Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Ntandoyenkosi Ngcobo

Noluthando had no memories of her father,
which always bothered her now and again.
Even though her mother was always by her
side, encouraging and supporting her in
everything she did, she knew that she lacked
her fathers love which hurt her deeply.
*Noluthando doing the laundry at the river
with her mother*
Noluthando: Ma, there's something I'd like to
Mama: What is it my daughter? Don't tell me
you tired already, we almost done.
Noluthando: No Mama, it isn't that. Uuuhm,
I've been wondering....
Mama: Noluthando, you will never change.
You always wondering. (she says this with a
smile on her face)
Noluthando: Next week is fathers day, I was
wondering if we could post daddy a card.
Mama: What? (Seems extremely shocked a
what her daughter is suggesting)
Noluthando: I was wondering if we could send
daddy a card... (lowers her voice)
Mama: How can you even suggest that. You
know we can never talk about this. Right now
you being seriously disrespectful! What is your
problem?? Have you gone mad?
(Mama walks away to sit by the rocks)
Mama: I think we done here, put the clothes
into the basket, so we'll hang them back at
Noluthando: I'm sorry Mama, its just that the
other kids speak so highly of their dads.
whenever i with the. What about me? I feel so
Mama: Quickly finish off so we can get going.
Mkhulu will worry if we don't pitch up anytime
Noluthando places the basket filled with the
washing into the wheelbarrow.
*On the way home*
Noluthando: When do you think Gogo is
coming back?
Mama: My girl, you ask too many questions.
It might be anytime soon though.
Noluthando: I just miss her already.
Mama: Noluthando! (Raises her voice).. Its
only been two days. (laughs)
Noluthando: I know Mama, but two days is
like 48 hours thats a long time.
As they approach the gate. Noluthando sees
Kwezi, one of her school friends who lives in
the opposite street. She's singing for her
father. Noluthando looks down and stops
pushing the wheelbarrow. She starts crying.
Mama: Noluthando what is the matter now?
Noluthando: Why can't we ever talk about
Mama: We've talked about this a whole lot of
times, what should I do to make it get into
your head that, that man wants nothing to do
with you?!!!
Noluthando: How do you know Mama? What if
he has changed? (crying)
Mama: (Angrily shouts) That man never
wanted you so shut up! Even your own mother
wanted nothing to do with you!!
Mama wished she could take back all the
words and secrets she uttered that minute...
She stood at the gate in shock and so did
Noluthando, while she was trying to make
sense of what she had just heard.
Right in front of her eyes, her world had but
collapsed into oblivion. The truth spoken out
of anger had pierced and shredded her heart
and she wished that this was all just a

© 2015 Ntandoyenkosi Ngcobo

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Added on September 7, 2015
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Ntandoyenkosi Ngcobo
Ntandoyenkosi Ngcobo

Piet Retief, South Africa

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