Pirates and Slaves

Pirates and Slaves

A Chapter by Ricky

A ship holding precious cargo of the Alyuan Empire is attacked by a fleet of pirates. The leader of these pirates has an unknown payer that seeks the hostage Lycia for reasons unknown.



         The large vessel drifts aimlessly in the empty abyss of space far from any colonized system. The ship with its sleek design was heavily armed with multiple variants of weapons many of which were now disabled or destroyed. The missiles silo pods remain open some pods now empty some still stuffed with their warheads. The ships seven out of ten plasma cannons were out of action, three of the ships gauss guns were shattered, and the ships heavy forward laser sit unarmed spikes of electricity shooting across the crater made from an explosion.               

               Floating around the vessel is a debris field of destroyed ships all of them significantly smaller than the one that they were attacking. Mix with the shatters molten metal are the frozen bits of their crews some had their bodies intact others had their body parts drifting, their blood now shards of ice. Despite the fight that the massive ship put up it has now become the victim of a small fleet and is now leeched by the rest of the smaller ships its white coat now plagued with dozens of black spots. They had latched on to the ship with large heavy magnets, and cut thick circular holes into the tough armored exterior. One of the only parts of the vessel that was untouched was the alien markings that spelled out its name, Restored Order.

               Inside the ship, it is fairly quiet, only being broken by the exchange of the whizzing of flying plasma and the cries of those who lost the fight. Along with that there are moments where the quiet emptiness is blown away with loud roars and hisses.

               Towards the aft of the ship a small fire fight ensues where the invaders have cornered the last remaining crew and its precious cargo. The beings involved in this fight differ greatly from one another. The invaders were a small species of bipedal reptilians called Renuein whose entire species being reduced to nomads with no central government. At one point, they did have a government and did have a planet to call their own. Their home however, was reduced to a husk after overconsumption and overpopulation forcing them to leave and search for resources.  In the chaos and panic the government that had once had complete control over their species crumbled leaving the species without a path or cause for existence. Because of this most turned to piracy and relied heavily on the black market and other illegal activity to make a living.

               Defending their ship from the invaders where tall blue hulks, most of them standing nearly eight feet tall. Their species, known as Alyuans, was a known power throughout the galaxy, their empire’s reach engulfed twenty-nine systems and was still expanding. They thought very highly of themselves thinking that they were a higher form of being than the other species that they would encounter. If a species was in the way of the empire they would often have one of two choices, they could either integrate into their culture and way of life. Or they would be forcefully exiled sent to a far-off system where they would need to start civilization all over again. Their size made them an intimidating force, so much so that other species had gathered together to try and slow down Alyuan conquest.

               As skilled at combat as the Alyuans were, they had been ambushed by an inconceivably large force of Renueins. The Renueins’ numbers were so great the instead of targeting the ship’s weaknesses and strategically beating them. They had simple launched their ships wave after wave to board them, wearing the Alyuans’ defenses until they were sitting ducks. From there their boarding parties clawed their way on to the ship’s vital system taking them over while continuing to evict the Alyuans into a corner away from the escape pods.

               Now despite all their advantages the last of the crew was cleaned up by these walking lizards whom they considered to be beneath them. This ship was theirs now. When all the shooting was done, the walls were decorated with blue and red blood splatter, spotted with scorch marks. Bodies littered the floor, around a couple dozen blue bodies lay in the end of the corridor smoke still rising from their wounds. On the other side a pile of scale and metal lay on top of each other, the survivor tossed or stepped over the bodies. They move towards the goal of this pillage, to the cause for all this death and suffering, to the thing that will make their lives easy from this point on.

               Passed the dead Alyuans there was a heavy locked door, inside the door the muffled sound of shuffling can be heard. Climbing over the dead bodies a fairly large Renuein approached the door, her armor a blend of the common jet black armor the rest of her race wore. But also, her armor was edged gold from the spikes on her helmet, the edge of her chest plates, to her shoulder plates entirely golden. More importantly she carried a dagger that has deeply imbedded history for her people. It was the dagger that the unified her people by slitting the throats of those who opposed the first kings. The other Renueins instinctively knew to stay out of her way hugging the wall as she passed by avoiding her gaze. She stood in front of the door her toe claws tapping impatiently. She hissed to her subordinates and a small Renuein came carrying two small metal cone-like objects in his hands.

               She grunted and the two-small object hum to life hovering to the door, each one had one large blue eye at the end of it. The eyes glow a bright blue shooting a laser it’s beam invisible until the light bounced off the wall. The heat from the light intensified and the metal begins to melt. Meanwhile the shuffling on the other side of the door became more frantic. The two drones rose cutting the door more and more shifting from vertical to horizontal once reaching the corner of the door frame. With a wave of her claw, the large Renuein signaled over more of her kin who carried explosives. They waddled over and placed the bombs on the door, they snapped onto it with their heavy magnets. A steady beep warns the Renueins the bombs were armed and everyone was ordered away.

