This Old Shed (The Day She Was Reborn)

This Old Shed (The Day She Was Reborn)

A Poem by Vicki Ruth

The acoustics are different in here
ave maria echoes deeper in my soul
although cramped and with many leaks
this old shed has witnessed a novel or three 
or purged paralysis from potent poetry
his energy still dwells in here
I nestle into soft chair and raise fingertips
except for now, am content to meander 
through waves of birch energy and incense smoke
simply observe birds gather with song
perched on the wire, aware of their power
one of the highlights about this uneven shed
is the view of such beauty, they bring me treasures
of mind, alleviate the heaviness of life in my heart
remind me to articulate my thoughts for the better
release and let go, find bewilderment in the moment
transform the hurt into gold, paint the canvas with smiles 
over bright rainbows and dreams I held onto, long ago
I often wonder on those dreams of fairy tale nature 
perhaps I misplaced them, I refuse to think they are lost
merely at rest as they lucid dream beneath a damaged shell
let them sleep for now, too many battles to be fought
before I let them wake and rise, claim me once more
it is peaceful in this crooked old shed, clouds glide by swiftly
with no burdens or care and his energy still dwells here
I can see why this wooden retreat was his comfort zone
all sensitives need a place to call home, even if the clouds
do speak of rain, they need a sanctuary to soothe their pain

©2015 PoppySilver

© 2015 Vicki Ruth

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Very good! I enjoyed reading very much!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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to just be comfortable in one's skin... that is what this speaks to me. Wonderful write.

Posted 2 Years Ago

A very peaceful poem/prose...well written Poppy Silver.

Posted 3 Years Ago

I like this poem's gentle and melancholic, yet uplifting tone. All writers desire a special place of peaceful isolation and inspiration, where pain can turn into gold.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Such a treasure you have written and shared. Such a retreat in your poetic sanctuary...Excellent...:).....

Posted 3 Years Ago

Beautiful words and really brought about the images and senses will I read this! Great job!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Great idea, some great lines, the best poem I have read this morning.

Posted 3 Years Ago

I was struck by the fairy tale that is asleep, but still fully aware and existing to fulfill its purpose.
It's such a vicious cycle here as one has lived that dream, but now has to live through the memories
of that time passed. There is such a battle between idealism and realism here. I had no idea what
realm I existed in as I read along. You're out of this world. Ethereal Poppy!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Thats a class photo collage/montage Poppy - very pop-art and retro cool

The line "his energy still dwells in here" hit like a bolt from a crossbow and says so much. You are in fact dwelling not in the shed but in him. Seeing what he saw, feeling what he may have felt and you are appreciating him.
You let the reader into a truly private space here, sharing that which means so much to you and thats a very beautiful thing, thank you.

Nowadays they are termed 'man-caves' - I hope to get one soon and I hope its more like your shed than a modern classless 'man-cave

Posted 3 Years Ago

wow - kinda draws you in and allows you to meet the other for the first time - lovely work chick XX

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Vicki Ruth

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