Dear You

Dear You

A Story by Kathryn Smith

Just a touch of your love

Is enough to knock me off of my feet

Dear you,

Every single stupid day.

I have thought of you.

You and your happy dog.

They say that the best people come when you're least expecting it.

When you don't actually see anything coming.

I remember I was sitting doing my work. I heard you set your things down on the table behind me.

I got up to walk by you - to casually see who you were. I was curious.

And to my surprise your dog was in my pathway, looking up at me happily.

Days and weeks went by...and we began to wave and acknowledge each other.

It was like drinking your first cup of hot chocolate on the first chilly day of the year.

You were my favorite part of my mornings.

Then came the day I ruined us.

You tried to really talk to me this time.

You lit up, and  I sensed you clearly cared about me.

But I was so nervous I cut you off.

 I walked away. I stopped waving to you.

And I made you think I didn't care.

So you stopped coming to the Library.

And you know what?

That is what haunts me every day.

I can still remember catching your gaze.

I can still picture you and your cups of coffee.


Your headphones. Your school books. Your concentration.

I was terribly rude to you - and I came so close to giving you my number.

But I was scared.

For I believed I was ugly. After everything that happened to me recently... I wish you knew.

Its never easy to build yourself back up after you were given false hope and lies.

Its never easy to think you're worth it when you were purely rejected by someone who once claimed every day they desperately wanted you.

If you ever come back to the Library, I'll take the moment and talk to you.

I'll apologize and introduce myself this time.

You should know I ache for you every day.

And I desperately hope to see you again.


Because something was happening.

You were special.

I hope you are well. I don't know where you went or where you are, but I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

Most of all, I hope you don't think I didn't care....because I truly did.


The girl at the Library

Kathryn S

© 2016 Kathryn Smith

Author's Note

Kathryn Smith

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I bet his pet pooch was like, 'Jeez Louise - would you two just hook up already. If it was me I'd have butt sniffed and already been on my second date!!"

There's a saying that I heard - Scottish I think "What's for ye, will nae go agin ye!" - more or less, 'if it's meant to be then it will be."

I hope you guys bump into one another again soon.
I like the 'letter to ' style of this one Kathryn.
Nice one!

Posted 2 Years Ago

Oh, what a chance you missed! That's a real bummer (been there!!). Because then our minds can make up all these really great things that could have came about if only we had done this or that... it's enough to make a person die from regret! Hope you get to see this one again and see where it all goes. :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

It makes me think about how many opportunities I have missed in my life due to my own self-limiting beliefs. Well done!

Posted 2 Years Ago

Is a man supposed to brim-over while embraced by a woman's soul … if not, I guess I'm not much of a man!
Golly, Kathryn, I want you to print this out and post it on the library billboard, with a directive to see the librarian about it ... and, mention it to the librarian(s) and whomsoever else might recall or notice him (with his dog) and point it out to him.
Leave your number for him, too, but with the librarian, so no one else will call.
Where there's a way, there's a will, eh?
What a sweetly sincere, heart-gifting message of sheer honesty, any guy with warm blood pumping his veins would not be able to resist responding to.
Take an ad out in the paper … it doesn't cost all that much; ask the local newscast to lend a hand with a brief heart-touch messge … they love "special interest" stories: Go for it!

Goodness, Kathryn, you're a heavenly wondrous woman — just sayin' … warmest, most grateful hugs, m'lovely poetess! ⁓ Richard : )

Posted 2 Years Ago

Kathryn Smith

2 Years Ago

Thanks love.
D Connolly

2 Years Ago

If you like pina coladas.....
Kathryn Smith

2 Years Ago

hahahaha ;) ^^^

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