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Mordecai's pretty banged up after his last mission...


Mordecai groggily rolled his head to the side and opened his eyes. He instantly noticed that he was surrounded by the pristine, white walls of the Sword’s infirmary. He struggled to sit upright, but the moment he moved whatsoever, an intense rush of pain forced him to lay back.

“Whoa! Easy there!” Taylor quickly came into Mordecai’s view with both hands up. “Don’t move too much. Doc said you’ve got some serious muscle tears.” Mordecai groaned in pain, then attempted to lift his arm, but found the excruciation was too great.

“What...what happened?” Mordecai disorientedly questioned the lieutenant standing over him.

“What happened? I dragged your a*s out of there!” Taylor exclaimed with a smile on his face. “Fucked my ankle up good, too.” He added.

“Wait, how’d that happen?” Mordecai cocked an eyebrow, which seemed to be the only movement he could do that didn’t cause him anguish.

“Well,” Taylor rubbed his stubbly chin. “It’s a bit of a story.”

“Mordecai!” Taylor shouted to his unconscious friend, then looked all around him. “D****t!” The lieutenant muttered to himself, then bolted into the collapsing building. He quickly came upon the prostrate Mordecai and gripped him by the wrist. With some strain, he began to swiftly drag the motionless hunter out of the garage. As he slowly lurched forward, chunks of concrete, big and small, struck both him and the hunter, but Taylor ignored them.

Just as a piece the size of a golf ball smacked him right in the forehead, an enormous slab of concrete considerably bigger than the lieutenant landed not two feet from him. After scaring the hell out of Taylor, the gigantic chunk began to slowly tip forward, looming over the two. Taylor instinctively let go of Mordecai and put both of his hands up to catch the descending mass. The moment it made contact, Taylor let out a heave and attempted to shove it back, but found it simply too heavy. He couldn’t hold it forever; he needed to think of a plan. With his right foot locked firmly in place, he lifted his left leg, then began sweeping the, thankfully, thin hunter out of the path of the concrete.

“I you get...into s**t like this, Mordecai!” Taylor exclaimed to his unconscious friend. After assuring that the hunter was safe, Taylor did his best to push the slab back, then dived out of the way.

Unfortunately, his jump was dreadfully inadequate. As the slab dropped forward, it crushed his right ankle, causing a sharp wave of intense agony to rip through his body. With gritted teeth and a grunt, he yanked his throbbing ankle from the debris. Taylor’s adrenaline did its best to push the pain from his mind, but it still plagued him as he stood. The lieutenant once again gripped the hunter’s arm and continued their exit. With each agonizing step, the safety of the entrance came closer and closer. Taylor silently prayed with each step, praying not only for himself, but for Mordecai as well, praying for their safety. Just as the entrance seemed within reach, an earth shattering crack rang out behind Taylor, causing him to toss his head back.

The roof had finally given way; the building was finally coming down, along with the garage. The entire ceiling began falling through, signifying that Taylor was out of time. The lieutenant labored to lift the hunter, then tossed him out into the safety of the outside. After the toss, Taylor dived after him, escaping the building with mere seconds to spare. Once the destruction had come to an end, a large blast of concrete dust was whooshed out into the cold midnight air, coating both the unconscious hunter and the heaving lieutenant in a grey smokescreen. Taylor laid on his back beside the hunter, staring up at the sky with a smile on his face.

The conscious male began uncontrollably laughing, the adrenaline rush of surviving a near death experience was a dangerous delicacy he was far too familiar with. In the midst of his laughing fit, he turned to face his sleeping friend.

“Why is it always me that’s gotta come save your a*s every time?” Taylor asked the unconscious hunter, who seemed oblivious to the situation he had just escaped from. The lieutenant sighed, then lightly punched Mordecai in the arm.

“To have a blessing, you sure ain’t too lucky of a guy…” Taylor relaxed and laid his head back onto the cold concrete once more. “But when have you ever been lucky?”

“Wow...thanks, man.” Mordecai replied in awe. “Ya saved my life.” That sentence bounced around in the hunter’s head for a minute. He could have died. This could have been it for him.

“Uh, don’t worry about it, Mordecai.” Taylor awkwardly averted his eyes, not being used to his friend being sincerely grateful. “Just don’t make me do it again!” Taylor let out a small chuckle as he took a seat next to the hunter’s bed. He winced in pain as he lowered his weight onto the stool beside the bed.

“How’s the ankle?”

“Eh, doctor said it should be fine in a few months.” Taylor shrugged indifferently. “Hopefully I’ll be cleared for duty by the end of the month.”

“You sure that’s a good idea?” Mordecai attempted to raise himself upright, but was forced back down by the pain. “Ow.” He weakly muttered.

“It might be a good idea...or it might be a terrible one...never know ‘till I try.” Taylor casually leaned over Mordecai to grab the TV remote from his bedside table. With a few clicks, he had the Television spurting out the obscenities of an angry chef of some reality TV show.

