A Poem by Pencalibur

Inner struggles suck


Stop it. Avert your gaze.

You’re f*****g pathetic.

But isn’t that why you want this?

No. Shut the hell up.

You need to change.

Stop being yourself.

Deal with your pain like someone normal.

Hit something. Break something.

Scream and yell and curse.

Don’t be stupid.

Stop looking at that knife.

You know you won’t do it anyway,

You’re pathetic.

And you know that pill bottle holds no relief.

You’ll hurt more than just you.

Don’t be an a*****e.

Think about someone other than yourself for once.

Stop wishing to slip away into nothingness.

Although… sometimes it feels like nothingness would be better than pain.

Or pain that’s self inflicted will be better than not knowing why you’re hurting.

That maybe--

No! Shut up you piece of s**t.

For once in your life don’t take the easy way out.

Step up and try to be better.

Try to make it better.

You can do this.
You can fight this.

You need to.

It could be worse…

None of this is out of your control……



© 2010 Pencalibur

Author's Note

This is for my poetry class. We had to take a word and write about it... Mine was originally "corruption" but the way my original idea was going my teacher had me switch it so I started with "struggle" instead

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Added on February 19, 2010
Last Updated on February 20, 2010
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Hurleyville, NY

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