Spoken Love

Spoken Love

A Story by Omegax45

Sequel to Silent Love. How far can one love his family? How far will one go for the ideal family?


Spoken Love

by Omegax45



                        “With the reports in, we can move forward with the negotiations.  Rest assured, even if we lose out on the merger, there is another company willing to strike a deal.  Our losses will be at minimum.”


                        “I’m very clear.  I’ve spent too much time away from my family.  This vacation will be the thing I really need after the merger.”


                        “Thank you, sir.  I will see you tomorrow then.  Good bye.”

                        Yuuji hangs up the phone and leans back in his chair with a sigh.  The merger had been dragging on for a month due to the other company’s negotiator being just as cocky and difficult as he is.  It was only yesterday that they managed a breakthrough in their stalemate with help from a friend of the raven-haired young man getting the reports in earlier than expected.  He just has to keep the ball rolling to finish the merger in a day or two.  Then, he can go on vacation with his family.

                        Yuuji looks at a photo on his desk.  It is a picture of himself and Krissy, dressed in a tux and a wedding gown.  He smiles softly in memory. 

                        He and Krissy began dating once again after their reunion in the rain at college.  He gained an internship at the company he is currently with and Krissy began a career as a sign language teacher.  After they graduated, Yuuji was given a permanent position and worked up to the position of negotiator.  He proposed to the blonde-haired young woman a few months after.  They married in the spring a year later have had a beautiful baby boy.   The raven-haired young man had tried to patch things up with his father before the wedding, but the elder never returned his calls or went to the wedding.  He simply stopped trying.

                        His son is his greatest joy in the world, both him and Krissy.  They named him Arthur, after Krissy’s great grandfather.  Arthur’s smile could brighten the room in an instant.  He is also a good baby who sleeps through the night and rarely cries.  He is a bit fussy when it came to the flavor of certain baby foods, but otherwise is good at feeding time.  Yuuji and Krissy had begun a college fund for Arthur and they had cut hours when possible to spend time with their son.  Krissy’s parents love to baby sit their grandson for them when they can’t take off work.  They refuse to put him in daycare, feeling that it wasn’t necessary until he was older.  He was still forming words, after all.

                        “Mr. MacCarson,” the intercom on his desk rang with his secretary’s voice, “There’s a man here that wishes to speak to you.  He doesn’t have an appointment, but he says that he knows you.”

                       ‘Knows me,’ Yuuji thought, his suspicion peaking before he presses a button on the intercom, “That’s alright.  Send him on in.”

                        He presses another button and closes the folder in front of him, placing it in a desk drawer.  He looks up a few minutes later as the door opens and his eyes widen at who he sees before him.

                        “It’s been a long time…son,” the person said as he closes the door behind him.

                        “Why are you here Mr. Quinton Ocaris,” Yuuji tried to ask politely, but it came out as a barely-controlled demand.

                        “I had thought you knew better than to call your father by his full name,” Quinton scolded lightly, “but since we are in a place of business I’ll let it slide.”

                        “Answer my question.  Why are you here?  I know that it can’t be because you had a change of heat about my marriage.”

                       “I wish to have my grandson,” Quinton said, deciding not to beat it around the bush and all pleasantries aside.

                        “I beg your pardon?”
                        “Even you must understand the troubles of raising a child in your situation.  You are working long hours in a small company that has got to be paying you minimum and can barely afford to care for yourself and your wife.  A child requires much more than what you can afford.

                        “More importantly, your wife can’t even speak.  How is she going to raise my grandson properly without vocal encouragement and discipline?  He will suffer embarrassment by his fellow peers upon hearing of his mother’s handicap.  He will be better off growing into modern civilization with a parent that can afford to provide for him and give him the mental stimulation he-“

                        My son is fine living with his parents,” Yuuji cut the elderly man off, face set in a snarl, “How dare you presume that you can do much better as a parent than we can?  As I recall, you were too busy making me into your trophy child than asking me if this was what I really wanted.”