The two laid back in silence for a while, watching the furious ranting and raving of the culinary artist and allowing themselves to laugh at some of his more clever insults.

“Oh, yeah, speaking of cooks…” Taylor stood from his stool, then briskly walked out of the room. Mordecai assumed he could have only been talking about Rose.

“Oh, s**t. She’s probably not too happy.” Mordecai threw his head back and groaned. After a couple of silent minutes, Mordecai’s assumptions were proven correct, as the red-headed woman all but burst into the room.

“Mordecai! Are you okay?” She wasted no time in approaching his bedside.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” Mordecai attempted to calm the hysterical girl down.

“No, you’re not! You almost died!”

“That’s not true! I could have made it out of there!” Mordecai made his argument through gritted teeth as he painfully turned his head to look at her. He could see her green eyes were shimmering with tears that threatened to fall; she really had been worried about him.

Seeing those beautiful eyes brimming with tears was always a painfully sobering sight for Mordecai.

“Look, Rose...I’m sorry, okay?” Mordecai spoke in a somber tone. “I know I must have scared you.” Rose sniffed for a second, then sat down on Taylor’s stool.
“You’re damn right, you did.” She indignantly retorted, wiping a possible tear from her eye. The upset red-head cast her gaze to the floor before speaking.

“Mordecai...what if you had died?” She slowly, quietly squeaked out, forcing the hunter to lean his head towards her to hear. “How would I have felt?”--A fiery anger began building up inside the young lady--”How would Taylor have felt?” How the hell would everybody here have felt!?” She inadvertently raised her voice, turning to look him in the eye. Her anger burned out as she returned to her melancholy demeanor.

“Mordecai...when you’re out there...It’s not just you.” Mordecai cocked an eyebrow in confusion, but allowed her to continue. “You’re fighting for all of us. You’re fighting with all of us.” She held Mordecai’s motionless hand. “You’re not alone like you used to’ve got every one of us behind you, and when you get hurt, we get hurt too.” Rose began to tear up again as she contemplated what life would be like without Mordecai.

“Rose, what are you gettin’ at?” Mordecai said through a dry throat.

“I’m saying that you’re apart of this family that we have here...and if you would a big piece of it. Mordecai, we love you. And…” She leaned in close and whispered in his ear. “I love you too.” She gave him a light kiss on the cheek, causing his cheeks to flush a crimson shade.


“Oh, Mordecai! It’s great to see you still alive!” Alexander barged into the room, interrupting the two’s intimate moment. Rose wiped the tears from her eyes, then greeted Alexander with a smile.

“I should go, Alex has some stuff he needs to talk to you about alone. Take care, Mordy, and try not to get hurt again, please?” Rose gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, then stood and exited the room, leaving only the faint trace of her perfume and a warm feeling within Mordecai behind.

“What. The hell. Do you want?” The hindered hunter angrily demanded to know.

“ be honest, to thank you.” The hunter’s face contorted into an expression of utter confusion.

“For what?”

“For giving me the closure I needed.” The vampire spoke, gazing towards the shimmering light cast across the floor from the small room’s window. “Before today, I still believed my brothers could be saved. I told you otherwise, but I planned to convert them. I wanted to bring them back to the side of sanity.” Alexander sluggishly extended a hand towards the shimmering light in the otherwise dim room. “It was a dream that was far fetched...but I believed it was possible.” The moment the vampire’s bare hand was illuminated by the rays, an intense burning pain shot up his arm, forcing him to retract it. “But after seeing what he would do...after seeing him endanger hundreds of innocent lives just to end yours…” Alexander ran the stinging hand through his thick hair and sighed. The vampire looked to the stoic hunter, scanning his face for any sort of emotional reaction.  “He’s not my brother anymore...he’s become just another monster that needs to be put down. Thanks to you, I see that now.”

The hunter laid his head back once more and deeply exhaled.

“Look, I know this is all part of some big plan you have, but you’re gonna have to go ahead and let us handle this. I'm glad you're happy, but it's our turn to take the reins, because when you try to direct, things like this happen.” Mordecai nodded towards his practically paralyzed state.

“I am deeply sorry for the injuries you’ve suffered.” Alexander apologized, bowing his head to the reclined hunter.

“Yeah, you’re pretty banged up.” Taylor, who had entered about halfway through the duo’s conversation, approached the two. “This is, like, the third time you’ve nearly died, man.” Taylor shook his head disapprovingly.

“Third? What were the other two?” Alexander inquired.

“Well, the second was this crazy night at Vegas.”

“We don’t talk about Vegas!” Mordecai angrily interjected.

“But the first was a little less hilarious and much more serious.”

“What happened?” Alexander continued his questioning, causing the lieutenant to sigh, then plop down in the chair closest to him.

“Guess it’s story time…” Taylor commented, then began weaving the tale of how he and Mordecai had their first brush with the abomination known as a vampire...

© 2016 North Dakota

Author's Note

North Dakota
Apologies for such a short chapter, more will be coming soon. As always, thank you for reading, and feel free to comment!

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