Everything is Good (ORIGINAL)

Everything is Good (ORIGINAL)

A Story by ProfessorPadilla

Just a story I wrote, I hope you enjoy it.


Every morning is the same for me, at 6:50am I wake up in a deep fog, but today seemed a bit different. Today I woke up at 6:51 in more of a drunken haze. I found it strange how I couldn’t find a reason for the haze, I just sat in my bed with the ability to think. Everything I saw seemed to gain a polished tint over it, which made the room look brand new. I gazed around my room for a few minutes trying to figure out where I was. Unfortunately, my ability to think quickly vanished when I looked at my clock and realized that I was running behind schedule. I broke from my haze and dart around my house in hopes of getting back on schedule. By 7:10 a.m. I was ready for work and rush outside to the car. Unfortunately, I was five minutes behind schedule, so I took off down the road not allowing my car to warm-up. I sped down dark empty roads full of holes and musk. It wasn't until I was halted by traffic, when I decided to go down Thorn street. It was the first time I had ever ventured down the street, I surprised by how different the street was compared to other streets. The sidewalks had rows upon rows of Italian cypress trees that hid giant apartments behind them. The sun’s rays were visible. The air smelt fresh and the street was beautiful. As I drove down the street I felt at peace and had forgotten about my silly schedule. At the end of the street I noticed a bus stop. The bus stop seemed brand new as if no one had ever used it. I found it strange how the bench was basically a decorative piece and only existed for someones convenience.

As I pulled into the parking lot I gazed at the fact around at the parking lot, I found it strange how it was always filled up. The whole purpose of this factory was to have young adults work in multiple fields of work. The factory had a consist habit of creating below average factory workers, but it baffled me how the parking kept growing bigger. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 7:30 am, I stepped out of my car and walked towards the giant metal gates that protected the factory. As I reached the gate I pulled out my ID and got in line. Behind the gate there were three different doors. On the far right was a beautiful wooden door where all the advance workers were stored. Right in the middle was a plain white door, this was where all the average workers were put. And on the far left there was a large metallic door which remind me of a prison door, this was where all the below average workers were held. As I got near the front of the line, I noticed that the worker in front of me had received a compliment from one of the guards as he pointed her towards the right door. When the door behind her closed the guard allowed me to walk up. He gave me a smile as I handed him my ID, his eyes panned over it until he noticed that I was an average. He handed me my I.d, his smile turned into a serious cold face as he pointed towards the middle door. As I passed through the door, I turned around and saw a scrawny young man standing in front of the guard. The guard look towards the left door and called over a few other guards to escort the young worker. As the door started to shut, I could hear the young man being dragged into the left door. I turned towards the lobby and pretended I didn't hear a thing, I adjusted my collar and went on my way.

