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A meaning of time


So what exactly is time ?,
is it that speed at which we grow old from wence our prime ?.

How do we quantify that ineffable force ,
that condemns us to grow old and die without any remorse .

We say we "don't have time "as if we are in control ,
or when time is with us we are "on a roll ".

We can't see time or slow it down ,
from one instance to the next it can change a happy face to a frown .

Einstein would see it a different way ,
"what about my law E= M C squared? " he would say .
Does time run fast or slow ,
is it in steps or does it just flow ?.

Maybe one day someone will say we are in a time loop ,
going around and around like groundhog day , now that would be a scoop .!

When we are young and impatient , sometimes we just can't wait ,
"I want tomorrow to come to meet my new date "!
But in later years we slow down and think the days fly away ,
" Friday again ? no it can't be , I think I've lost another day "!

So it's one of life's misteries that won't go away ,
We exist in sequential "bits" , that inexorably progress without any delay .

But I can't help thinking that we are missing something that would make it all clear ,
That some magical "bullet " could take back my last lost year .!! .

© 2017 Johnspoetry

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Added on December 7, 2017
Last Updated on December 7, 2017



Wales , United Kingdom

I came to poetry quite late in life . I life in Wales and close to the sea so get my inspiration from it sometimes . I generally like poetry to convey a story or an emotion or feeling rather tha.. more..

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A Poem by Johnspoetry