Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

A Poem by Paza


We sit on the bed, for a talk we cannot postpone
The cadence begins, the bugle is blown
Our standards fly high, as we head for the field
Our family at stake, neither ready to yield
I lob the first volley, you go quietly blank
Your thoughts, once so apparent, now hide past your flank
Your turn to fire, you ask if I’ll listen
I tell you I’ll try, but my eyes start to glisten
With tears as I grasp you’ve not heard me at all
I reach for a tissue as they start to fall
Between you and I there has grown a deep chasm
I let out a breath and I shake with a spasm
Your eyes, once so tender, now look with disdain
At the one who loves you, but is wracked with such pain
My shield raises up, my defense again armed
My sword to the ready, I will not be harmed
I hurl hurtful words, to the one I love most
I cannot control it, I already feel like a ghost
You talk of our future, I can’t see past tonight
You can’t see my desire is to take wing in flight
Two hours have passed in our battle royale
A truce we must call, and our weapons corral
You kiss my cheek, and touch me so tender
You wear down the will of the fiercest defender
I cast off my armor, your mail set aside
Need for comfort now greater than anyone’s pride
Your eyes again gentle, your kisses so warm
Your touch on my skin, my desire does transform
No longer at war, no more will to disparage
We lay unfinished business on the altar of our marriage.

© 2008 Paza

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wonderful... wonderful imagery, wonderful rhyme and rhythm, wonderfully carried out. and most wonderful of all, the ending, which sums up so much in one single line.

Posted 6 Years Ago

"...let not the sun set upon your wrath..."
How perfect, that as evening approaches, they see one another as they once saw one another,
sans 'armor' and 'mail', and recognize that their love is greater than their petty squabble, and
have sufficient maturity to allow their passion to supplant their pain! Beautifully wrought!

Posted 9 Years Ago

This seems to have a happy ending, or mostly happy, at least. How I hope it will stay that way.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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