I wandered around the lobby until I noticed a couple of my friends. They were all huddled around the table playing poker. I stood there wondering if I could join when my buddy William Avacin called me over. I’ve known William since I was 12, he had always been a likable guy. He is a joyful man who always has to ask why to every statement. He is a man who always wants an answer, but he would never hurt a fly to get it, although his appearances may say otherwise. He always welcomed people with a warm smile, he truly was a good friend. As I got to the table I looked to see how much money was in today’s pot, but to my surprise all I saw in the pot was a file full of paper. Out of curiosity I asked, “ So what’s up with the file in today’s pot?”
William looked towards me with eyes full of excitement, “They are papers that allow someone to transfer to the advance factory. Whoever gets these papers will be able to go upper stairs and meet the Big Boss as well!”
“What transfer papers!? I’ve always wanted to work upstairs! May I join in this game??” I yelled as I jumped around like a child.
Everyone at the table stared at me with devilish eyes except for William who was willing to allow me in the game. But I knew better not to mess with everyone else, they wanted to get out of the dull life of an average as much as I wanted to. I stepped back from the table, I just watched the game go on and hoped that another key would pop up later in the year.
At 7:50 the only players left were William and another worker named Robert. Everyone stood over them waiting to reveal their hand. On the table was an Ace of Hearts, 4 of  Diamond, 6 of Hearts, 10 of Spades, and a King of Hearts.
William looked Robert straight in the eyes and said,“So Robert, would you like to go first?”
“ I might as well, figured you were too scared to show.” At that moment he showed the crowd his hand, which was very lackluster.  He only had an Ace of Clubs and a 5 of Diamond in his hand. We immediately all looked at William to see his hand. William looked at us and lowered his head, he looked like he was ready to cry as he flipped his cards over. We all looked in amazement, William had won with a flush, he had a 4 of Hearts and an 8 of Hearts. We could all hear WIlliam giggling with glee, his eyes were all watery as he repeatedly yelled, “ I Won, I Won... I’m getting out of this dump!!” He grabbed his papers just as the bells for work began to ring at 7:56. At that moment I wanted to be William more than anything. Everyone at the table got up simultaneously and walked towards their work halls. I watched everyone walk away to different corners of the factory. Their body movement looked so robotic as they walked away. as I started to walk towards the work hall I stared up at the walls and notice how everything had a white coat of paint over it. I walked towards the east wing of the factory for my work hall. When I got to the entrance of the hall I noticed a poster on the wall, I never realized it was there until today. On the poster it had in bold black letters, You rule today. You work for today. You are nothing without today. I pondered on what it meant as I started to look for a seat in the massive hall which could hold 100 people. All the desks were circling a large platform in the middle of the hall. The platform was generally where the manager of the day would stand, as they would watch over us and conduct us our duties. I saw William sitting on the other side of the hall, I decided I would sit behind him today to congratulate him. As I walked around the platform I noticed how nobody in the hall was talking. Their faces seemed frozen as if time had stopped. When I got to my seat the work bell rang and noise filled up the hall. I sat there waiting for the manager to come in and start the day. At 8:05 everyone saw him pace into the hall, he was a tall bruting middle-aged man who had a devilish smile on his face. The moment he reached the middle of the platform, he raised his hands and clapped.
“ Okay everyone! I am going to teach y’all how to write and fill out paperwork again, because apparently your hall is filled with a bunch of Idiots who don’t know how to write!” he said in a sarcastic voice.
“Y’all are a bunch of ignorant workers who don’t know how to write. If y’all wanna work for today’s society, then y’all needa be better writers. So take out a pen and paper because we are goin’ over the basics again!”  Everyone in the hall followed his command except for William. He sat at his desk with his arms crossed and one eyebrow up, questioning the manager's orders. When the manager saw this his face turned red and the room’s attention was put on William. The manager walked to the edge of the platform and yelled,” Damn it son, are you mental boy!? How hard is it to take out a pen and a piece of paper?”
“I’m just wondering why we need to learn how to write again. Shouldn’t you just tell us how we messed up on the last assignment instead? Actually, I think you need to learn how to write ag..” At that moment the manager zoomed across the hall and aloud *crack* went across William’s face. The manager slapped William so had that knocked him out of his chair and onto the floor. “ Young man, I think yah needa go see the Big Boss.” Everyone in the room gasped at the idea of having to see the Big Boss. The rumor was that when people were sent to see the Big Boss, it changed them. They became emotional, paranoid, and psychotic. In the eyes of the Big Boss this was “normal”.  
William started to pick himself up, he looked up at the manager and said,“Take me to the Big Boss, I’m not afraid of what he’ll do. All I did was ask a question.”
“ Well, unfortunately for you, the Big Boss doesn’t like questions.” And on that note the manager dragged William out like a dead body.

The room was quiet, trying to recuperate from everything that had just happened. I looked around at everyone's faces, their eyes were darting left and right looking for an answer. As I got back to my side of the room, I noticed that William’s transfer papers were left on his desk. I wanted to get up and grab them, but I was afraid that the people around me would notice and make me the focus of the hall. So I sat in silence with everyone else. It wasn’t until the clock hit 8:15 when the room became loud again. Every conversation I heard was totally different from the events that just unfolded. Every seemed to be distracted talking. I got out of my desk and quickly grabbed the papers off William’s desk and darted back to my desk. I  started to read the files to see what floor of the factory he was transferring to. It stated that he could either transfer to the second floor where they deal with the advertisement of the factory, or transfer to the fourth floor with advance workers and work in the science department of the factory. My jaw dropped when I read that he could become an advance worker, I was ready to rip up the papers in fit of jealousy but the manager walked back into the hall. The room became quiet, just like before.
“Let that be a lesson to y’all! Next time I won’t be so nice. Now where were we before the worker interrupted me…. Oh, that’s right y’all had your materials out ready to learn. So because of that worker’s actions, I believe y’all need relearn the Average’s motto again. So until y’all get a break I want you to write,” Today is good. When something is good, it is really good. Everything you do is good, but when it’s not good, it’s still good. Everything is good.”
Just like that everyone began to write as fast as possible. I sat there confused whether or not to do it, but then I noticed the manager staring at me. In fear of becoming another martyr I joined the mass and began to write. As I was writing all I could think about was how I wanted to get out of average. But then at 10:01 an idea came to me, I could just steal the transfer papers and leave the average. My body filled with joy as the idea seemed more and more possible, and at 10:02 the bell rang. The last word I wrote on my paper before turning it in was,“ Everything is good.”

© 2014 ProfessorPadilla

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Even though this particular piece failed to engage me emotionally -perhaps because I wasn't made to 'care' enough about the protagonist, I've read a few of your pieces here and am convinced that you should continue to write. You have the ability to create a physical space where the action takes place and you can put a sentence together which, is no small thing. The content of the writing will become fuller in time. Give it chance!

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


Even though this particular piece failed to engage me emotionally -perhaps because I wasn't made to 'care' enough about the protagonist, I've read a few of your pieces here and am convinced that you should continue to write. You have the ability to create a physical space where the action takes place and you can put a sentence together which, is no small thing. The content of the writing will become fuller in time. Give it chance!

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Yeah it's nice. Enjoyed reading it :) Check out an international short story contest ongoing at Tallenge http://www.tallenge.com/contest/literaturestorycontest.html
It's free to participate. Prize money for winner-$100. Viewers' voting!

Posted 4 Years Ago

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