PAINTING (Loud Moments)

PAINTING (Loud Moments)

A Poem by Butch Decatoria

Memory like brush strokes, a museum of longing....

Love is the exquisite pain

The poetry of sultry rain
The unison of our breathing
Fogging the windows
Before the hollow sirocco moan
That paints cold grey lonely
A dim pomegranate
Velvet red

Walls of the new moon

Even now in memory's whisps
How exquisite the frame
Picturesque recollection
A Polaroid for the finality of farewell
Just us / ghosts now
Without / but dust / once was
None-such a void / dilates
Can emptiness be
Enflagrante burn
Enflamed diminishment?

Seems the loud moments remain

And I notice there is a shadow
Sinking in his seat
Nostalgic Hermes in yesterday's flight
Winged feet ready to run from defeat
Luckily sleep ends him
Before too deep his weeping
Drowns reason in its thundering
All intention deigned
Defeated slump
No dire aches
To a corpse heavy mind
Lacking a fleet of feeling to combat self hateful

Gone in the gloom
Which is palpable like the taste of smoke
That carries warning signals to the sun
With the will o' whispering past

Yet shadows are forgetful in dreams
As we are sleeping to wake
In beaming

Waking to hope
Live The dream
We have tomorrow
Seize the day
We will see
Memory echoing from touch
Our bodies quake...
Inspired much
Hearts rush

And still the loudest feelings remain

An old painting in its frame

Our art the exquisite pain
As heaven continues to pour down
You and I remain

Our Love our loudest moment :

Canvas to frame/
A window and the rain...

© 2014 Butch Decatoria

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last line was the kicker,great write

Posted 3 Years Ago

Butch Decatoria

3 Years Ago

cool, thanks for reading, appreciate it...
Creative definitions of love, enjoyed reading this and thanks for sharing! PTL

Posted 3 Years Ago

Like the meaning! I like the title you gave it too!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Butch Decatoria

4 Years Ago

Thank you for the kind review
All good definitions of love done in exquisite poetic flair and language...:).........

Posted 5 Years Ago

Butch Decatoria

5 Years Ago

Thanks for your review.
Sami Khalil

5 Years Ago

You are welcome...:)..............
Ahh the moments that stand out long after the passion fizzles and that significant other is long gone, I love how you wrapped you pen around this one PF. "Love is the exquisite pain" indeed....

Posted 5 Years Ago

Butch Decatoria

5 Years Ago

Thanks, took many rewrites and still I'm not completely satisfied... Jk it has it's say, words paint.. read more
Frieda P

5 Years Ago

We're never satisfied, if we waited till then we'd never post a word, I enjoyed it muchly!

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Butch Decatoria
Butch Decatoria

Las Vegas, NV

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