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All That is Hidden

All That is Hidden

A Poem by Poetic License

I stand fast and I stand tall  

I fight until I beat them all 

And when more come, I beat them too, 

All attempts to hide the truth.  


I fight my ghosts and demon spawn, 

I cut them down and still they come, 

And wearier my body grows, 

I strike and strike with double blows.  


All I have ever known is this, 

To always fight for right to live, 

The battle rages, never won, 

Always settle for less than love.  


You stand aside and wonder why, 

What do I feel, why do I hide, 

But If I told you all I feared, 

You would also disappear. 


These are traits accepted not, 

To possess them is to matter naught, 

One must not express inadequate thought, 

To beg for embrace and or gentle touch. 


No one wants the needy girl, 

Only wit, strength and iron will, 

To be something fragile is to be left, 

To never be and have never been. 


And so I stand back up and fight, 

You too will soon give up and fly, 

I cannot face the deepest fear, 

And tell you all you long to hear. 


Best to lose you fair and square, 

To watch you leave and never care,  

Others soon will come to fight, 

They too shall loose and soon take flight. 


I will stand alone when all is done, 

All the seekers come and gone, 

All will marvel at my guise, 

None shall know the fears I hide. 


© 2017 Poetic License

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A lovely, dark poem. Deeper than it seems. Wonderful read!

Posted 1 Year Ago

wow, this resonated, hit close to home with me!!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on October 30, 2017
Last Updated on October 30, 2017


Poetic License
Poetic License

St. Louis, MO

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. - Hemingway Fyrene ond fæhðe fela missera, singale sæce, sibbe ne wolde wið manna hwone m&ae.. more..