               The beeps increase, becoming faster and louder, until there is a long single beep. The room for the briefest moment faded too white; any Renuein who hadn’t shielded their eyes were blinded. The heat felt good to their cold-blooded bodies it filled them with energy getting their blood pumping. The heavy doors blast inwards denting and scraping the floor as they tossed and tumbled, sparks and molten metal sprayed everywhere. They slewed to a stop having left thick scratches on the floor.

               Coughs could be heard from the room and with a growl the female Renuein ordered her people to storm the room.  The Renuein hunch over and bustled on all fours into the room, hissing and growling as they did so. The large female waited and listened to the sound of a struggle going on in the room. Her minions came out dragging a small female Alyuan by her arms and long blue hair. The Alyuan screamed and grunted as she was dragged against her will.

               The Renueins tossed the Alyuan to the feet of their leader, the Alyuans dress was now stained blue and red tainted by the puddles blood. The Alyuan looked up, her eyes were large and were like a sea of blue. They started off a deep dark blue near the edges, but the shade faded as it neared the pupil which was completely white. Her eyes meth those of her captor, she showed her distain for the Renuein, her treatment, and the death of the ship’s crew.

All the while the large Renuein looked down on her expressionless, her dominating red-golden eyes owned the exchange. Within her eyes were dark slits that were abyss’ into the reptiles’ very being; they told the dark history of her people but mostly the things that she had done.

 “Get up.” The Renuein spoke Alyuan in a deep garbled voice.

               The Alyuan remained silent and continued to lay on the ground. The Renuein opened her jaw an insanely obtuse, her sharp yellow jagged fangs exposed, to let out a loud roar.  Gobs of spit splattered all over the Alyuan, the Alyuan started to whimper but remained lying down.  Annoyed the Renuein let a deep hiss to her companions, instinctively waddle her and pulled the Alyuan to her knees. Like this she was about as tall as most of them, only the Renuein having a great deal of height amongst them. They jabbed her sides with their weapons, their barrels still hot from the firefight, and hissed and roared at her all the while displaying their teeth. Resentfully the Alyuan rose to her feet, despite the being significantly smaller than the rest of the ship’s original crew she still towered over them. Even the large female before her only reached her breast.

               The head Renuein then spoke again. “Do you know who I am?” The Alyuan took a moment scanning the lizard before she answered. “I can only guess you’re the one disrupting our supply lines, the one who has those idiots in the Galactic Union terrified. You’re Daemon, the pirate queen, the one who basically owns the black market, and the one who will reunite the Renueins and make your species whole again.” She added a bit of mockery on that last comment.

               Daemon reached as high as she could her scaly hand wrapped around the Alyuans throat, the tip of her claws broke skin blue blood trickled down over them. “Yes,” She answered as she brought the Alyuan face closer to hers. “And you are Lycia of Alyu an Alyuan from rich blood, why else would your kind sacrifice themselves for a pathetic dwarf.” That comment clearly stung the Lycia deep, her eyes gave off a scowl. She was in no position to do more however and let it slide.

               “You will come with me to the Control Deck, open the bay doors to let our ships in, and you will reactivate the Slip-Space Drive.” Daemon instructed Lycia. Lycia took a few glances over her shoulder, “I’m guessing I don’t have much of a choice.” “At least you’re not a complete idiot.” The Large Renuein turned around and motioned Lycia to follow, and with the encouragement of the armed guards she does so. They wandered through the corridors now stained with the blood, bodies and scorch marks of the firefights that took place. As they passed by the bodies Lycia was tortured with the stench that came from the corpses of her escorts.

               With no nostrils, the Alyuans could smell and breathe the gasses in the air through their moist skin which sent messages to the brain telling which was a good smell and what was a bad smell.  And despite being able to breathe through their mouths, whenever their skin was exposed they were forced to smell everything around them.

               The armor the guards wore were designed to keep the gases from their bodies contained, but the ship’s crew were not equipped this way. She smelled their burnt bodies, her gag reflex kicked in and she wanted to vomit. She stopped violently coughing. With a few hisses, Daemon ordered into a device she wore that all the bodies leading to the Control Deck were to be moved so they could press on. With that Daemon moved onward, Lycia again pushed forward by the other Renuein. By the time they reached the control room there were blue bloody drag marks lead away from the deck.

               The Control Deck was spacious, the Alyuans needed as much as they could take, the ceiling was as high as a small building. The seats were like cushion bowls the handles adorned with lights emitted from the screens. The room was an odd light blue shade that gave the room a foggy look to it. The room still stank from the corpses which made the so thick that it felt like walking through a padded room.  Patches of scorch marks were spotted in various places leaving dark burn marks with glowing edges of metal. There were terminal stations that arched around the captain’s station.

               Daemon clambered up the steps where the captain seat is situated, she struggled to sit down in the deep chair. She kept sliding back in it, her stubby tail crunched under her weight.  She settled for sitting on the edge of the seat and ordered the others to position themselves to the terminal stations. She then motioned the guards to bring Lycia to her, the guards the grunted with each other before one lead Lycia to Daemon while the other kept its weapon trained on her.

