A Grave Encounter

A Grave Encounter

A Chapter by North Dakota

The Greenhorn Mordecai's first mission...


Mordecai cautiously lurched through the dimly lit entrance of the church with Adam, the hunter, leading. Normally, the hunter would have taken this business into his own hands, but reports had shown that at the last four attack locations, along with similar trails being left behind at each one, dozens of bodies were found. This meant one of two things: he was either working with several others, or he was one hell of a monster. No matter what the answer may have been, sending in a squad for reinforcement seemed to be the wisest course of action.

Mordecai let his eyes wander to the many biblical portraits lining the walls all the way to the altar, where an enormous painting of the Crucifixion of Christ loomed over them. The young private shuddered, taking the cross he kept in his pocket into his hand and crossing himself.

“Lord, protect me.” He whispered underneath his breath, drawing only the attention of his fellow private, Taylor White.

“Come on, man. Eyes forward.” Taylor placed a sympathetic hand on his friend’s shoulder. “It’s our first mission, man, don’t worry, everything’ll be fine.” He spoke in an optimistic whisper. “Once we get back…” Taylor checked to see if  their squad leader, Marcos, was listening in, then, when he was assured their conversation was private, he leaned in and whispered into Mordecai’s ear. “We’ll get piss drunk off my stash.” With a slap on the back, Mordecai straightened up, took a deep breath, then gave his rowdy companion a thumbs up.

“Buck up, buttercups. I hear somethin’.” Adam spoke in a thick, Southern drawl directly from the fields of Georgia. With one hand, he straightened his patrol cap, and with the other, drew his shotgun from its holster. He took a seat on one of the nearby pews, then placed the butt of the stock against his left thigh and began loading it with his specialized 12 gauge buck shot filled with silver BB’s. The other four stood on guard, making sure that the creature wouldn’t get the jump on them. Marcos took a kneeling position with his assault rifle pointed toward a back room to the left of the altar. The other three privates stood on standby in a similar fashion.

Taylor had to admit, he was a bit scared. It was hardly noticeable, but his left hand was absolutely trembling, causing his rifle to slightly sway. While it was reassuring having the sword’s hunter with them, the looming feeling of danger still plagued him. He had a gut feeling that something was wrong, but he refused to show it, not for his own image, but for Mordecai’s sake; the kid was scared enough as it was.

Adam stood as he finished loading his weapon, signifying that it was time for Taylor to get ready. He forced the concerned thoughts out of his head and attempted to just focus on the mission at hand.

“One bullet...that’s all it’ll take. Easy enough, right?” He muttered to himself in an attempt to ease his nerves.

“Y’all cover me out here, if he’s got any friends, you show ‘em a good time, alright?” Adam adjusted his hat, then lurched forward towards the altar. As he approached the far room, the sounds of snapping bones and sickening slurping filled his ears, forcing a disgusted cringe out of him.

He shook his head and gripped the handle, flinging the door open, then raising his shotgun to fire. He quickly swept the room, but found nothing but the body of a half-dismembered priest sitting at a writing desk.The room had no closets, no places for the vampire to hide, so where could he have possibly gone?

Suddenly, a low, tearing sound resonated from just above him. Adam quickly aimed towards the ceiling and found the vampire crouching on top of the door, lazily ripping flesh from a bone of the father.

“You know...most don’t eat the flesh.” He casually commented between bites. He lowered himself to a sitting position on top of the door. “The normal vampire just drinks the blood.” Adam fired two consecutive shots towards the creature, but he simply raised his free arm and allowed every BB of the buckshot to rip into his flesh.

“Hm, stings a bit, doesn’t it?” The vampire commented, picking the bone clean before tossing it aside. The creature watched as the silver burned several small holes in his left arm, grinning as the flesh sizzled. “Although...It’s been awhile since I’ve felt anything.” The vampire dodged another of the rural hunter’s shots as he descended from atop the door. As the creature landed, he closed the door to his left, leaving the two alone.

Adam fired once more, but the monster had gripped the front end of his rifle and raised it, leaving the buckshot to harmlessly rip through the ceiling again. The vampire grinned as he crushed the barrel in his hand rendering the weapon useless.

“Such pointless, man-made weaponry.” The vampire commented just as a reeled back punch from Adam connected with his nose. The blow had caused the creature’s head to slightly bend backwards, but he easily snapped his head forward, forcing the man’s arm back. Over his own knuckles...all Adam could see were those two piercing, red eyes.

In a motion that seemed to be only mere seconds, the vampire gripped the man’s arm with his left hand, and with his right, applied enough pressure at the elbow to snap it like a twig. With an agonized screech, Adam attempted to pull away.

