Night Of The Living Dead

Night Of The Living Dead

A Chapter by North Dakota

Grisly ghouls from every tomb are closing in to seal your doom...


Lately, there had been a frequent fluctuation in the number of assault and murder cases in the city. Due to this, many police officers had been, unfortunately, forced to work around the clock until they could either reduce the numbers, or find the cause. This leads us to two policemen who watched vigilantly from the shadows. Paul, an older male wearing a baseball cap to hide his balding head, and John, a young and energetic officer, had been sitting in the car for at least six hours, hoping to find something suspicious to report so they could go home. John was getting restless, he couldn’t stand being cooped up for very long and this little expedition had stretched on five hours too long. Paul concerned himself with his coffee, which was quickly beginning to grow cold, whilst his partner fiddled with his sidearm. Suddenly, to the two’s surprise, a disheveled man came limping around the corner and crossed the alley where they were parked. John quickly redirected his attention to the man, only to be disappointed.

“Ugh, just a drunk. No big deal.” He lowered his gaze, but quickly raised it again once he saw that the man was coming towards them.

“What the hell’s he doing?” Paul asked in an irritated tone.
“No idea.” John lowered the window, then stuck his head out. “Sir, we’re going to have to ask you to leave if you do not have any urgent business with us or anything to report.” John spoke in a stuffy, uniform tone. This order did not stop the hobbling figure. “Sir, step away from the vehicle before I charge you with tampering with an investigation!” John angrily ordered as the man approached the window. Suddenly, and without any warning, the drunk gripped John by the collar and ripped him from the vehicle, roughly slamming him down onto the concrete alley floor.

“John!” Paul exclaimed, then exited the vehicle and ran towards his partner and his attacker. John attempted to push the man off, but he lowered himself onto the officer, then took a large bite out of his arm.
“Ah! Goddammit!” John shouted in agony, then cracked the man in the side of the head with the butt of his pistol, knocking him to the side.

“Jesus, John! You could have killed him!” Paul admonished his partner.

“It’s not my fault, the m**********r bit me! Look!” John showed his superior officer the large, bleeding bite wound.

“God. What, was he on bath salts or something?”

“I’ve never seen a tweaker who was that slow.” As John spoke with his friend, the assaulted man slowly stood and began lumbering towards him again.

“How…?” Paul questioned how somebody could get up that easily after being pistol whipped. A loud, unified moan came from around the corner. The two directed their attention towards the source of the sound, only to find a pack of ghouls ambling towards them.

“He’s a f*****g zombie!” John shrieked in panic, then kicked the man into the far brick wall. The younger man then analyzed his wound. “He bit me. Oh God, he bit me…” John began to hyperventilate. “I’m going to turn! I’m gonna die!” In the midst of his panic attack, Paul slapped his partner, hoping to knock him out of it.

“Look, we’ll deal with it later! Get in the damn car!” Paul ordered as he slipped into the driver’s seat. Just as John took his position in shotgun, the same attacker had limped towards the window and was ready to take a bite out of the senior.

“Paul! Look out!” John raised his 9mm pistol and fired a round straight into the forehead of the husk, spraying Paul with a fine, dark blackish-red mist.

“Gah!” Paul exclaimed and wiped the blood from his face, then started the engine. He quickly flipped it into drive, then gunned it, accidentally running over the leg of the dead--for good--ghoul. Both braced for impact as they speared into the crowd of the undead.

With many rough bumps and impacts, the two seemed to have made it out of the horde. As the officers cleared the throng and were on their way to safety, the car inexplicably stopped. Paul tried putting the pedal to the metal, but it did nothing except spin tires. With a frustrated sigh, he looked over his shoulder to see a grim face with two glowing red eyes that sent a chill throughout his entire body and drove the very breath from him. The vampire was holding the back end of the car off of the ground with ease, smiling all the while as his horde stalked closer.

