Drinking Games

Drinking Games

A Poem by John Alexander McFadyen

When the bee cannot resist the nectar


Drinking Games


I hung among the stars,

drifting on a dreamscape

amid that cosy,

fluffed-up black blanket

of night,

where angels cavort

and hope is served

in copious cups of

dark sweet coffee nectar.

I floated there

in the warm mother's milk

of amniotic, life-giving


Across a universe

of suns

I drank you in,

savoured every drop

that I managed to squeeze

from stony

barren breasts.

You guarded your mysteries

so well,

internet firewalls

your stave.

But my desire was not slaked

that liquor, saline spiked

made me thirst

all the more,

but still I would sip

each drop

and more.



© 2017 John Alexander McFadyen

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every body hurts,every body cries,when you lose something that moves you

love the song,may write a poem from this inspiration

Posted 1 Year Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

1 Year Ago

I would feel so privileged if you were inspired by my post. CHEERS Ron.
Diluting the swally should be a capital offence my friend !! There's no hell like offering the goods then coming up short.
I thought of a creamy pint of the black stuff - another cosy black blanket
Well penned matey!

Posted 1 Year Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

1 Year Ago

Indeed and the velvet slips down in silky fashion. Cheers, bottoms up frae Mauritius
Tony Jordan

1 Year Ago

It doesn't travel well at all though - I've had some manky pints of Guinness abroad lol
You l.. read more
John Alexander McFadyen

1 Year Ago

Cheers Tony!
Beautiful song and honest word. You allowed the reader to feel and understand your thoughts. Thank you John for sharing the outstanding poetry.

Posted 1 Year Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

1 Year Ago

Thank you Coyote from sunny Mauritius
Coyote Poetry

1 Year Ago

You are lucky and you are welcome.
what a delicious drink sir ...tripping on your imagery like watching "2001: A Space Odyssey" ...i love the closing ..like tequila eh!? ..yes...i step up to the bar for another read for sure
ps. wonderful video choice ..the instrumentation for it is thrilling ..one of my favorite combinations ..

Posted 1 Year Ago

Einstein Noodle

1 Year Ago

are you really there?? i am so jealous .. ;)
John Alexander McFadyen

1 Year Ago

Yup here for 18 nights.
Einstein Noodle

1 Year Ago

lucky man ...i am sure you are and will enjoy the stay thoroughly ... peace and joy sir!
I love this because of the metaphors about drinking that are original and true to the comparisons!

Posted 1 Year Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

1 Year Ago

Thank you so much Josie
Love and relationships set their own course, and sometimes never the twain shall meet...highly dramatic poetic rant here. Eloquent, classic language. Ethereal, maternal, wrathful, sensual, demeaning, unrequited tones waft through it all. Dark, self-destructive references. My advice would be to move on rather than torture self/others. Life is there for the living and time is so precious. Powerful write John!

Posted 1 Year Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

1 Year Ago

I could not argue Annette. Many thanks for such a sage review.
Annette Pisano-Higley

1 Year Ago

You are most welcome John.

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John Alexander McFadyen
John Alexander McFadyen

Brixworth, England, United Kingdom

Well, have a long and complicated story and started it as an autobiography on Bebo but got writer's block/memory fogging. People liked it though and kept asking for the next chapter! fools.. more..


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