“You are not the one I seek.” The vampire, with a mouth like a razor slit, irritatedly commented. “You are but another useless human.” He could already hear the other soldiers’ heavy boots pounding against the floor, rushing to the room to assist their comrade.

“But, you know, you never let me finish what I was saying earlier.” Adam had backed himself into the far corner, cowering in fear. The vampire briskly approached him, bringing his face merely inches from the hunter’s. “Most just drink the blood, but I find that human flesh is a delicacy...and it should not go wasted!” Baring a maw like a bear trap, the vampire tilted his head and took a gaping bite out of the terrified man’s face, leaving a hole in his skull from his eyebrows to his upper jaw.

With blood-filled screams, Adam released his final breaths as the vampire began viciously ripping him apart, starting by tearing open his rib cage and reaching inside like a freshly bashed pinata. The soldiers had arrived just in time to see the final spectacle that was the hunter’s death. The squad leader had gone into complete shock, standing there, motionless as he watched his superior get devoured. The vampire, having long realized he had more company, took even more enjoyment in the visceral show he was putting on, attempting to get as much shock value as he could.

Mordecai wanted to run, he wanted to raise his weapon and fire, he wanted to fall to his knees and beg for his life, but he found he could do none of those things as he stood just as helpless as the others. Taylor held his rifle in a tight grip, his trembling now much more visible as he witnessed the circus of slaughter.

“Was this supposed to be your hero?” The vampire finally stopped his dinner to address his spectators. “This...joke?” The creature let out a small chuckle as he took a firm grasp of the man’s skull, and then ripped it from his shoulders, the Cross of Kings still precariously dangling from his neck. “No!” Sudden anger broke through the vampire’s calm demeanor. “This is no hunter! This piece of s**t could never be the one to end my life.” The vampire angrily tossed Adam’s severed head onto the ground, causing it to bounce and roll until it laid near the squad’s feet. The cross rested on the ground not too far from its former owner’s head. “This is an insult! A cruel jest!” The vampire balled his fist, then punched a hole through the wall. He gritted his blood-stained teeth while growling. “How dare you?”

The creature began walking towards them, and unlike his comrades, Jeff, the third private, took aim and fired. One single bullet was all he was able to fire before it all came down. The bullet, which might as well have been flying in slow motion in the vampire’s eyes, was closing the distance between him and it. With a smirk, he raised one hand, then flicked the bullet back with twice the power it had been shot. The silver bullet ripped through Taylor’s shoulder and into Jeff’s throat, causing him to cough out a few blood spattered words before suffocating.

“Son of a b***h!” The pain was enough to knock Taylor out of trance along with the other members of his squad.

“Humans...so fragile…” The creature rolled his eyes in a bored fashion. Mordecai watched as his Taylor held his wound with one hand and blindly fired his rifle with the other. Mordecai quickly joined in, realizing that it was truly do or die…

The vampire was dodging with ease, snaking his body through the path of the projectiles as if it were a game.

“Stand back!” The leader of the squad pulled the pin on a frag grenade, rolled it into the room, then quickly slammed the door shut, waiting for the boom. After the violent explosion had passed, he placed an ear against the door.

“D-did it work?” Mordecai questioned. A moment of sweet silence passed, allowing the squad to think just for a moment, that they were safe. The moment was quickly ended once the vampire’s pale arm ripped through the wooden door and gripped the throat of the leader.

The squad leader choked and sputtered against the creature’s grip.

“You know, your life is quite literally in the palm of my hand.” The vampire’s muffled voice came through the hole. With his other arm, he smashed the remainder of the top half of the door, revealing his menacing, yet creepily happy, smile. Mordecai could see that metal fragments were lodged within the vampire’s face and arm, but they didn’t seem to cause him any discomfort, as far as Mordecai could tell. With a swift kick, he demolished the rest of the door and walked through, still holding tightly onto the leader’s throat.

The Marcos’ eyes had rolled into the back of his head as the vampire slowly crushed his windpipe. Mordecai, realizing that bullets were no match, and could possibly end in even more danger, realized there was only one thing he could do...and it was stupid as hell. Mordecai drew his combat knife and charged.

“Hm?” The vampire curiously exclaimed.

“No!” Taylor shouted to his attacking friend. He attempted to line up a shot, but there was simply no way he could hit the creature without going through his leader. Mordecai thrust forward, attempting to stab the vampire in the arm that he was using to strangle, but his right arm was easily caught, then lifted vertically.

