Shot to Infamy

Shot to Infamy

A Poem by John Alexander McFadyen



Shot to Infamy

Bullets are so impersonal,

don't you agree?

Lead is so remote,

no emotion, no feelings,

simply a dense impact

as it blasts and ricochets

its way through human tissue.

Parting muscle,

severing blood vessels,

shattering bone,

disconnecting tendons

and nerve fibres

causing life-changing


and extinguishing

once bright eyes.

From one thousand yards

it is a mere video game

with the 'bad guys'

falling like bowling pins,

it is a detached

clean squeeze

of an automatic trigger.

The act of a coward

and a madman.



© 2017 John Alexander McFadyen

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Sad to say but it's become such a normal thing in the daily news. You can try and change the gun laws which can help to a degree but there's no legislation that can prevent crazy and stupid. It's an absolute tragedy. You expressed the detachment from the carnage when all it takes is pulling a trigger. They stood no chance. You set the tone and captured the mood. Nice work man.

Posted 9 Months Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

9 Months Ago

Thank you duff. Such a sad place.

9 Months Ago

You're welcome my friend. It absolutely is.
I like the way John writes about actual events, in this case a real tragedy..we all live in the real world, and John knows this !

Posted 9 Months Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

9 Months Ago

Many thanks Leslie
and the world is full of these idiots,what in the hell is going on in their brain

Posted 9 Months Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

9 Months Ago

The million dollar question Ron. Many thank yous as always.

9 Months Ago

well a former postal worker and irs,,lol,,that pretty much covers it
A sad day for us all. One madman killed 59 people who had life and families. Hard to grasp and understand why. All we can do today is send prayers to the many knowing great pain today.

Posted 9 Months Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

9 Months Ago

Indeed and not forgetting the 500 plus injured and those there and not there traumatised by it all! .. read more
I saw that a huge statue to Kalashikov was erected by Putin recently in Moscow. (The past)
I heard that video-gamers are one avenue of recruitment for the army to operate drones (not just in the air anymore). (The future)
I guess 'a cleaner way to kill' is the way forward for those backward people.

Posted 9 Months Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

9 Months Ago

Yes and it fueled the carnage in Las Vegas I guess. Many thanks Tony.
Tony Jordan

9 Months Ago

The shooter shot to infamy - great choice of words John - truly accurately poignant.

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Added on October 4, 2017
Last Updated on October 4, 2017


John Alexander McFadyen
John Alexander McFadyen

Brixworth, England, United Kingdom

Well, have a long and complicated story and started it as an autobiography on Bebo but got writer's block/memory fogging. People liked it though and kept asking for the next chapter! fools.. more..


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