Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Ntandoyenkosi Ngcobo

The world crushed in front of Noluntu as she
could not really understand the words of
Mama. After all this years "Why Now?" She felt
betrayed and did not know who else to turn to
as Mama had been her pillar of strength, the
source of strength and of charecter. To be who
she was this day it was because of Mama's
moulding her like nature processing the
earth's precious stones over a million of years.
Like a rare diamond she was held nd treated
delicately, as strong as she was you could
swear she was the most fragile creature in the
world. "Mama's weakling", her friends would
taunt her knowing fully that her perceived
weakness from the world was all but a
dillusion. She was the strongest of the strong,
firm and composed, confident yet humble as a
She pinched and slapped herself trying to
come to terms to what was taking place. She
hoped by chance it was a dream and prayed
she would wake up from the nightmare she
found herself taking centre stage. As her eyes
swelled in tears, she succembed to numbnes
as she achieved deafening silence towards the
excited chatter going on around them. In her
state I swear you could hear a pin drop a
thousand miles away. Surely the world had
come to an abrupt convulsing end. All she had
hoped for had come to an end, drowning in
shallow yet death inducing waters.
She watched as Mama dropped the laundry
and could barely notice as it tumbled on the
bare ground gathering dirt at the speed of
lightining. In horror her eyes did not believe
her eyes as her "Mama" dropped to the dust
and leaf ridden path in a heap of
of human matter. Her ears exploded as her
ears registered the wails of Mama emanating
from her feet. Her tears flooded her face as the
eye lids could no longer hold them back. As
she far as she knew this revelation had but
sealed her fate to un imaginable world.
The c**k crows and Noluthando is startled to
discover her pillow soaked to the core. She is
shocked to realize she has been crying in her
"Nolu!!!!!!, Your are going to be so late for
your Math class!" Mama shouts as she draws
close to het door. Jumping out of bed with a
smile on her face she exclaims to her self, "No
matter how long the night can last, Dawn
shall always come!!!!"
Its a brand new day for Noluthando...
Was she having a Nightmare?

© 2015 Ntandoyenkosi Ngcobo

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Added on September 7, 2015
Last Updated on September 7, 2015


Ntandoyenkosi Ngcobo
Ntandoyenkosi Ngcobo

Piet Retief, South Africa

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