                        “You didn’t seem to complain that much,” Quinton point out, face set in a frown.

                        “That’s because my complaining landed me in punishments.  I won’t hand my son over to you.  Do not go near my family.  Now leave.”

                        “You always were like that.  Settling for lesser things when you could’ve had more.  I knew your rebellion streak was strong in college, but to legally take your wife’s last name?  Truly shameful.  Is that what you want my grandson to learn?  To settle for less?  You are already failing as a parent.”

                        “I say I’m doing much better than you are,” Yuuji stated before pressing the button on his intercom, “Get me security, Linda.  I need Mr. Ocaris removed from my office.”

                        “There’s no need,” Quinton said as he walks to the door, “I’m already leaving.  Since I can’t reason with you right now, we’ll see about later.”

                        “My answer will remain the same later,” the raven-haired young man replied angrily as he watches his father leave.

                        “Are you okay Mr. MacCarson,” Linda asked through the intercom, and Yuuji realizes that he had kept pressing the button.

                        “Yes,” he said after a minute to calm himself, “Make sure Mr. Ocaris leaves the building.”



* * * *


                        The sun was setting into the horizon when Yuuji heads for home.  The meeting with his father left a bad taste in his mouth and he hopes that it was the last time he ever sees the man.  He knows that is a terrible thought, but then again it was very difficult to call him family when all he ever did was try to run his life and steal the most important things in his life.  He refuses to let him win.  He will protect his family.

                        Pulling up into the parking lot of his apartment complex, the raven-haired young man gets out and activates the alarm on his car before heading inside.  He did not know how Quinton knew that they were living in an apartment, but he was wrong about his pay.  He made plenty enough, and both he and Krissy were looking for a small house to live in at the moment.  It was just difficult to find one right now, with so many large houses up for sale that they have no need for.

                        He walks up the stairs and down the hallway, reaching the door to his apartment and rings the bell to alert Krissy that he is home before entering.  It is their secret password, just in case anyone tries to break in.  If anyone tries to come in without ringing the bell, Krissy would take Arthur and run into the bathroom with the phone to call the police.  Some would call it being overly paranoid, but after one of their neighbors had been robbed, they were not taking any chances.

                        ‘Welcome back home,’ Krissy signs after placing Arthur in his play pen, ‘Rough day at the office?’

                        “Like you wouldn’t believe,” Yuuji smiles softly as his kisses his wife, “We got the reports in early, so hopefully I can wrap up the negotiations and we can go to the beachfront for a week.”

                        ‘That’s good,’ Krissy smiles, ‘Dinner is almost ready.  Arthur missed you all day.’

                        “Did he,” the raven-haired young man peers into the play pen at the eight month-old infant with dark blonde hair and large hazel eyes, “How’s my little man?  Didn’t give your mother too much trouble, right?”

                        Arthur gave a coo, and Yuuji feels warmth spread from his heart throughout his body.  Krissy smiles as her husband talks to their baby.  For so long, she knew that Yuuji was miserable, striving to be the best at everything and only receiving very few compliments or rewards.  She still remembers when Arthur was born, how the raven-haired young man looked.  His face lit up like a child on Christmas Day that received that precious gift he always wanted.  Tears had fallen from his eyes when he held their son for the first time, hearing his loud cries and being told that he is healthy.  It was the happiest she had seen him since their wedding or the night he had proposed to her.  She hopes that there will be more of those days ahead for them.

                        The blonde-haired young woman returns to the kitchen to check on their dinner, leaving her husband to play with their son.


* * * *


                        The next morning, Yuuji receives a call from his boss that he wasn’t needed today for the negotiations.  The other company’s negotiator had an emergency and would not be back for a couple days.  He was given the day off to recollect himself and spend time with his family before returning to complete the negotiations.  The raven-haired young man thanks his boss and gratefully went back to sleep.

