When love was a stranger

When love was a stranger

A Poem by Dream Weaver



Before love was a stranger with trembling hands,

I choked on its emotional and physical demands.

Before love was a stranger I’d sit by the phone, dialing numbers in the darkness, desperate and alone.

Before love was a stranger it confided in me, always taunting and teasing so effortlessly.

No party invites no formal dress, no significant other do I possess.

It’s just me myself in an empty room, a dusty old sarcophagus in which I’m entombed.

When love was a stranger” I asked myself why,

as I stared into the mirror and received no reply.

© 2018 Dream Weaver

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I love this! Very clever, and moving!! I loved the flow, it's relatable too! Well done! I love this one!!

Posted 4 Months Ago

Dream Weaver

4 Months Ago

Thank you Ms. tabby Mac, much appreciated...
I totally love this write, This is awesome.

Posted 8 Months Ago

I love this Dream Weaver. I myself love to be alone and not in love at times. It's a refreshing burden off the heart and yet it gets so lonely... then it's time to yearn again. I completely understand. GD.

Posted 10 Months Ago

the mirror is the last place to look for an answer to loneliness. it is like being mocked by the very malady which possesses you and keeps you in that silent autocracy which torments the very spirit. love as a stranger is an interesting concept, is love not always a stranger? isn't it the concept of mystery and unfamiliarity which makes love so appealing? they say that familiarity breeds contempt...perhaps that is true, even when we love deeply. i think it is friendship which keeps lovers together and satisfied with their relationship. because we depend on that "stranger" to make our sex lives interesting and romantic. i firmly believe that best friends make the best lovers. this was a provocative and mentally stimulating write...awesome and truly delivers!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Dream Weaver

5 Years Ago

A very astute observation QF...if indeed love was familiar people would most likely overlook it. But.. read more
I really like the title alot and you expressed the feelings of distant love very well or should I say foggy distant memories. Nicely done DreamWeaver...SyberRose

Posted 5 Years Ago

Dream Weaver

5 Years Ago

Thank you SyberRose, I truly appreciate your time to comment.
The absolute stark quality of this wrapped within reflective mourning is awe inspiring! xoxo

Posted 5 Years Ago

Dream Weaver

5 Years Ago

Thank you Sugar, sadly this happens to a lot of people or
as I like to call it: The Silent Maj.. read more
How beautifully you capture the torment of the one sided love affair. There is no pain like love torn assunder. You did a beautiful job. I just wish there was more to the story.....

Posted 6 Years Ago

Dream Weaver

6 Years Ago

Thanks again PFL, I'm working on it....

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