<i>Black Glitter </i>

Black Glitter

A Poem by Alskar

About a guy who lives two doors down from me who I see from time to time but never get the chance to speak to.


Will your Pluto light ever cast across dimensions? 
For now you are stolen, a tired god behind onyx foliage.
Become translucent as a prism, you frail trench lines.
Scatter as sparrows, and be no more in our path.

And all fine things are transient.
You lower your marble face, and are russet-masked
So that these old lace eyes cannot fathom you.
Shudder against time and halt for me.

I shake over to the night side.
Moon eyes stare up as your Romeo, unsexed.
Step to me, black glittered monsieur from a tale.
And fail my loveless nights no longer. 

© 2012 Alskar

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Very colourful!! I just adore reading so late at night because my sense are brighter and i appreciate so much more!

Posted 6 Years Ago


Posted 6 Years Ago

Very nice job describing things!(:

Posted 6 Years Ago

The frustration and fascination play out through every line, building to a great final line. Nice job.

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is so eloquent and beautiful, mysterious in its own unique way, open to interpretation on many levels and in many places. Nice job!

Posted 6 Years Ago

Elusive and sensual are the two adjectives that come off the top of my head to describe this. It's really a sexy, prurient poem, albeit in an indirect and elegant way. Your selection of words and your phrasing makes for a really vivid and beautiful poem, as usual. The best lines are in the second stanza, I think; the middle two verses in that one made me think of a shy geisha girl flirting coyly with some noble at court, raising a fan to cover her face...it really gets your imagination going.

Anyway, I'm sure your muse would be flattered if he ever did see what you wrote about him XD nice job.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I enjoyed this, i have one small problem, what is "you frail trench lines"

Posted 6 Years Ago

Nice descrription, flow, writing is almost like black glitter in itself which I assume is a type of metaphor.
Anyways well done and the whole thing seemed like a great tale in itself.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Almost prayer like in the delivery, well done, great read.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I think your strong point is definitely poetry. Every time I read your works I find myself enjoying the complexity and range of the English language. You express so much in this poem and I can't help but want this person to stop and talk to you. He has to be something special to inspire such a beautiful poem and all the longing I see within it.

Perhaps someday you should chance fate and invent a reason to talk to him. You might just get what you want.


Posted 6 Years Ago

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