Realizing that they were dealing with something that police had no protocol for, the two reverted to the oldest and most efficient idea man had ever had...violence! John raised his pistol and fired, shattering the back glass and putting a bullet between the unholy creature’s eyes, causing his head to snap back. The mortals thought they were safe, until they heard a sinister, echoing chuckle reverberate from the--mistakenly thought dead--vampire. The monster’s head snapped forward, and, with his grin bigger than ever, flipped the car onto it’s roof. After the impact, Paul became quite disoriented, but John wasted no time in fleeing from the car, clutching his pistol for dear life. The young man took about six steps from the destroyed vehicle, then spun around, ready to fire. Oddly, the only sight that greeted him was the large cluster of ghouls; no vampire in sight. With nothing but a gust of wind and a blur of color, a dark, malevolent figure practically appeared out of thin air in front of him. John fired off three shots, each hitting their mark in the vampire’s torso, stimulating another laugh. The young man had a front row seat to the vampire’s incredible regenerative abilities. The damage done by the bullet very quickly healed; every single cell that was damaged in any way began healing itself, quite literally putting the bullet in reverse until the very skin which it had penetrated forced it to fall harmlessly onto the ground. The police officer’s eyes went wide as he realized he could do no damage to this monster. He stumbled backwards as it predatorily approached, fangs shining in the moonlight and an elongated tongue licking its lips. As all hope seemed lost, a familiar voice shouted from a nearby rooftop.

“No! You’re doin’ it all wrong!” Out of the very sky itself, Mordecai descended from the rooftop. Like an angel, he floated down majestically, as if he had been sent by God himself...but then, like Mordecai, less than gracefully flopped onto the ground, injuring nothing but his pride.
“Way to go on ruining the entrance, buddy!” Taylor, with his squads behind him, bursted from the nearby buildings.

“Well, you know me, never have been one for style.” Mordecai retorted as he brushed himself off. “Anyway, as I was saying, you’re doing it all wrong! If you wanna kill one of these guys, you gotta use one of these numbers.” Mordecai gestured as he fired. The hunter pinpoint placed a bullet into the monster’s shoulder. The vampire screamed in anguish as it instantly discovered that its regenerative powers could not heal this wound.  “Silver packs a bit more of a punch than lead.” Mordecai, with incredible speed, gripped the vampire by the throat. “I guess I’ll see-ilver you later!” The hunter shamelessly made his pun, then blew a hole in the back of the vampire’s head.
“Really? Like, are you actually serious?” Taylor shook his head in disappointment.

“Hey, just because you’re a pun Nazi doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for everybody.”

“I would much rather trade places with the vampire than hear another pun from you.” Taylor declared his ultimatum.

“Um, sir? The, uh, the ghouls…” Private McGrady reminded his leader of the ghouls who were now shuffling about in a harmless manner.

“Oh, yeah...right. Mordecai, you want to--” Taylor looked over to his friend, who was currently kneeling by the vampire. The hunter placed a small wooden cross into the monster’s hand, then folded his arms.

Requiesce in pace, monstro.” Mordecai spoke his prayer, then stood. Taylor sighed.

“I have no idea why you pity them. It was there choice, unlike these poor b******s.” Taylor gestured towards the crowd of undead who had absolutely no sense of direction without their vampiric master.

“When we kill them,”--Mordecai motioned towards the ghouls--”we set their souls free. When we kill them,”--Towards the vampire--”we release something that has no soul anymore. Where do they go? Heaven? Hell? Maybe purgatory? They don’t know, and they’re scared. So, maybe...if I send them off with a final prayer, maybe...they can find a path of repentance in the afterlife.” Mordecai gloomily spoke. Taylor scratched the back of his head.

“Oh, man, I didn’t mean to...Hey! You said it yourself, we’re doin’ them a favor by killin’ ‘em, so let’s set some souls free!” Taylor brandished his assault rifle, then nudged his slightly depressed friend.

“You know....when you’re right, you’re right.” Mordecai rose to his feet then equipped his revolver.
“Would you like us to take firing positions?” Corporal Oscar questioned.

“That’s a negative, we’ll handle this one. You tend to the wounded.” Taylor declared, then strolled alongside his friend into the thick of the horde. The ghouls quickly noticed them, then began to attack. Mordecai placed his hand on the forehead of the first attacking ghoul, then launched it back into the crowd, knocking several of the husks down.
“I’d say that was a strike.” Mordecai bragged, counting the number of ghouls he had felled.

“More like a spare.” Taylor stated, then fired a shot for each ghoul on the ground.

“Ain’t nothin’ like doin’ God’s work.” Mordecai said as he sent several of the undead into the afterlife with his revolver. Taylor took a few steps backwards as he loaded another clip into his rifle. Without meaning to, his back bumped into Mordecai’s, putting the two in a very small circle of safety.

“Uh, they’re gettin’ pretty close.” Taylor spoke with a hint of nervousness.

