Madman !

Madman !

A Poem by Raghib

A tale of a madman and his cruelty .

I am still in love,
With the miseries inside me.
I let them grow,
Feed them with darkness,
Till they annihilate my happiness.
I am aware of the fact,
That I have adopted my own destruction.
Dont tell me I am insane,
For I myself have known,
I have surpasses destructive boundaries.
But I will still watch over them,
With some kind of parental attraction.
Step back people of the world,
I have been called again.
To kill what woke this,
Psychotic demon inside of myself.
Oh that blood on my hand,
I feel some joy in my killing.
Seventy five ? I have lost counting,
Of the number of people killed.
Rotting people left to die,
Aren't I such a good social being.
It has come to the point, that
Even the cops are aware of me.
It was so different back then,
When such friends were just fantasies.
How I greet everyone with fear,
Its so crazy to watch them.
Pleading, crying, cursing,
Expecting me to show some mercy.
Why will I show you now?
I do question them.
Did your kind show me then,
When I was so innocent.
I was left to be beaten,
By life and by every acquaintance.
My extended hand of friendship,
Twisted till I howled with agony.
Don't they remember how it was,
It was your own race who converted me.
For today I stand to play your God,
I am freaking psychotic.
Look I am a madman,
Risen from my trampled ashes.

© 2017 Raghib

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Very nice use of words.
"I am freaking psychotic.
Look I am a madman,
Risen from my trampled ashes"
The above lines were my favorite. You made the reader feel and understand the madness. Thank you for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

This is very deep and powerful. It made me really think, which is what I like from a poem.

Posted 1 Month Ago

a deep write my friend,the demon arises in your life

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

Thank you wordman . A demon will never arise in my abode. I wont let it
Your poetry is powerful it makes my heart tremble.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Najam Us Saher

1 Month Ago

I meant to say that you create that emotion with your words, this is a quality of a good poem and yo.. read more

1 Month Ago

Thank you ! Why am I not being reviewd lately . Any idea like have I been boycotted or something .. read more
Najam Us Saher

1 Month Ago

Hahahha. One wouldn't do that. 😁
The ones you've sent read requests to might be busy.

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Added on December 26, 2017
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I am not an ideal person . Ideals are ideals, they are not reality . more..

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A Poem by Raghib


A Poem by Raghib

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