                        Krissy wakes up an hour and begins breakfast, giving Arthur his morning bottle.  The young infant was teething and she was weaning him off slowly to a sippy cup, which he gets during his mealtimes.  He was also given soft foods alongside his baby food.  She also froze some of his favorite fruit drinks to help with the teething, his favorite being strawberry banana.

                        She hears Yuuji heading into the bathroom and fills a cup with coffee.  Her husband loves his coffee with little sugar and lots of milk.  He told her once that it makes the caffeine work much better in his body that way.  She personally didn’t like coffee, preferring tea instead.  It was easier on her throat.

                        A few moments later, Yuuji walks out of the bathroom and kisses Krissy good morning.  He helps with setting up the plates and turning on the television to the news.  Krissy places Arthur in his booster seat and they sit to eat.  Their mealtime is interrupted, however, by the sound of the door bell ringing.

                        “Who could that be,” Yuuji asked, getting up to grab his robe to cover his wife beater and gray sweat pants.

                        ‘I do not know,’ Krissy signs, looking curious, ‘I’m not expecting anybody this morning.’

                        The raven-haired young man walks up to the door and looks through the peephole to see a woman in her mid thirties dressed in a business suit.  Becoming suspicious, he opens the door.

                        “Good morning,” the woman greeted, though looks serious, “Are you Mr. Yuuji MacCarson?”

                        “Yes,” Yuuji answers, Krissy behind him with Arthur, “Can I help you?”

                        “My name is Patsy Timbertski,” the woman introduces, “I’m from the Department of Social Serivces.  We have received a report of child negligence of your son, Arthur MacCarson, and I am here to inform you that an investigation has taken place in regards to the report.”

                        “An investigation,” the raven-haired young man tries to stay calm, but was inwardly furious, “We would never neglect our son.”

                        “That is why I am here,” Patsy replies calmly, “When we receive reports like this, my department interviews all that are associated with the child in question along with his parents.  If you do not mind, can I have a few minutes of your time as well as your wife’s?”

                        “We were having breakfast,” Yuuji answers, opening the door wider, “Please come on in.”


* * * *


                        “You wished to see me sir,” Yuuji asked the next morning.  He was in the meeting room, his boss sitting at the head of a long table and each of the members of the Board sitting in their respective seats.  The raven-haired young man tries not to swallow.  This could not be good.

                        “I did,” the elderly man replies, his hair white from age and his face sporting very few wrinkles, “I was interviewed a few days ago from a member of the DSS, as well as a few members of the Board, about yourself and your son.  Care to tell us what is going on?”

                        “It’s a family problem,” Yuuji sighs, being unable to lie to the man that treated him more like a son than his real father.

                        “Linda told me that a man came to visit you a few days ago.  She also told me that you were very angry with him and had asked for security to remove him.  Does he have anything to do with the DSS?”

                        “His name is Quinton Ocaris.  He’s…my father.”

                        “Your father?”

                        “He wanted me to hand over custody of my son to him, believing that my wife and I can’t raise him properly.  I have a feeling that he is also responsible for calling in the DSS, but I cannot prove it.”

                        “Sounds like something Quinton would do,” one of the board members muses aloud.

                        “Do you know Mr. Ocaris Daniel,” the elderly man asks.

                        “We use to work at the same business before I came here Mr. Peterson,” Daniel answers as he leans back in his chair, “Quinton was always so prideful.  He boasted about his achievements in school and college to everyone numerous times, and gave off an air that states the world owes him something.  I had heard that his wife left him, but all he told me when I asked was that she wasn’t good enough for him.  Didn’t seem upset at all.”

                        “I’m sorry that all of you had to get involved,” Yuuji said, lowering his head in shame.

                        “Nonsense my dear boy,” Mr. Peterson stands up and places his hands on the young man shoulders, “You’re a fine worker and a loving father.  The DSS were pleased with what we had to tell them, and I’m certain that they will see that the report given was made with false information.  We also have the company’s image to look out for, so that is all we wanted to know.”

