<i>The Bridge Where The River Ends</i>

The Bridge Where The River Ends

A Poem by Alskar

Lunar, drifting by the snow flowers. 
Where the stars fall. Are you there?
With night, her heart smiles.
In vain hope that one day
One day (won’t you?)
See her where the river ends.

Once what was distant,
A forgotten life - it soared.
Shining in periwinkle leaves
And touching the heavens.
Farewell for now.
But see her where the river ends.

Veiled for years that passed.
The princeless princess
Who dreamed of the dark
But found her hero amongst
Bright wishes to the sky.
That’s where the river ends.

Waiting with the lights
That float to the moon
A lullaby to the soul
Then silence, where 
We met again.
At the bridge where the river ends.

© 2012 Alskar

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Wow, that was so beautiful. By the end you had grabbed and captured my soul. The descriptive vocabulary was perfect, creating a everlasting flow of rhythm. "Waiting with the lights, that float to the moon, A lullaby to the soul..." Well done.

Posted 1 Year Ago

This is beautiful and intricate, filled with beautiful metaphors and description. read it twice and shelved it in my library because I enjoyed it that much.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Oooo... Now this was truly magnificent

Posted 6 Years Ago

This poem reminds me of a chinese folk tale about two lovers meeting on a rainbow bridge between heaven and earth! Your use of language, and the imagery of "rivers" as the central theme is beautiful, poignant and colorfully painted.

Posted 6 Years Ago

ooooooooohhh.. let me know where this is at.. i want to go there..

where all concerns and twists of reality flow to their ending..

i want to be in a canoe, just drifting until drifting can no longer be..

just to see for once.. that other side where the answers lie at the end of our stream of thought..

very special and pretty write..


Posted 6 Years Ago

waiting with the lights
that float to the moon.
Nice write

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is exceedingly fine verse, truly of a high quality. It has it's own flair and honesty beauty.

It's just enchanting! pure and simple.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I wish to one day write with such compassion and flow. My talent with words and description are just a portion of what I read here.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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I really enjoyed reading this. The language used and the phrasing are beautiful, and I was very intrigued as more and more of the story at the poem's heart got revealed. It conveyed a sense of wistful and restrained longing, and the refrain that you used at the end of every stanza was effective and tied things altogether.

I've read so many of your poems by now that I'm really familiar with your style, and I think you've basically perfected this type of poetry that's like your signature, along with all of the elements that recur in your work.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I thought this was beautiful and you make me want to explore beyond where the river ends. Nicely done.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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