“That was a valiant attempt. Idiotic, but valiant.” The vampire toyed with Mordecai, but much to his surprise, the man dropped the knife from his right arm, caught it with his left, then stabbed the vampire directly in his left eye. With a twist of the wrist, Mordecai made a horizontal slash across the monster’s other eye, effectively blinding him. The vampire angrily roared, then swung Mordecai by his arm and tossed him into the room behind him, letting go of the leader in the process.

Marcos fell to the ground, choking and coughing as his lungs clattered to gather as much air as they could. Mordecai, after being tossed, rolled and bounced across the gore-splattered room.

“You’re a human attacking a monster. What hope could you possibly have of surviving?” The blinded vampire inquired as he approached. Mordecai could already see that his slash and stab wounds were healing, and within seconds, his eyesight had returned.

“I...I don’t.” Mordecai timidly uttered as he stood, his knees trembling. This answer frankly shocked the vampire.

“What do you mean?”

“Taylor, Marcos, run!” Mordecai drew his pistol and began firing a volley of shots, all of which the vampire deftly deflected with one hand as he pondered the human’s actions.

“I’m not leaving you!” Taylor shouted back to Mordecai as he took aim and began joining the firefight.

‘A human who values the lives of others...above his own…’ The vampire’s brow contorted as he thoughtfully pondered the situation. Just as he attempted to gather his thoughts, he had to make a quick dodge to narrowly escape the path of Taylor’s bullets. The vampire began to get irritated as he could not rack his brain with the bullets flying left and right. With both of his hands, he caught one bullet in each hand, then precisely tossed a bullet into the barrel of each man’s gun, effectively silencing the ruckus.

The vampire could see Taylor reaching for his sidearm, but he quickly intercepted the man, standing toe to toe with him in a matter of seconds. The creature gripped Taylor’s right arm, stopping him from drawing the weapon. With his other arm, Taylor attempted to throw a punch, but his left arm swiftly joined his other in captivity. He then launched his knee upwards into the vampire’s gut, but that was useless; he might as well have been kneeing a brick wall.

“Get the f**k off me!” Taylor shouted, struggling in his grip. The vampire grinned as he began applying pressure to both of Taylor’s arms, slowly shattering them.

As Mordecai watched his friend suffer, an anger unlike any he had ever felt before began flickering inside him. At first a small spark, but it quickly became a raging inferno, practically burning him from the inside. It wasn’t just himself...something else was here with him...guiding him.

“Silver...Silver!” Mordecai scanned the room for anything usable, finally settling his eyes on Adam’s cross. He sprinted forward, lifting the Cross of Kings from the ground as he bolted towards the monster. The world had nearly come to a stop. Mordecai could feel something inside of him...

As each second passed, Mordecai felt different. With each step, his muscles felt tighter, his vision brighter, and his body lighter. The vampire turned his head to see the approaching Mordecai, and to his amazement, he could see no fear in the man’s eyes...only anger. The furious man cocked a fist back, then with an awesome force, launched it into the dead center of the vampire’s spine, causing him to painfully snap his head upward.

That came from a human?’ The vampire thought to himself. Though he didn’t have much time to think as Mordecai promptly gripped him and spun him around, launching a flurry of rage-filled blows into his gut, then finishing with a hay maker directly to his jaw.

The vampire stumbled backwards, a shocked expression crossing his face before an ear-to-ear grin broke out.

“Maybe you’re not just human…” The vampire cracked his knuckles, then took a fighting position as the man approached. Taylor, who had been released, merely laid on the floor, shocked to see what he was seeing. Mordecai quickly stepped forward, teeth grit and fists flying. The vampire blocked them with several backhands, but every once in awhile, one would slip past his defenses and hit home. Mordecai spun himself, launching a roundhouse kick directly into the vampire’s chest, sending him sliding between the pews.

The creature quickly sprung to his feet just in time to catch another oncoming punch. With his left arm, he swiftly punched Mordecai twice in the jaw, but his assault was halted by Mordecai catching his arm in an identical manner. The two stood locked in place by each other’s strength. With every punch, it felt only as if Mordecai could only grow stronger, as if his reserves of energy were only growing larger. The vampire forced Mordecai to a kneeling position, then delivered a brutal knee directly between his eyes. Just as the brawny human began falling backward, the creature caught him by the collar of his uniform, then pulled him to his feet. He began mercilessly battering Mordecai, leaving his entire face black and blue with each devastating punch.

“Come on! Show me! Show me the power that can kill me!” The vampire, having lost his demeanor of superiority, furiously ordered. “Show it to me!” He ordered as he cocked the final punch that would kill the soldier.

