he questioned.

“It is not who you should be asking, but what.”

What the hell are you talking about?” he groggily inquired, while stifling a yawn.

“Who I am is not important right now.” A tall, lanky figure seemed to appear from the shadows of the corner at the foot of the hunter’s bed. “What I shall be in your near future is.” Mordecai sprung to grab his revolver, but his arm was quickly pinned against the wall above his bed. In the luminescent moonlight that penetrated his room, he could see the pale complexion of the undead.

“I will be your destruction, Mordecai. You think you are the hunter, but no mortal could ever hope to compare to a true vampire.”

“What do you mean, true vampire?” Mordecai questioned, only to earn a sly grin from the vampire.

“Your mere squabbles with these runts could never prepare you for what’s to come, Mordecai.” The hunter traded his sense of urgency for one of curiosity.

“What are you talking about?”

“Many good questions with no solid answers, I’m afraid,” he spoke with a knowledgeable grin. “You will see me again, Mordecai, I promise you that. Until then, I’ll be watching… ”

Mordecai quickly kicked up from his bed, gripping his revolver and taking aim at the open air in front of him. For a few breathless moments, Mordecai sat there, his heart still racing as he contemplated what he had just seen. Suddenly, his door creaked opened, causing Mordecai to take aim at Newman, who happened to be on the unfortunate job of waking the hunter.

“Whoa! Jesus!” Newman backed out of the door frame with a sense of urgency.

Now beginning to truly wake up, Mordecai looked towards the window. Bright morning sunlight shone through the glass pane and danced in beams across the hunter’s wooden floor.

“It was… a dream?” Mordecai shook his head, refusing to believe that it hadn’t happened.

“Good god, I’ll never wake you up early again,” Newman commented as he re-entered the room.

“Sorry, John. Just had a, uh….bit of a bad dream, I suppose.” Mordecai sheepishly scratched the back of his head, then replaced the revolver onto the table.

“Well, could you not arm yourself every time something goes bump in the night?”

“I’ll try, but in our profession, something going bump in the night could be more than just an expression.” Newman gave a slight shrug and nodded in agreement.

"So, what'd ya want, anyway?" Mordecai asked as he rose from his bed and removed his vest.

"Well, I thought you might like to introduce yourself to the new recruits," Newman spoke to Mordecai, who had just passed the elder man and entered his adjacent bathroom.

"New recruits? When were we hiring?" Mordecai spoke as he began removing the remainder of his clothes.

"Well, we unfortunately lost an entire squad to the operation in Carlin city last week." Mordecai winced.

"Oh, that is… not… good. Yeah," the hunter awkwardly replied as he stepped into the shower.

"Indeed. And as you know, we’re always in need of extra hands around the base.” Mordecai struggled to hear him over the sound of the running water.

“Well, yeah, but why do you want me to meet them?” Mordecai’s voice echoed through the bathroom.

“Because, Mordecai, you play an interesting and hard to explain role in this organization. I think it would be appropriate for you to explain the situation to the new recruits yourself, don’t you?”

“Hmm...” Mordecai pondered as he abruptly cut the shower off.

“So, are you coming or not?" Newman directly questioned.

"Uh..." Mordecai took a moment to weigh his options as he stepped out of the shower. "Sure, I guess," Mordecai agreed, shrugging his damp shoulders. The hunter stepped out of his bathroom, towel around his waist, letting stray water rivulets lazily drop from his body and hair.

"Wonderful. Now, get dressed and I'll meet you in my office," Newman spoke, then exited the room, leaving the hunter to freshen up.

© 2017 North Dakota

Author's Note

North Dakota
As always, thank you for reading and feel free to comment.

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Added on February 18, 2016
Last Updated on March 18, 2017


North Dakota
North Dakota


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