                        “Yes sir.”

                        “Now, I do believe you have your meeting with Stomock Enterprise to go to.  You best not be late.”

                        “Yes sir,” Yuuji smiles and leaves the room, bidding the other board members good day. 


* * * *


                        Yuuji and his family did not hear back from the DSS since that day a few weeks ago.  Krissy believes that the worst is over, but her husband was not.  Just in case, he gets in touch with his lawyer, who agrees to get him the information he would need in case Quinton tries to pursue custody of Arthur.  He was fortunate that Mr. Peterson was a kind man and wouldn’t take away his job because of what his father done.  Having the DSS snooping around the company makes a bad image form for the press to use against them.  They would also lose potential clients that did not want to do business with possible child abusers.  Most employers would pretend to have no idea about their employees’ personal lives and simply fire them without confronting the employee themselves just to save their company’s reputation.  Mr. Peterson sought out all the facts first from all sides, and isn’t so quick to judged.  It is that reasoning that many of his employees grew to love him.  Yuuji is no exception.

                        A week later, the lawyer calls back.  He had found that if Quinton can prove that Krissy’s handicap would hinder Arthur’s vocal development, and if the young father did not contribute, then he had grounds to sue them for custody.  Yuuki knew that it would be impossible for Krissy to learn how to speak again, especially with her vocal chords permanently damaged.  He also couldn’t take too much time off without risking the loss of his job.  Mr. Peterson is kind, but he is also a businessman.  An employee that could not keep up with his work was a liability.  His lawyer knew this as well, and assures the raven-haired young man that he will do all that he can if Quinton tries to file suit.

                        The negotiations were finally done and the merger proceeded without incident.  Yuuji is given two weeks vacation time and both he and Krissy were planning on visiting the beach and living in the beach house that Krissy’s family owns.  It was a ways from the city and in a small village, which will give the family a chance to get away from it all for awhile.  Krissy didn’t have to worry about school since it was summer, so Yuuji didn’t have to reschedule his vacation time. 

                       One night, Yuuji had to stay late at the office while finishing up his paperwork.  His vacation starts tomorrow, so he wanted to finish all of it beforehand.  Krissy was at home, giving Arthur one final bottle before placing him in his crib.  He stares at her with his innocent eyes and she wanted to sing to him so much.  However, no matter how much she tries, she could not speak above a quiet whisper before her vocal chords begin to hurt.  She knew that Arthur didn’t need for her to sing to him, yet she felt that she was lost without her precious voice.  The one precious thing truly stolen from her in a fit of jealousy. 

                        She didn’t know who it was that called the DSS weeks ago and reported her being a bad mother.  She knew Yuuji had a suspicion, but wasn’t going to tell her.  She didn’t want to push in case it was bad.  Patsy was very kind when she questioned them, and she hopes that she didn’t see the blonde-haired young woman as an unfit mother for something she couldn’t help.  However, she was just one person working for the DSS.  There could be someone working there that did have a problem with her.  They may want to take over the case and order both her and Yuuji to hand over Arthur.  She knew that statement was a exaggeration and would never happen, but the fear of the possibility that it could would not leave her be.

                        Krissy kisses Arthur good night to distract her from her thoughts, tucking him in and walking over to her bed.  She turns off the lights and slips under the covers, hoping that Yuuji doesn’t stay at the office too late.  Otherwise, they will have to start their trip late and be stuck in traffic.  If there’s one thing that she knew that he hated, it was being stuck in traffic.

                         Sleep did not come to her so easily.  She lies on her back and stares at the ceiling, listening to the sounds of the city around them and the soft breathing of her son.  Something was about to happen.  She knew this, for she could never go to sleep when it happens.  Such examples were when Yuuji was about to come in after a long day at the office, when she was about to go into labor, and even when some child tried to steal Yuuji’s car in order to get into a gang.  The child’s mother was grateful that they didn’t pressed charges and had simply brought her child home.  The child sent an apology card to them the next day.

