Stolen Heart 6

Stolen Heart 6

A Story by Ntandoyenkosi Ngcobo

Episode 6

Bheki: This is my wife we talking about!

Pang: You know this job aint for softies. Have you gone soft Bheki?..huh?

Bheki: Okay, I guess you right.

Pang: What you waiting for then, get in the car boet.

(Mandisa stands from a distance, and slowly whispers Bheki's name over and over again with tears in her eyes. Bheki looks at her)

Bheki: You heard the man Mandisa, get in the damn car!

(Mandisa does not move a muscle, Bheki walks over to her)

Bheki:(Whispers to Mandisa and hugs her tightly) I'm sorry..Really, there's nothing I can do about this. Just know that I'll always love you.

Pang: I'm shooting both of your'll right now! Get in the DAMN CAR! And you Bheki, you drive. Mandisa in the front seat so I can watch you both from the back.( Starts humming the song "Gangster Love" by KO with a smile on his face)

(They all get into the car, Pang takes out his gun and holds keeps it in sight. Mandisa and Bheki both realize they in a trap. Mandisa looks at Bheki, he doesn't look at her. She starts wondering what's on his mind. It worries her. As they drive on, Pang disturbs the silence in the car)

Pang: Not far from now you going to turn left, onto the gravel road. You driving too slowly, pick up speed.

(Bheki thinks of how is he going to deal with the death of his wife. How he is going to stand there and watch somebody kill the love of his life. He thinks back to the day he first met her. How they stole each others hearts, two gangsters who have grown into each other. Mandisa has been nothing but good to him. Loyal, trustworthy, honest, kind and always there with lots of love for him. He tells himself that he'll hand himself in at the police station, and tell them the story, the whole story. Bheki is so lost in his thoughts and is frightened by a voice which disturbs his thoughts.)

Pang: TURN!!! (Screams at Bheki) What the'f is wrong with you?!

Bheki: Can't we just....

Pang: Don't even think about it.

Mandisa: Its okay, its really okay. What has to be done, has to be done. If its the Lords will, let it be done.

Bheki: You can't say that Mandisa.

Pang: Stop here. Everybody, out of the CAR!

(Everyone gets out of the car. Pang stands next to Bheki)

Mandisa: I just did, all good comes to an end. In any case, you never really loved me. You just used your last of nerves to tolerate me. You never cared or thought about me. It as all about you! (Starts crying)

Bheki: Well you right! I never card,funny how it has taken you so long to realise that! I never wanted you. Its just that we made such a good team. I used you Mandisa and that's a fact! I used you and you were too stupid to realise it! Its best if you die, my life would go back to the good old days once again.

Mandisa: Shoot me! Just SHOOT ME ALREADY! WHAT YOU waiting for?

(Pang aims the gun at Mandisa. Then he smiles)

Bheki: How I wished I was the one pulling the trigger!

Pang: Here, you do it.

(Hands over the gun to Bheki. Mandisa cries hysterically.)

Mandisa: BHEKI! NO!!

(Bheki aims at Mandisa. As Pang turns over to look at Mandisa, the gun goes off)

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© 2015 Ntandoyenkosi Ngcobo

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Added on June 10, 2015
Last Updated on June 10, 2015


Ntandoyenkosi Ngcobo
Ntandoyenkosi Ngcobo

Piet Retief, South Africa

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