Don't Hold Back

Don't Hold Back

A Poem by Quilled_Penman

Sometimes in life we fall down and give-up. I say, never give-up, in love or in a life-time dream.


Don’t Hold Back



There is complicated reasons,

Our instinct has hindered fear,

Primal moulds gave our hope,

Faith appraising purpose here.


Resilience to overcome pain,

Still a pillar catering our way,

Surpassing a wanton gauntlet,

Into crystal dreams every day.


Don’t hold back praising love,

Assert truths saying you care,

You’ll hear in these whispers,

Endearing love starts in there.


Love sends us our messages,

Clear as alpine water-springs,

A grand fruition point of will,

To enrich those good feelings.


Life should absolutely beam,

A lovely light that’ll outshine,

Laughter warming our hearts,

Freed by our love’s paradigm.


Speaking of the wonderment,

Attentive of the dreaming rift,

The deductions can untangle,

This reality to rouse your gift.


Navigating those rough roads,

Aspiring rainbows could arise,

Anything our minds conceive,

A heart’s entirety can surmise.


Love’s expression is eternity,

Easy when you sincerely try,

Dreams that were unforeseen,

Convenes us stamina thereby.


It’ll remedy your vital decree,

Assign you a pleasurable ride,

Where you find unique insight,

In beauty you have kept inside.


Awaken not clinging slumber,

Get those limber feet moving,

The mission presents delight,

And you’ll see life improving.


Let mornings be your portrait,

Sketched ambitiously on cue,

Of love you give and receive,

Usable goals intended for you.


The confident rock of success,

Bathing into our wanting-souls,

Sustaining our life endeavours,

Revealing paths of future roles.


It’s far better to live afire glow,

Than cowering afraid and say,

I wished I had tomorrow back,

In broken dreams of yesterday.


View this royal winning flush,

I’m certain the timing will pay,

Giving life the direction sense,

To prosper your labours today.  


Fortitude triumphs over failure,

Raising forth the stakes higher,

Persevere your sweetness aim,

Don’t hold back heart of desire.




Jan-17-2013 by Quilled_Penman©Glen King



© 2013 Quilled_Penman

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Added on January 20, 2013
Last Updated on February 27, 2013
Tags: love, fortitude, resilience, success



Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hello everyone! My name is Glen, but you can call me Hawk. I'm a poet loving what life has graciously given me. I write poetry about scenery, love, pain, and humour. I've been writing for three years .. more..