Crossing the Threshold

Crossing the Threshold

A Poem by Psychotic Lily

The point of no return...


I’ve already passed the crossroad.

Taking my chosen path one step at a time

But every time I drag my feet

The harder it was for me to breathe


I’ve already said my last good bye

I’m trying to leave the memories behind

I can’t waste my life dwelling in the perfect past

I’ve already cast myself into the fire


All of us chose our own way

I have already decided mine

But why do I doubt myself even more?

Seeing new faces is a nightmare I couldn’t wake up


In a new ocean of people

I cower and sink into deep waters

Trying to swim back to the river

To the river of familiar waters


Sucking a deep breath

A hard swallow

I open the classroom door

Crossing the threshold… the point of no return



© 2017 Psychotic Lily

Author's Note

Psychotic Lily
I'm not write much anymore since school started and I might not be able to read your requests. But thank you for the reviews you will give. Love you all!
P.S. I don't own the pics.

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That picture!! That you write and don't hide it in the dark, but thrust it into the light - that is courage. You will be fine, and if others think you're weird, well, smart ones will try to get to know you for that very reason - weird is unique. Others who shy away from your "weirdness" are probably "weirder" than you in ways you don't want to know! Continue to be brave and understand that mistakes are sometimes the very doors you were looking for.

Posted 1 Year Ago

I like this poem a lot. It connects with me on a certain level. I get afraid of making decisions in which it will lead me towards something unfamiliar, and I am not good at socializing with others. I like this poem, and I like how I can imagine myself through it as I read.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Psychotic Lily

1 Year Ago

Thank PP for your review
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cool poem, it's not always easy following through on a decision made with doubts still tugging at your hem. (And I always enjoy the art you find to include at the bottom)

Posted 1 Year Ago

Psychotic Lily

1 Year Ago

I agree with you VIc, sometime the pull is too strong and I stumble as I walk. (Thank you, but they.. read more
Really wonderful expression,could feel the impulses flowing through the words;-]

Posted 1 Year Ago

Psychotic Lily

1 Year Ago

Thank you Willow :D
wonderful pairing of words and imagery
a powerful message ... 'I cower and sink into deep waters'
keep it up!

Posted 1 Year Ago

Psychotic Lily

1 Year Ago

Thank you :)
Enjoy your school days, leave the past memories far away ,it will help you,it do happens
may your days be as happy as you want....
overall poem was a gud one...keep on writing.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Psychotic Lily

1 Year Ago

Thank you Pri XD

1 Year Ago

My pleasure.

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Added on June 19, 2017
Last Updated on June 19, 2017
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Psychotic Lily
Psychotic Lily


Greetings! I am one weird girl with peculiar taste. I enjoy writing and reading especially if it involves fantasy and magic. Currently I write poetry, prose, and articles (I used to be part of the sc.. more..

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