                        She hears shuffling outside and believes that Yuuji is finally home.  As she pulls the covers away and gets up, she realizes something.  The person isn’t ringing the doorbell.  Yuuji always rang the doorbell, no matter what time it is.  Fear filling her being, she lifts Arthur from his crib and goes into the bathroom, locking the door and reaching for the emergency cell phone hidden under the sink. 

                        A minute later, she hears a window shatter, the pieces falling onto the floor with a loud tinkering as they were broken into smaller pieces.  She dials a number and unlocks the keypad that allows her type to the person she was dialing and it turns into computerized voice that tells the person on the other end what she is trying to say.  It was still in beta at the moment, but it was her only hope right now, especially now that she can hear someone walking into the apartment.  She didn’t turn on the bathroom light, and that was one of her saving graces.  The others were her sleeping child and the cell phone.

                        “Nine-one-one.  What is your emergency?”


* * * *


                        Yuuji cursed at himself as he drives home from work.  It is midnight and there was little traffic outside.  His phone had gone off with a chime, indicating that Krissy had used their emergency cell phone.  The phone was designed by his company to tailor to the mute.  Because it was still in the final stages of development, Krissy was given one to test out if the need were to ever arise.  Yuujis phone was given the added feature of letting him know when the beta phone was being used.  Because it has been three weeks since she had gotten the phone, the developers were planning on having her come in after their vacation was over and test the phone at the office.

                        Now, it seems that won’t be necessary.

                        Driving as fast as he could without alerting the police, he takes as many shortcuts as he can to reach his apartment.  Fear is filling his being, threatening to make him drives recklessly and get into an accident.  Krissy wouldn’t use the phone unless it was an emergency.  What was happening at his apartment?  Was his family okay?  A sudden thought crosses his mind and he drives faster. 

                         He turns the corner a bit too roughly and manages to maintain control of his car.  The apartment building was in his sights, and there were police officers in the parking lot.  He slows down and parks in the street, running out of his car towards the building.

                        “Hold it right there,” a police officer orders as he stops the raven-haired young man, “Sorry sir, but you can’t enter the building.  This area is a crime scene.”

                        “My family’s in there,” Yuuji cries out in frustration and fear, “Let me through.  I live at Apartment 3C.

                        Apartment 3C,” the officer blinks, “Come with me, then.  You must be Yuuji MacCarson.”

                        “Oh God,” Yuuji’s face fell as the officer led him inside, “Is my family okay?”

                        “There was a break-in at your apartment,” the officer explains, “Luckily, your wife hid in the bathroom and called nine-one-one.  We don’t know how she was able to speak to the operator, with her being mute and all, but it was thanks to that we were able to get here in time before the burglar broke into the bathroom.”

                        “Where is my family?”

                        “Right here,” he points and Yuuji runs to where Krissy was, sitting on the couch in their apartment with a crying Arthur in her arms.  He ignores the other officers and the broken glass upon the floor as he reaches out and takes his family into his arms.

                        “Are you okay,” he whispers, and the young woman nods into his shoulder.  She lifts up the emergency cell phone to show him, and he thanks the developers for letting her have it.

                        “Sir,” they turn to the officers that were letting them have their space, “We have the burglar in custody at headquarters.  We will be in touch with his court date.  In the meantime, I suggest you stay at a hotel for the night. At least until the window can be fixed.  It also seems that there was nothing stolen or out of the ordinary.  If you come across something, let us know.  Here is my number.”

                        “Thank you,” Yuuji said with gratitude and takes the officer’s card.  He would do a follow up in the morning.  Right now, his family is all that matters.


* * * *


                        Yuuji and Krissy sat on a large blanket upon the beach, an umbrella keeping most of the sun off of them.  Arthur was playing with the sand, making happy noises as he moves his arms up and down rapidly.  The waves lap at the sand quietly, the sea gulls calling to one another high above in the air.  It was very peaceful.