“What, you scared?” Mordecai mocked him. As he was about to respond, Taylor ducked a swinging hand, then fired a round into the ghoul’s face.

“We don’t all have God’s gift, after all.” Taylor dryly reminded his friend as he realized he had run out of clips for his assault rifle.

“Yeah…” Mordecai took out two more ghouls, then began reloading his revolver. “Lucky me.”

After several minutes of ducking, dodging, and dismembering, the two began to get annoyed and bored of the ghouls.

“We’re gonna be at this all night if we keep going at this rate.” Taylor spoke under his breath as he fired the last bullets in the clips of his dual auto pistols which he fired in two different directions.

“Well, what do you suggest?”
“Somethin’ the boys cooked up in the lab.” Taylor shook a small, spherical device.

“The hell’s that?” Mordecai questioned, kicking a husk away from him and back towards his friends.

“Holy water grenade. Hasn’t even been tested yet. Would you like to do the honors?” Mordecai grinned.

“Gladly. But first, let’s get outta here. Acrobatic maneuver?”

“Why not.” Mordecai grabbed his friend’s arm, then, with a burst of power strong enough to crack the asphalt beneath them, jumped at least fifty feet into the air. “You ready?” Taylor yelled, then tilted the grenade’s pin towards the hunter, who gleefully pulled it. “Bombs away!” Taylor tossed it downwards, allowing it to explode about ten feet from the head of the tallest ghoul, showering the entire crowd, and causing the husks to give out a final, painful moan, then fall over.

“Hm, effective, yet boring.” Mordecai commented as the two’s relationship with the ground became a closer and closer one.

The duo landed on the ground with an earth-shattering thud. Taylor, who had stood on top of Mordecai to break his fall, gracefully stepped away from the impact zone, then lent his friend a hand.

“I really should work on my landings.” Mordecai commented as he was pulled from the ground.

“Oh, really? You don’t say.” Taylor sarcastically replied as he rolled his eyes.

“Don’t be a dick. Nobody likes dick Taylor.”

“That sounds like a detective.”
“You must be, because you sure do find all sorts of ways to be an a*****e.”
“Clever.” Taylor mocked his friend as they approached the two wounded police officers.

“We’ve briefed them on the silence policy, sir.” McGrady saluted as he reported. Taylor returned the salute, then turned to the gentlemen.

“Are you two okay?” The lieutenant questioned.

“Hell no! I’ve been bit! I’m gonna be a frickin’ zombie!” John shouted, tears threatening to spill from his eyes.

“Actually, no you won’t.” Mordecai replied.

“What?” John inquired.

“They’re ghouls. Not zombies. That’s gotta be racist towards dead people or...something?”


“Yeah, ya damn necrocist.” Mordecai shook his head at the injured officer who had just received the wonderful news.

“Alright boys, pack it up!” Taylor ordered the squads. “Oh, and here’s our card if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.” Taylor handed the two a card identical to the ones Mordecai carried. “We have a hotline for learning understanding and tolerance towards the deceased, maybe you should give it a call.” Taylor informed the necrocist, then, alongside the hunter, sauntered towards the van. As the duo were about to enter, Mordecai spotted something.

“Yo, Taylor, we missed one.” Mordecai pointed to a lone ghoul who was currently banging on the side of a cafe window.

“Hm, we missed one? Wow, that’s hard to believe. I mean, it practically…” Taylor took the shot, blowing the top of the ghoul’s head off. “blows my mind.” Taylor quipped, then hopped into the van.

“Are you serious!? You complained about my puns!” Mordecai indignantly objected.

“I said your puns were terrible. Mine are clever and hilarious. Now get in the damn van.” Mordecai unhappily entered, muttering about how unfair the situation was.

In the shadows of the rooftop, a familiar raven with an unsettling eye watched the man with intrigue. Through the eyes of his spy, a lone old man jovially surveyed the hunter.

“Adept at fighting, a good heart, and a righteous cause...yes...I believe you will be the one, Mordecai Adams. Now, all that is left is to set the pieces in place.” The spymaster’s game...was about to begin.

© 2016 North Dakota

Author's Note

North Dakota
I'd just like to say thank you to all of you, for every view I receive, it inspires me just a little more to continue writing. And yes, I was listening to Thriller on repeat while writing this. As always, thank you for reading, and feel free to comment!

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