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I tread the veil, lit by candle,
Chill breeze upon pale skin,
Goose flesh rising in offering,
The dead do not eat.

With shivering comes mist,
A mist thick, dense and pure,
Frankincense and Sandalwood,
Jasmine to please their senses.

An adjustment in arrangement,
A warm acceptance,
A grateful sigh,

A candle lit of indigo,
To guide my soul hence,
To open the veil and see beyond,
To travel where my goose flesh may not.

A candle lit of lavender,
To discern the intent of the visitor,
To divine the path to be traveled,
To remain objective to all presented.

A candle lit of purple,
To give voice to those without,
To silence the voice of those within,
To ward away the voice of bane.

Lastly, a candle lit of white,
To ground the traveler,
To provide clarity and honesty,
And to guide me safely back.

Two black feathers are my offering,
One sleek and dancing purple and deep blue,
One with velvet emerald sheen and hue,
The most beautiful I have to offer.

The raven is pleased and escorts me hence,
To visit the souls of those so far away,
Friends unseen for too long,
Would that I could have stayed with them.

But the raven drew me on and higher,
Above the thickening cloud and under starlight,
Dazzling, majestic and utterly mysterious,
I ceased my breath and committed all to memory.

And then, he joined me.
Gone the raven guide.
The raven himself, huge and complex,
Flew silent along side.

We dipped wingtips into cloud,
Star shine set our feathers to diamonds,
His noble black head, shone of the deep purple,
My outstretched willful wings of the emerald.

For the briefest moment,
Wingtips touched.

We parted our flights,
His to soar higher into the black between stars,
Mine to dive through cloud to light,
The beacon light of the single white candle.

The triad candles burned into morning,
The white extinguished at journey's end,
The morning brought a blessed heart,
And two black feathers missing from the alter.

© 2017 Poetic License

Author's Note

Poetic License
Samhain is revered for many reasons, although vampires and zombies are not chief among them. It is more revered by me for its thinning of the veil between worlds, a sacred time for honoring ancestors and taking flight to other realms. This flight was the most blessed I have ever known, the truest Samhain blessing.

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A amazing tale in the poetry. Had the feel of Native American and Asia society rituals. The raven is a bird of mystery. The raven in many tales. Can carry you to hell or a needed destination. I liked the flow of the story in the poem leading to the proper ending. Thank you for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 8 Months Ago

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Added on November 1, 2017
Last Updated on November 1, 2017
Tags: Samhain, Halloween, Divination, Ravens, Spirit, Ritual, Witchcraft


Poetic License
Poetic License

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