A Story by Ria Carol


Sometimes in life we are asked a few, very simple questions; What makes you happy? What will it take for you to break? and What will you do for the ones you love. And the answer that we give is most likely silence.
Thats understandable, being oblivious to things that are factual or real is the only way one truly escapes from having to face their own demons while answering the questions.
Allowing oblivion to be your partner exempts you from the obligations of your answer.
Thats the route the 'afraid' take.
The courageous however ...are stupid. Stupid enough to answer them honestly, landing them in the most  bizarre scenarios ever.
There is a certain amount of strength required to handle that sort of truth. The truth being that, You may or may not have figured out what makes you happy or perhaps you forgot. And that though my appearance makes me look impossible to penetrate, it would only take the lightest breeze to knock me down on my feet. Because had I been truly strong I wouldn't have to out up this farce of a pretence, portraying myself as a warrior.
And in the end...Id have to admit that though I want to do everything I can and also the impossible for the ones I love, I lack the will power to  believe in that statement.

So when life asks me these questions ...what do I do?
I breath...
I breath out into the oblivious virtue of this world and wonder what got me to this point which made life ask me this.
And if Im lucky ill figure it out. And retrace my paths backwards to that place where I as truly happy. And if I'm not...
Well then there is only so much that I can predict now isn't there...

© 2016 Ria Carol

Author's Note

Ria Carol
im bad at short stories...so bear with me.

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Added on August 28, 2016
Last Updated on August 28, 2016


Ria Carol
Ria Carol

Bangalore, India

I know Im a lot of work in progress bear with me :) more..

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