For Charlie

For Charlie

A Story by Kathryn Smith

You cannot fully love anyone else unless you fully love God. 

And when you fully love God, you will understand what true love is. 

When you know what true love is; you will be able to see a little more clearly on what is right and wrong. 

And this will give you strength. 

This all hit me this morning on my way to work. 

Last May, a man approached me in the church I had grown up in. 

I had seen him around once or twice but I didn't know him. 

He looked like he walked straight out of a magazine. 

Good looking. Charming. Mysterious. 

He swept me off my feet and I was so excited because I thought he would be a good, kind, christian man. 

After all; a man who loved God would be a good man. 

He talked about confession. How much he loved the Catholic faith. He blared his catholic radio in his truck and talked about his degree in theology. 

But as I got to know him; the things that came out of his mouth were not kind. 

His actions towards me were not kind. 

He drank and pressured me to drink. 

He emotionally abused me. 

He cheated. 

And then I let him continue to string me along; because I thought he'd be a better person in the end. 

I left my church in January after being so hurt. After seeing him with someone else in the place he said he'd never return to with me. 

He often used to poke fun of another church. 

And so I walked into that very church with a wounded soul and heavy heart. 

But there, I met a young priest with a fire in his heart. He mirrored myself in many ways. He still is not aware of this but he stole a piece of my broken heart and healed it. 

He opened my eyes and made me want to begin again. 

In fact; he himself made me feel beautiful again. 

Seen again. 

He made me want to embrace an injury. 

To me, he represented what true love should be. 

I grew closer to God. 

My faith blossomed. 

And I will never forget him. 

Written with love 
For Father Charlie 

© 2019 Kathryn Smith

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Kathryn Smith

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Added on April 25, 2019
Last Updated on April 30, 2019