A Chapter by RCGrant

It’s f*****g freezing wherever Snufflefuzz the magical bag of soggy toast took him. His breath clouds the air in front of him as he curls his shivering arms around his abdomen. A quick glance up to the brownstones on the grey street only fuels the acidic rage flaming between his ribs. Why do people want to live in this cold hell when there’s a warm hell down south? He’s so engrossed with his furious inner monologue, that he almost misses the cluster of monsters surrounding a heap of clothes in the snow. Unbelievable.

“Molly! Transform and protect the precious child from certain doom! Do your part in SAVING THE WORLD! Go Molly!” Snufflefuzz continues bouncing around him, the pretentious a*****e, hollering his birth name into his ear and that just about does it. Fighting the fluttering pressure under his skin that, for once, does not belong to having worn the binder for too long, Not Molly skids across the slick street to the quivering child, scooping the bundle up and sprinting down the alleyway. The tears sliding down his cheeks burn like hell in the crisp air. Not Molly stumbles to a halt beside a dumpster, clenching his hands hard enough to draw blood as he struggles against the magic brimming around him. White go-go boots squeeze around his feet before he gathers enough anger to banish them. Exhausted, he concentrates on the sound of his pants wheezing out of his lungs.

“You don’t seem like a Molly.”

Department of Contracts

-         Subsection A  “Transformations”

After a contract is signed by the human venders, the first transformation will take place. Each magician has their own unique costume to hunt monsters in. However, certain dress codes must be met by the design in order for it to be approved. It must be a dress or blouse/skirt combination. Shoes cannot be sneakers, flip flops or combat boots. They must be fitting for the precious young magician, and match the main ensemble Hair colour is encouraged to be changed to a pretty pink or purple. Accessories must also match the main ensemble and be something a human girl would carry. Acceptable accessories include:

·         Lip-gloss casting wand

·         Inviso-barret

·         ButterFly broach

·         Teddy-bear backpack

·          Bomb Kitchenette set

·         Baby doll spy camera

·         ‘Barbie’ Evil tagger

Transformations take place using magic contained in a corporate bracelet. Humans are asked to not lose their bracelet as they are difficult to replace. Magicians costumes can grow in size as the human ages, however the design cannot be changed after the initial creation.


“Why does that rabbit thing call you Molly, if your name is Jacques?”

“Because it’s a magical fuckwad who doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘I am a boy now’.”

“Don’t swear it’s bad. My mommy always says that people with no sense of manners swear all of the time. She’s also the one who came up with my new name, Lin! I never did like Nari. It didn’t suit me. Do I look like a delicate lily flower to you? No. I think that I should get to brush your hair every time you swear because wow that is a mess. Didn’t your mommy tell you that you should brush your hair every day?”


“Oh. Well my mommy told me that. I guess I’ll just have to take care of you like a mommy should. Except I’m a boy. Just call me abeoji!”

This kid might actually be more annoying the Snufflefuzz. Except, he was holding Jacques hand and plowing forward through the snow like it was mist and really there was no other way Jacques was going to get out of this icy wasteland called Boston without him. So, let the kids blather on about how he was going to take care of Jacques. Not like he enjoyed it or anything. Fu-heck no.  

© 2016 RCGrant

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A Chapter by RCGrant