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A Wright of Equality

A Wright of Equality

A Poem by PeanutButter Poet

You want to live your life free

But when it comes to other issues you can’t let it be

You have the right to choose

And so should they

You continue to contradict yourself everyday

You have rights, but theirs you wanna take away

You like him but she likes her

You like her but he likes him

Just cause their preference is different you wanna condemn

What happen to letting God be the judge

This is not your kingdom come

You live in a world that with them you must share

They see what you do but they do not care

But you look into their life as if you have the right

Who gave you the power to decide how they live their life

What if it was your rights being taken away

What if you wanted him but they were to say

That is not allowed for whatever reason they choose

How would you feel, what would you do

Would you want them to butt out an just let you be

Would you listen to them an act as if you agree?

Would you change how you feel?

Though you’d be lying to your heart

Or would you want the rights they have

To chose from him to never live apart

All I’m saying is this is all out of hand

A big uproar from a man loving a man

But have we forgotten something like this has happened before

A white and a black were once against the law

But I stand proud to be the bi racial girl I am

I wouldn’t be here if the law continued to condemn

So now I see were doing the same to them

Why is this not being called cruel and wrong

When will this end, please tell me how long

Will we stand and watch as their rights are removed

Will we act as if this is all new?

I thought we were to learn from our past mistakes

So why again is this taking place

Do they have to rally for their rights?

Do they have to run away and hide?

Do they need an underground railroad just to get by

Will a friend of Friend and candle in a window be the new sign?

Will whips and chains be used to change their ways

Will we judge them like criminals and make them enslaved?

When will this judging come to an end

When will equality have no exceptions or small print at the end?

Whether you are white black gay or straight whether you tall short thin or fat

You have a right to freedom, and you should not have to fight for that

There are soldiers who died fighting for us to be free

So why should I have to fight just to be me.

© 2010 PeanutButter Poet

Author's Note

PeanutButter Poet
This is just a thought that has been weighing on my mind for some time, so I thought it was time to share it. I am not gay but I am a proud supporter for the reasons stated in my poem. Grammar is not perfect I'm sure of that, but I just want some feedback on the main idea. Though, I do welcome feedback, I ask that it not be violent or threatening to anyone. Thank you for reading.

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Added on November 27, 2010
Last Updated on November 27, 2010
Tags: Gay Rights, Equality, Freedom of Speech