Just Then

Just Then

A Poem by Perdition

Just then I heard my own reflection

consulting as a single beat

sailing in listless waters,  

Just then

I heard a voice as well, a part in me

inviting voyager to disagree or change

to cease or exist


Just then

 ending what had only begun

and perhaps never was


so gently I walked into death-

so gently I threw my night into its soul

just as I heard my own reflection

came your answer there as well-


like the sound of a drumming leaf

growing wilder into its own laughter

into the wind crossing its fragmented face

signaling a new Our Father 

genuflecting the pull to wheel and dance,


And it was then

the stars began to heave and to tremble 

For it was then we took our chances and were tigers of cages

no more

© 2019 Perdition

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again you speak to me and make me remember my youth and early romances...
Our Fathers in confession after reckless abandon getting out of the cage of being good.
my reflection, her answer, the silent sound of us except for the slight rustling of clothes heard as the car radio played its symphony for us...and back then, the stars really new how to tremble...so did we.

Posted 1 Month Ago

I love the new touch I read in Your poems, clear to my mind and senses. Freedom is freedom, and only the real courageous man can embrace it completely, and with You I have no doubt that You can't, You are a real courageous man, I read these words and for me they flow with the essence of Your man, deep, passionate, intelligent, aware and free. Though I love wolves more but the wild Tiger is perfect here! well done Mr. Joe!

Posted 1 Month Ago

wow great flow good job keep up the good work i enjoyed reading this poem

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

Thanks and as always I'll try. Appreciate the input.
jennifer little

1 Month Ago

your welcome
I was about to review the same like @sarah Allen poe did.
But then I read her and she already mention titanic.
But yeah for younger generations it kinda true.

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

Hahaha...fair enough, Thanks for letting me know Rahul and appreciate the read.
Rahul Bakolia

1 Month Ago

Always welcome.
Love is definitely a journey, as you portrayed nicely. Ah, in the younger generation we say "I ship you two" which basically means you approve of the couple. Couples are kinda known as ships too, and their ships can sink sometimes (doesnt take a genius to know what that means haha) and thats kinda what i got from here. The couple is kinda like a ship embarking on this journey. Hopefully it isnt called the titanic... its always sad to know a couple has fallen apart and sunk. Many wishes that this journey is a safe one. This was beautiful, as usual and i have yet to be disappointed in your works :D nice job!!!! i love it!!!

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

"younger generation?"..why you I oughta!...lol. Okay so maybe it's time I admit that there is a youn.. read more

1 Month Ago

hahahahaahahah ill also admit there is a older generation as well (cough cough hahaha) and that soun.. read more

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Sometimes, VA

Writing is a way for me to transcend the edges around the edges of transcendence; if you catch my drift. Thank you for your wonderful reviews and please forgive me if I sometimes fail to do the same... more..