Beautiful White

Beautiful White

A Poem by Lingering Soul

Somethings were always left to white
If not by purely designed serenity

A waltz of clarity came through
For innocence never known a home

A lake of luminous passion wanders 
Strolling in skirts to dance

For once it can not hide
In meadowing emotion to life

Raising the arms of mercy
Above a mercury of resolve

She steps within a valley of height
A collection of forgiving waters

Dipping chance of bewilderment
Urging for the hands that touch a soul

Riddles escaping the given scene
A man in crimson color would appear

Allowances of release needing a beat
Beheld in his love she hides

If shadows would sit on his bay
Turning a once shying face

Glimmering looks through his night
When no one could seek her out

He was the only one who understands 
Words slowly returning a river

The smoking rays of light
Calm in nature dangerous in rhythm 

Asking those silent leaves of summer
Resting upon a line

A placid beautiful white

© 2019 Lingering Soul

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purely designed serenity, A waltz of clarity, Riddles escaping the given scene, A placid beautiful white, Allowances of release needing a beat...

Up and down the lungs of this one breathes... mercy to mercury to flow to glimmering crimson shadows... My eyes felt dusty with cosmic rays after this one... May need some black dye to balance it out...

Posted 6 Days Ago

Lingering Soul

6 Days Ago

Thank you Silente

6 Days Ago

No problem. Thank you for the bewilderment of my senses
I imagine a Wedding Dress, the Bride and her Groom, the Groom who sees through the tide of his beloved dress, he sees the White in its ultimate meanings, nature hides, sways and rises through these tides, Your poems hold special messages, a wonderful enjoyable read my friend.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Lingering Soul

1 Week Ago

Thank you Light
Super happy reading you :)
they do the dance of serenity, together.

White is peace represented here...and maybe both have love they have been hiding all this time...and finally feel safe enough to seek each other out.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Lingering Soul

1 Week Ago

Very much so
thank you Jacob :)

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