5 Years Forward

5 Years Forward

A Story by Kathryn Smith

Before it's too late

This could all disappear

Before the doors close

And it comes to an end

With you by my side

I will fight and defend

K e e p     h o l d i n g     o n

Because you know we'll make it through

Dear Kathryn,

Tonight you sat beside the fireplace.

You enjoyed the warmth and studied your reflection among the flames.

Memories trickled into your mind.

And you remembered that tomorrow is the day.

The day you will never forget.

It blew your mind that you could recall so many details 5 years ago.

And you remember thinking back then: Will I survive this? What will happen? How am I going to be in 5 years? Will things get any better?


Here we are, my friend.

We've reached 5 years.

You should be proud of yourself!

Because in these 5 years a lot has happened.

You have:

Traveled the world. (France, England twice, Ireland twice...do you know how lucky you are?)

Taught over 100 children. Two 4K classes, 1 preschool class,  One small 1st grade, and you cant forget to add the other children you ate lunch with.

You found love.

Lost love.

Made new friends.

Kept old friends.

Explored hidden places.

Kept secrets.

Laughed until you cried.

Passed tests.

Followed your heart.

Wrote a number of letters.

Earned certifications.

Welcomed new lives into the world.

Watched an infant grow up.

Learned how to drive.

Gave advice.

Wiped tears.

Made someone laugh.

Celebrated 5 more birthdays.

You've had your heart broken.

But then you found yourself.

You learned new talents.

Danced in a storm.

Turned in your pointe shoes.

Ran in a forest.

Let baby raccoons climb on you.

Taught someone how to dance.

Found a new band.

Saw that band twice.

Counted stars.

Discovered a few rainbows.

Spread kindness.

Found more love.

Grew wiser.

My point of this Kathryn is, you've lived.

You've simply lived.

And there's no doubt she would be proud of you.

I know you remember your tears.

And you still panic when you remember she's gone.

But look at you!

We are 5 years forward. And you thought you wouldn't make it.

You let all the grief flow through...and you eventually climbed out of it.

And tomorrow?...Tomorrow will be a brand new day.

A day you can continue to live for her.

You learned death is something you can never get over.

And you are the only person who has the power to decide when to let go...when to move on.

You learned that you can in fact - continue to live your life.

And you live your life in love and in joy.


- The girl who was stronger than she thought.

© 2017 Kathryn Smith

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Featured Review

I was rendered speechless for a moment after reading this because it's very much relatable to me. I thought ack of the past five years of my life when I'd taken admission in dentistry and the people around me had thought I wasn't capable enough to do it yet here I am, after five years with a Dr. with my name but those people who discouraged me I don't see them around me or else hiding their faces.

It all comes down to this. You have to believe in yourself that you are strong and yes that you HAVE lived It's all a part of life but like any moment whether good or bad, it passes to bring a brighter tomorrow and a new you.

I loved reading this, Kathryn. I wish you all the success and happiness in the world.

Excellently penned :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Dr. YumnaKay

1 Year Ago

You're welcome! Always a pleasure 😊
Kathryn Smith

1 Year Ago

Nice shades. xx
Dr. YumnaKay

1 Year Ago

Thank you, Kat!


This was a new idea writing a letter to self. I hope, I have understood your story well. Anyways, I felt every emotion you described through this 5 years forward journey of yours Kathryn.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Beautifully written. So nice to see you come out so well on the other side, very inspiring. Well done!

Posted 1 Year Ago

Okay so this made me cry! This touched my heart so deeply! Hugs to you for being so brave! This I assume was not an easy write.
It is very relatable to me since I just lost my grandparents about 5 years ago this year.
I'm going to do this for myself! I think everyone should!
What a great way to see how far you've come. A beautiful tribute to yourself and the one you lost. If only we could all take our own hand and walk out of the rubble with class like this.
The truth is that life is messy and no matter how we want to make it neat it will always have ups and downs! And how we deal with it can make us or break us. This although vulnerable shows great strength and for me I am SOO GRATEFUL you shared this because I it had helped me!!
Sending love!

Posted 1 Year Ago

Kathryn Smith

1 Year Ago

Thank you so muuucchh Tabby!!
A lot of heart in this writing. A can connect very deeply to this. A loving soulful tribute. Regards Ray x

Posted 1 Year Ago

Kathryn Smith

1 Year Ago

Thank you much Ray. Hope youre well. xx
You had a good five years dear Kathryn. You travel, met new people and held on to your friends. I enjoyed your thoughts. I told my children. Travel, have fun and enjoy life before you become old and forget the need. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your poetry.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Almost 4 years since I lost my husband, yet I still get up in the mornings and face what ever is going to happen that day. It simply is called life and living. Valentine

Posted 1 Year Ago

and may you have many,many more of those years,
and go on to rule your destiny..

Posted 1 Year Ago

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You stole a little bit of my heart here. I am coming up on a 6 year anniversary of losing one of the most important people in my life. You made it a beautiful tribute and you showed that there really is life after death. I am so happy for you that you lived through it instead of letting yourself die along with her.

Posted 1 Year Ago

this is so sweet so endearing as it makes you reflect and ask yourself... have you lived? great job

Posted 1 Year Ago

i connected quickly to this as i read the list of things. An unsung hero you are. great story!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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