Vantablack Heart

Vantablack Heart

A Poem by Selma Tausen Olsen

The apple of your eye,

so vantablack dark,

swallowed whole

by an empty heart,

like a supermassive black hole

turning to white.


So pure and light,

it dazzles my eyes,

yet so fragile and kind,

you might as well be a child.


But do not worry,

you have no name,

though I know all about you

'Cause in this writing

there is no past tense.


Emptiness and loneliness -

the only friends you have,

the known,

your comfort-zone

in which you are trapped.


No end at the tunnel is bright,

not even light can escape

or pass by,

for which you haven’t seen

for years in your life.


And you do not know

if it’s a punishment from above,

the thought of being so sweet and pure

yet so stupid and nasty,

like good against evil,

rich against poor.


But what have you not done right?

To understand, yet not being understood?

To not understand,

because of a foggy mind?


In this place or no-place,

the surrealness

makes dreams seem even more real -

if reality even exists that is.


Traffic of thoughts,

worries and fears,

always unease

in this chaos mind of yours,

a 24/7 rush hour soul.


The confusion within

turns you insane

and emotions

into one giant lump.


Over and over

you blame yourself,

but no one’s to blame -

not even God

the judge who has already judged.



so ungrateful and sad,

you mocker, you sinner,

you shan't find rest,

the one who fears God more than evil.


The misery in your heart

so oddly beautiful,

the worshipper of darkness

fears the light,

the unfamiliar.


It’s your enemy

but your worst enemy is you,

and you’re falling in love

with your darkest self -

an empty soul.


Then you fall into a dream

where you wish to never wake up,

your dream world -

your home,

away from the outside world.


In this fairytale

there is no sadness,

no happiness,

no emotions,

but a flow of all which is beautiful.


And now I see

something within,

somewhere deep down there -

a spark,

but you’re afraid

to release it

then never get it back.


It's odd, I know

but you don’t know why,

you’re different,

like an alien

lost in a foreign world.


And you’re sinking

even deeper now,

so massively deep,

until the infinite

until you collapse.


Beyond broken walls

from the explosion,

I see all emotions

trapped in my soul,

red, blue, green and yellow -

the range between black and white.


It's the end of an era,

a new alpha and omega,

black holes and supernovas,

you are what I’ve become.

© 2018 Selma Tausen Olsen

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Author's Note

Selma Tausen Olsen
Written in 2015, when I had recovered from a long period of depression.

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Thank you very much Justin, I appreciate your respones, and for reviewing this long and 'heavy' poem. :-)

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

Yea, I think it is possible!!! If u get a chance please check out my writing
Selma Tausen Olsen

2 Weeks Ago

Will do :)

2 Weeks Ago

Thanks I hope u enjoy them :)
Amazing job!!! It really speaks to the reader, very emotional, we all get sad about certain things in life!!!!!!

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Added on February 4, 2018
Last Updated on February 4, 2018
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Selma Tausen Olsen
Selma Tausen Olsen

Torshavn, Faroe Islands

24 year old woman who loves to write. Mostly I write poems, but have a dream about writing short stories and novels in the future as well. As a person, I am very introverted, with a mind full og thou.. more..