Three O'Clock

Three O'Clock

A Chapter by Raef C. Boylan

Who needs drugs when you have YouTube...?


Three o’clock, when I woke up from a tree

Was found in the month, authentically not

Quicken for the luck but could not stop off the street

Now you ask if you need to speak

Literally and metaphorically

How many times, marketed into a chemical petite again

But it seems cooked

Scratches, bruises on your face

How many votes you’ve got to make

Our contract here in the plot to stay

Let him cannon past because he’s insane

But it’s no good

You ringtone a white Methodist

But you always say he’s a nice guy

List his scripts, impeaching lines

On that issue we treat you with respect

For years have gone by since then

Changed, except he’s more deranged in your report received by us

You don’t need it when you go in the lead

He’s got a patient who works in your religion

To smoke we have to blame cigarettes

Diapers a f*****g joke

Expect to always go for your phone

Connects with his excellent time though

Makes a few pictures of my guess

Lecture about the cyclone

So what’s next?

Place your bet, a second chance casino

Trust me when I say he’s better off

With the loan he scanned

The freer I think about what you provide

He wants to go somewhere, who drives?

He doesn’t want a wife, he wants a chauffeur

Mating call therapy: is that the total waste of space?

To get fucked I noticed easier said than done

But you’ve got to cut the number one

And he said number two, you know it’s true

Talks so much s**t, surprised at every bit since we caught him to

Do what’s right, close your have-been eyes

And personally believe deeply he won’t be on your code

At the end of the political, meet the support island

Payday calms down a whole cheque

The post of the hottest habit to quit out there for her too

But if you don’t progress your life will be screwed

He’s a manipulator, knew exactly how to pay it back

Popularity itself kept the rest of the air

To create a relationship with the hate

Yet crazy to me, not sure, great to be, can relate etc.

Once again he sees it in about three days to give it to you

Wants secure activity to stop

Cop went to see what cheaper Valentine’s you get

What times you fight with what side

Because he was paranoid and quite a delight

See, tickets rely on him when we didn’t have enough

If you lived or died on the street

How freezing causes my despite

So what did your folks see

Masochistic, they make you feel alive

Are you justice: bitchy, dictated by the 999?

Uses and abuses, mess if you like until it breaks

But there’s a Japanese cause

We ended up helping you make an escape

He chased away your family

Pee in peace and poppy police department ship it to university

Would it matter if you go

Seems like they were questioned happily

Flight could have been steady, push you to help

He set you up

Nice moments, far-sighted Albert

We have been a combo

Get enough, just need to focus

Like a week it cannot

And they want to stick with you on the couch

And watch Eastenders behaviour

That’s not what a friend does

Misery issued by the spurs, history repeat

This a contrast, to discuss he would cheat

You contrast it to be sweet

To text you when I dress:

She was a CD, twenty consciously

But today’s excuse, beyond belief



You may not be

Satisfied enough to balance your self-esteem

Until he’s broken deep down

You boycott, but does that mean he can destroy you?

That’s not how it works, that’s how the cycle rides on

Sunday they play with maybe

She won a pilot oddball

Raising its babies

Came on the pill

Still, no contraception guaranteed

Mama was taken as they did when she got pregnant with me

You got a degree in Meant to Be Clever

Due to relax

What’s likely to happen, if you would have forever?

© 2013 Raef C. Boylan

Author's Note

Raef C. Boylan
I took the nonsensical YouTube captions (English translation) from one of my 'rap' videos (see most recent blog) and then broke down the result until it (almost) made sense.

King of Procrastination...

The original track:

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phew...I thought I'd lost my ability to understand the written word for a second there. It's pretty cool when you're wading through the muck and then all of a sudden something makes sense.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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This was cool to read.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Raef C. Boylan

5 Years Ago

Lol thanks, I forgot I'd posted this! YouTube translations crack me up :D
The real version is .. read more

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Raef C. Boylan
Raef C. Boylan

Coventry, UK, United Kingdom

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