The vampire launched the final punch, only to have it be caught in the blink of an eye. Mordecai, with closed eyes, began speaking in a soft whisper.
“You...who has stolen the lives of thousands...have outlived your existence tenfold.” A voice that certainly didn’t belong to this man spoke to the vampire. “A champion has come to extinguish you…” Mordecai gripped the vampire’s other hand, then snapped his eyes open to reveal a bright, yellow glow illuminating his eyes. “Just as you deserve!” Mordecai--er, whoever, spoke through Mordecai as he headbutted the vampire so hard that the force from it cracked the very floor that they stood on. The creature’s head bounced downward then backward with the force of the impact. For just a moment, the vampire’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he fell back like a freshly cut oak tree.

Just before he hit the ground, he regained consciousness.

“You...you’re pure…” The vampire whispered in a breathy voice as a trickle of blood dripped down his face and onto the floor. Mordecai approached, stepping directly on the blood droplet as he prepared to throw another punch.

“You are strong…” The vampire whispered to himself again as he dodged another of the titanic punches.
“You are a hero…” The vampire sidestepped a tackle that could have spelled doom for him.

“You...are the one…” The creature ducked a lariat, then, with all of his strength, ripped a hole through Mordecai’s stomach with nothing but his hand. Mordecai stopped, then hacked up a splatter of blood onto the vampire’s shoulder. The glow flicked off like a light switch, leaving the injured man to pass out and fall forward onto the vampire who had impaled him.

“But not today…” The vampire disappointedly sighed, then removed his hand from Mordecai’s stomach.

“M-Mordecai…?” Taylor stepped forward, eyes wide in shock and terror. “No...no, no, no!” He shook his head, tears welling in his eye. The vampire lifted Mordecai off of him, then half-placed half-threw him onto a pew. The vampire began ambling away with a stoic expression on his face as he wiped the blood from his forehead. Taylor swiftly rushed to Mordecai’s side, checking for a pulse.

“Soldier...when he awakes...tell him of everything that has happened here tonight. Let him never forget this night...because he will see me again.” With those final, ominous words, the monster left the three surviving members of the mission to live another day.

“And that’s about it. He nearly bled out, in fact, he should have bled out.” Taylor began wrapping up his story whilst running a hand through his dark, oaky hair. “When we got him all stitched up, we ran a few tests to see how he could have possibly survived that long.” The lieutenant looked over to Mordecai, who happened to be grinning like an idiot. “And, after a few tests, we discovered that his body had...altered. He was stronger, faster, but sure as hell not smarter.” Mordecai would have given him a punch on the shoulder if he were able to. “Turns out, Adam never was the hunter. The real one was Mordy here all along. And you know the story from there.”

“I see…” Alexander cupped his chin in his hand as he thought to himself for a moment. He had a few concerns, but he didn’t dare voice them without confirmation.

The three shared a bit of small talk--mainly between Taylor and Mordecai--before the lieutenant clapped his hands together.

“Welp, I’m thinkin’ it’s time for me to be hittin’ the ‘ol dusty trail.” Taylor said as he rubbed his hands together, then gave Mordecai a light slap on the knee. “You two have fun, though.” As he began exiting the room, Mordecai spoke up.

“Wait. No! Don’t leave me with him!”

“Play nice, Mordecai. You need more friends, man.” The hunter’s objections were ignored as Taylor entered the hallway adjacent to the room.

He sighed.

“D****t, Taylor.” He admonished himself. “I should have told him this time.” The lieutenant had actually never told the hunter of the vampire’s final words. Mordecai was so shaken after that day, he took up smoking to calm his nerves; he didn’t need to add worrying about seeing that monster again onto his growing list of anxieties. He knew it would more than likely cause problems, but now his concerns were no longer for Mordecai’s sanity, but for his safety. If he told the hunter somebody was hunting him, he’d go out and track them down, and Taylor knew that wouldn’t end well. The lieutenant slapped his hand against his forehead, then drug it down his face.

“I’ll get around to it...eventually.” The lieutenant placed his hands in his pockets as he strolled down the vacant hallway with a small smile. “For now…I wonder what Rose is up to…”

© 2016 North Dakota

Author's Note

North Dakota
I've recently had an idea, but I won't do it unless you guys like the sound of it. I love how movies and shows have the ability to put music into their works, but unfortunately, books don't, unless they're on tape. So my idea was to put links to music for each chapter/paragraph to add some ambiance.. Tell me what you think about the idea. As always, thank you for reading, and feel free to comment!

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