Stygian Kingdom of Woes

Stygian Kingdom of Woes

A Poem by PloughBoy

Death hath no mercy...

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He sits silently on a throne made of bone

down in his Stygian Kingdom of woe.

The river's still flowing, but just where it's going,

no living mortal need ever to know.

His fleshless face locked in an ethereal grin;

he's truly never had much of a voice.

A bony fist rests 'neath his osseous chin ~

as he ponders who'll be his next choice.

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Perhaps the young girl living just down the lane

who's been contemplating taking her life.

Feeling that death would bring an end to her pain;

an abrupt halt to her troubles and strife.

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Or maybe the school  teacher ~ now showing signs

of a young student who's planted his seed.

Soon just a statistic, signs of the times,

~ of purest lust, poor choices and need.

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It could be a soldier ~ a family's lone son;

yet perhaps, he'll embrace you alone.

Whomever he chooses, when all's said and done,

his icy grip, they'll feel deep in their bones.

Life's far too precious to just throw it away,

it's well worth living, if only they'd tried.

Tomorrow will dawn, usher in a new day,

but they've all hopped on the Ferryman's ride...

No more consultations, you've nothing to say,

for they've climbed aboard the Ferryman ride.~

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© 2014 PloughBoy

Author's Note

Charon, in Greek mythology, acts as the ferryman of the dead. Hermes (the messenger of the gods) brings to him the souls of the deceased, and he ferries them across the river Acheron to Hades (Hell). Only the dead who are properly buried or burned and who pay the obolus (silver coin) for their passage are accepted on his boat, which is why in ancient Greek burial rites the corpse always had an obolus placed under his tongue. A rather somber and severe character, Charon does not hesitate to throw out of his boat without pity the souls whose bodies received improper burial or cremation.

Parents, if you have kids that have been acting strangely aloof, are being excessively quiet, and not acting like themselves, sit them down, talk with them. You're not "prying", you're being a loving and caring parent. You might also prevent them from doing something you'll both regret. The same applies to any member of your family and friends.

As always, thank you so much for reading and supporting my work.

Pleasant Screams...heh-heh-heh.

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This splendid work prompted me to visit the discussion between you and Momzilla, which was fascinating. I know we always say this when someone passes on unexpectedly, but life is indeed fragile and short, and we should always live and love to the fullest while we are alive. When we get discouraged and depressed and think life isn't worthwhile, we don't take this to heart. We don't all have a guardian angel as George Bailey does. Maybe we can be guardian angels. That's what I take away from your eloquent words here.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Thank you so much for your very complimentary review, Jennie. You are absolutely right, we should lo.. read more
The music… the words… the images… Stunning. All perfectly suited to the theme and so eloquently phrased. The saddest thing in all the world is the life not lived.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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3 Years Ago

I would have to agree with you 100% about the life not lived, my friend. They miss out on so much be.. read more

3 Years Ago

You're very welcome.

Yes, they miss so much when they give in to that destructive impu.. read more

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Plough Boy is a father of five. Plough Boy's main interests center around writing prose, however he does attempt to write poetry from time to time. He is a veteran of the Marine Corps, serving .. more..

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