                        The raven-haired young man had visited the police station the morning after the burglary at his apartment, somewhat surprised to find out that it was someone hired by his father to kidnap Arthur.  He even had a check from his employer that he didn’t cash yet.  Yuuji was outraged that Quinton would go this far to get Arthur.  The man offered assist the officers in the capture of Quinton in exchange for a lighter sentence, since him being released from the charges was out of the question due to a parole violation.  They found Yuuji’s father waiting at the airport and got a confession out of him.  He was arrested and sentenced to five years.  Unable to keep out of trouble, his sentence had been extended.  The man that was hired to kidnap Arthur had to go back to prison, but would be able to get parole again in six month in accordance to his plea agreement.  If he behaves, he would be out in time to see his son be born.

                        Yuuji and Krissy lost out on their vacation time thanks to Quinton.  Mr. Peterson heard about what happened and allowed Yuuji time off for a three-day holiday.  However, the family had to wait a couple months before being able to go.  The raven-haired young man thanked his boss gratefully and Krissy sent him a cake.  The beta cell phone passed the final stages and was placed on the market.  As far as they knew, sales for the phone were increasing each month.

                        “Mama,” the young adults turn to their son, seeing a shell in his hands.  Smiling, Krissy picks Arthur up and takes the shell out of his chubby hands.  It was one half of a shell and the underside shimmers with different colors.  Arthur laughs, then gives off a yawn.

                        “Looks like someone needs a nap,” Yuuji smiles and takes his son into his arms, humming and old song.  The infant closes his eyes and listens to the song, lulling off to sleep within moments.

                        ‘I love you,’ Krissy signs, leaning her head upon her husband’s shoulder.

                        “I love you too,” Yuuji whispers.



© 2011 Omegax45

Author's Note

This is the sequel to Silent Love. It's long, I know. I just couldn't stop once I got started. I do not mean to offend anyone by writing this if you do get offended. Hope you all like it.

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For the story aspect of things, I thought that this was a very sweet way for the characters from the previous installment to end up together. It's nice to see them married and living a wholesome family life, although some aspects of the story were a bit confusing. Like for example, the fear of their son being taken away primarily because Krissy can't speak? I can't see something like that even being a possibility in real life unless she was also like an abusive alcoholic or something... I'd also like to know more about Yuuji's company and what it does exactly, as I found the idea of a help phone for the mute very interesting- does such a thing exist in real life? Because it sounds useful. As for the technical aspects of the story, I think you are getting better at figuring out where to use past tense and where to use present tense. Remember that it's generally a good idea to stick to one form for any particular story, and that verbs ending in 's' like "Looks, calls, runs" are present, while verbs ending in 'ed' or simply or omitting the 's' are past tense "Looked, called, ran". I also still have trouble with Yuuji's name as I mentioned in the last story. I speak Japanese and recognizing it as a Japanese name, I have a hard time believing that an American boy with apparently no Japanese heritage, and a strict uptight father on top of it would be given such a name. I also think the two last names "MacCarson" and "Ocarson" are too similar to each other and it was a bit confusing. Of course, that's just my opinion. Some thing else I noticed was the phrase "raven haired" came up A LOT. I generally advise writers to use synonyms, and to avoid using the same adjective or phrase more than once or twice in one short story. Also, just the phrase "young man" would have been sufficient in describing him at many points. As for other technical things, at the beginning, I believe the phrase should be "rest assured" not "rest assure". Also, "By his fellow peer" should use the word "peers" as "peer" is singular, in which case "fellow" is an unnecessary word. Also, there is a part where Yuuji says "al of you" which should be "All of you." In conclusion, I did enjoy your story and found it very interesting, and was compelled to read it to the finish. So I hope I haven't sounded too harsh and that I have been at least a little helpful.

Posted 6 Years Ago

really deep and visual u really hit the point with this one

Posted 6 Years Ago

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