The Visitor

The Visitor

A Story by Dara

"No one you ever loved is truly lost." Ernest Hemingway

It is early in the morning on a warm summer day.
Stumbling  out of bed in a daze I
try to recall last night's dream.
I can't remember the details but it was
neither pleasant nor scary, just random thoughts
melting together like a hot fudge sundae
that has been sitting too long in the sun.

My feet find their way to the kitchen
where a pot of coffee is brewing.
The aroma is tantalizing and as I breathe it in
the fog slowly lifts from my still sleepy eyes.

Carrying the steaming cup of liquid over to my favorite
chair I lean back and let out a sigh of contentment.
I take my first sip of the morning, rolling it over in my mouth,
relishing the taste like a lover....

Lover! Ah.... now I am remembering the dream I had last night.
It was about a love I once knew who died suddenly, almost in
the middle of our phone call. The shock from it had left me
feeling stunned and empty. I grieved for months until I was able
to come to grips with his passing and found solace in the poetry
he had so lovingly shared with me.

No wonder it was difficult to wake up. I wanted to stay in
that dream forever and hold on to those long lost feelings
that had become like hidden treasures in my heart.

It was then he came calling. My special visitor who drops by every
morning. The first time his 'call' broke the silence I thought it might
be an owl who was still up after a long vigilant night. But then
romance gave way to reason and I decided it was a dove.
Not as majestic as an owl but much sweeter and comforting
as I fought back a wave of nostalgia that threatened to engulf

"Who are you, coo coo?", the dove seemed to say. I pretended
he was directing his warble to me alone. Perhaps the spirit of my
long ago love was beckoning to me, reminding me that true love
transcends all space and time. We had thought of each other as
soulmates even though we never had a chance to meet in real time.
He was sensitive, extremely intelligent and had me captivated by his
charm and spellbound from his first 'hallo'.

He used to tell me stories of his past. His life had been very difficult and he struggled from depression that was a result of years of physical and emotional abuse. Poetry became an outlet where he could write and sift through the rubble that filled his brain.  He was thoughtful and resilient, kind and generous and refused to look at himself as a victim. And just like the dove, 'his ways were quiet but oh so strong', that I often 'think he is here after he is gone.'

© 2017 Dara

Author's Note

Feeling nostalgic and missing a dear friend. The last line came from a poem I had written earlier so I put it in quotes but then making me wonder, can you quote yourself?

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oh so bitter sweet the loss of loved ones your intro is such a human thing and your second verse is always my first steps as well a hot fudge sunday etc. is superb .. so many dreams are like that in waking .. you have told a story universal and personal ..its a short story its prose its poetry .. and as far as quoting one's self...i guess you just did :)

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

It is sooooo nice to hear from you my friend. I have been away from the site for awhile. Your words .. read more

1 Year Ago

Have a very blessed day!
Einstein Noodle

1 Year Ago

same to you Dara ..glad you are back ;) my corner is usually cluttered ..but it is very comfortable .. read more
May I say something kindly meant... God willing you'll understand. How very fortunate you are to have this visitor; to see and feel so much emotion.. be it affection.. love . That what you both felt for each other still exists in its own precious form. Your poem weeps memories - yet, throws smiles into the air and lets them float time. True emotion lasts, endures - in dreams, reveries, in moments when... in need.

You write so exquisitely. Reading this at 01.37 is a brief glimpse into a woman's heart.

'.. neither pleasant nor scary, random thoughts melting together like a hot fudge sundae
that has been sitting too long in the sun.'

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing what you have written may have touched another person .. read more

1 Year Ago

Better than good to share tears... and smiles.
I know a bit of background, so it's extra sad and touching. If his spirit now visits you as a bird, I don't doubt it. What a wonderful thought.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you so much Sam. It is kind of amazing how strong feelings can develop without being in the ph.. read more
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dear Dara... I am touched by your grief of having lost such a kind and gentle man. Romantic dreams are surely a good omen,
especially if it seems familiar in special ways.
I love the rhyming in the last few lines. It makes a perfect ending to a lovely happening.
truly, Pat

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you for this lovely review Pat. He was my 'muse' and I sometimes find it difficult to write wi.. read more

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I am a retired teacher who has just recently discovered the joy of writing poetry. Formerly known as Passion Flower, I decided to publish using my own name. My poetry is simple and from the heart whi.. more..

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