A Poem by Odonko-ba

Monsters amongst us

It's sad your fear

knowing that death is near

you lay hapless as a newborn
covered in feces

you tell me you love me
you're so full of s**t

you would tell me anything now
to save
your pathetic life

but I promise 
to bestow upon you
something greater 
more perspicacious than life itself

with your death
I shall create a symphonic masterpiece
in the uproar
upon finding you 
naked of flesh
hanging by your intestines...

will surpass that of Burke and Hare
killers extraordinaire

I shall become known as
the one
to whom all others pay homage

so pray to me 
and ask my forgiveness

for even God knows
not to interfere 
with that which I create 

you see

crying is futile

yet your wails
sounds as beautiful music
salaciously enticing

your tongue
I shall keep 
as a
reminder of this moment 

so scream my child
until your heart's content
and your lungs collapse

for there is patience in dying
and my knives 
are sharper than surgeons steel

so relax
is not of the essence here

would you
care a taste?

open wide 
and eat 
of your flesh
for heaven abounds in its delicacies

do you see how my dogs devour it 

your breast I shall keep for myself
for I find immeasurable pleasure comes 
from eating
chocolate covered n*****s

the way the areola
plays upon the palate
like a child 
eating cotton candy 
on a rainy day

I shall relish in its memories forever

your eyes
I will keep as witness
seeing only unto themselves
pickled and tart

a perfect noon snack
with crackers and tea
don't you think

their shock and awe 
visualize the headlines

Monster Stalks City

as if
my monstrosity
they can envision (input demonic laughter)

all of them
recycling feces upon the populace

there's breath in your lungs 
to vilify me insane
insanity could not have created death
so beautifully orchestrated
and demonstrated 
as abstract poetry
beautiful in its fluency
next only
to the decay of society

your death 
the epitome
the hallmark of all my gatherings
culminated in your sufferings
will outlive posterity

and I
long dead
shall be resurrected
a copycat 
a rock star

for you see my dear
it will not end 
with you or I
or the sudden ablation 
of your flesh


you will live 
the abstraction of your heart

and I promise you 
my love 
saved for last

it will be 
the best part

© 2016 Odonko-ba

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Added on January 19, 2016
Last Updated on January 19, 2016



Houma, LA

Odonko-ba I am a moody anti-social introvert. Meaning: I Trust No One. My best friend is myself. My companion ~ my dog. I write because I must. It is my life line. My Beacon in a world cloaked .. more..

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