In Merely A Moment

In Merely A Moment

A Poem by Perdition

I slowed my grave in your weary light 

reading a message made from life's first breath

cast out into the source of its choking

I returned but again the message was washed and clear


“Come inside to your wounded heart

our sleep we can retrieve tomorrow where

the warmth is but a single thought away”


I dared not ignore these words

becoming a stream 

allowing, what we will beneath a mountain's slope

the rocks holding time and water alive with the sun and dark sounds of sparse lit Spartina

calling us to join in soft our sway  

calling us to lay our illusions down at all the illusive grays


I stood for merely a moment

misted by warm temptation

I shared in life’s pain with your absence

the hour, a dark concussion 

a solitude that owns a despondent stare


finding a way inside this door

I became a fool of stars holding you in constellation, in water, realizing

that this is where all night begins

in the waters I've dreamed so clear

clear as the stream from our touch

clear as the moment you would slip away 

with a hushing glare into all things


© 2019 Perdition

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Do you realize what impression you leave on people. Your words and poems are beyond my comprehension always yet I truly feel the entire write. I like the effect it leaves on me. It's overwhelming at times... Wonderful to visit your page and read one write of yours and reread it again till i get a hang of your state when you would have penned it. I don't have enough words to flatter and praise your write.

Just keep charming us always,

Posted 4 Days Ago


3 Days Ago

Back in mountains and only have a few moments to respond so....I would say..."no.more than the rest.. read more

2 Days Ago

Lord, now I have to be careful of what I say! You truly are spoiling me here... Lol. Enjoy the mount.. read more

5 Hours Ago

And am back...thanks for the compliment and need down time and then will review till the spoil is re.. read more
Oh my friend, this poem is greatness and sadness. We, broken and spent, wash up on nature’s shores to be nurtured, restored...until we dive again. You have written pure poetic wonderment, called by “sparse lit Spartina”, sometimes by Circe on the rocks, and you go to abate “life’s pain...a dark concussion”- brilliant lines. “ I became a fool of stars, holding you in constellation, in water”- have to bow low and wish I had written such golden words. Even your suffering exudes such eloquence and grace! Love this, love the love, loss and water themes. I wish you love-filled seas. This is a poem I will save. Kudos P.!

Posted 5 Days Ago


5 Days Ago

Such a talent for reviews and for finding my favorite lines as well just is so very, very rare...are.. read more
Annette Pisano-Higley

5 Days Ago

I feel the same about your work Perdition! You are in a Masterclass of classical, romantic, mysterio.. read more
When I am in pain I look to nature to soothe my soul. I have always found the natural world can become my friend in times of darkness. I found your lines poignant and thoughtful. Your first stanza really drew me in. Pleased to meet you Perdition. All good wishes.


Posted 6 Days Ago


5 Days Ago

A pleasure to meet you as well Chris...the natural world is a great source for rejuvenation and yes... read more
Christine Anne Shaw

5 Days Ago

So pleased to meet you fellow poet. I love that you are a kindred spirit who finds answers in nature.. read more

5 Days Ago

Likewise and thanks again!
come back to Your essence and You will be healed, come back to Your essence and You are free, come back to Your essence and You are loved, surrounded by love even under Your heavy pain, I think of this while reading Your words, I think of nature and Her ever genuine beauty, I think of more too, in the moment of awareness, in the moment when You are completely bonded with the whole, it's but a moment but that moment is the measure of life and beyond it, Water always something to totally fascinate me, and Your piece here just an example, fantastic one my wounded strong friend.

Posted 6 Days Ago


6 Days Ago

You know the process..first we vomit the verbiage and then we edit whatever doesn't belong ....the m.. read more

5 Days Ago

I hope soon it will get out, so don't miss it Mr.Right Write ;)

5 Days Ago

Not a chance...and looking forward to it!!
I watch as the leaves roll across the miles and the grays begin to wash the skies. The trees here dance in a tribal flow as the rays of sun fight to their last momentous beads. I have no more time for winter longings or the sad whispers the rains bring. It is my time to wash away the colic. Free from the cocoon stated mind. Maybe I'll become a poet.....or maybe ....I'll just live intoxicated in the sunlight.....

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

It is time for bliss and that comes with the journey...write, walk, run, build ...whatever aligns yo.. read more

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Sometimes, VA

Writing is a way for me to transcend the edges around the edges of transcendence; if you catch my drift. Thank you for your wonderful reviews and please forgive me if I sometimes fail to do the same... more..

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