The steps were large, Lycia needed to take large steps to climb them. The Renuein had even more trouble, it had to scramble up each step throwing its short muscular leg over each first to advance. If the other hadn’t still had its weapon aimed at her Lycia would have taken this opportunity to try and escape. All the while Daemon was taking in her new prize, considering that attacks on Alyuan ships were so rare and almost all of them unsuccessful she clearly felt a great deal of pride.

“Activate the ship’s system.” Daemon ordered Lycia without looking at her still cherishing her victory. Lycia did nothing, she tried to express her discontent and resentment as much as possible.  If Daemon noticed she didn’t appear to be phased by it, the Renuein the proceeded to swing the butt of its weapon into her back. She gasped not prepared for that assault, bitterly she stepped to the captain’s terminal.  She placed her hand on the terminal, and with that lights spat out from it forming a screen along with a blue sphere with a light blue line underneath it.

“It’s nice to see you again My Lady, how may I be of assistance?”  The sphere spoke deeply in the Alyuan language. With every word the sphere spoke the line underneath it would show the frequency of the voice.

“Computer I need you to reactivate all the ships primary systems.” Lycia ordered the ship’s system A.I.

“I am sorry My Lady but I am under strict orders to follow the orders of the captain only. If you wish for any accommodations I would ask you direct them to the captain.” The ship refused.

               “The captain is dead!” Lycia shouted at the machine which sparked a more cautious tone from the Renuein. “If that is the case please report this to Lord Admiral Starlot and then go to the next in command for…” “Everyone is dead! The captain, my guards, everyone! I am the only one left, don’t you understand you stupid machine!” Lycia interrupted the computer her voice cracked a bit by how loud she got.  The suddenness of this outburst caused alarm to the Renuein many stopped what they were doing and raised their arms at her. Lycia took noticed and tried to calm herself, all around her these walking-lizards with plasma weapons raised at her. She turns to look at Daemon and saw her hand raised to halt a hail of scorching plasma.

“What did it tell you?” Daemon addressed Lycia finally looking at her.

“It won’t listen to me; it’s telling me that it will only take orders from the captain.” She sighed. Daemon let out a soft but deep hiss more to herself than to Lycia. She then slid out of her seat, she made a loud thud that mixed with ticks from her claws and started to walk toward Lycia. She waddles she way next to Lycia and stares at the blue orb hovering above them.

“Machine, I am your new captain. Now you’ll reactivate the ship’s system, allow my ships to enter, and then you will start up the Slip-Space Drive.” Daemon’s Alyuan was rough and raspy. It sounded as if the words were skidding against the walls of her throat as they spat out of her mouth.

“Negative, you are not the captain rouge variable.” The computer responded as the doors slammed shut.

“Under Article 24104, of the Alyuan Fleet Command; you and the rest of the intruders aboard the Valiant Return, are to be locked up until the arrival of a Alyuan Fleet can arrive to cleanse the ship of your presence.” The computer recited the article.

               Hearing this Lycia could not contain the small smirk that grew on her face that came with a muffled chuckle. The thought of being rescued and rid of these vermin was more than she could describe. Daemon did not look unfazed by this though and merely hissed and groaned into the communicator to someone else. After the voice returned the seemingly similar noises she let out a deep hiss-like chuckle of her own. That unnerved Lycia and she lost the hope she had gained.

“Machine, I have spoken to my compatriots and it seems that your ships communication systems have been disabled. So, tell me, how are you going to inform your fleet of our presence if you do not have the means to?” Lycia’s felt her gut sink when the giant lizard spoke.

               The computer remained silent as it tried to analyze the situation as well as think of a solution to it. The blue orb rotated and faced Lycia but remained silent for a moment. Then it spoke, “Lady Lycia, you have the authorization to go out and retrieve the ship’s repair drones to bring communications back online.”  Daemon slightly turned her head toward Lycia and hissed flaring her teeth. Lycia did not move or make any sounds in response to either the computer or Daemon, there was no good response in this situation.

“Machine are you malfunctioning from the damage you received? If you cannot tell the ship is drifting in between star systems, we are lightyears away from any civilized system. And without the Slip-Space Drive or Communication functioning there will be no rescue. On top of that, we have a hostage.” Daemon jabs her blaster into Lycia hip.

“The Alyuan government does not negotiate with terrorist. Hence forth I am not intimidating by a show of force.” The computer responded.

“Wait…” Lycia hesitantly spoke. Daemon roared at her meek outburst, the Alyuan’s breaths shaken but she still found the courage to continue to speak. “C-computer, this voyage was Top Secret and only a handful of officers of the fleet knew about it. And the ship is not expected to arrive to any ports for at least a few weeks, so when they realize the ship I missing we’ll either be dead or gone by the time they get here. The best option in saving the remaining crew is to let these things move about freely.”

               Daemon growled after being referred to as a “thing”, the computer however remained silent reviewing Lycia’s logic. “Your logic makes sense My Lady,” The computer spoke slightly calming Lycia’s nerves. “But I still have my orders and cannot allow for the ship or its crew to be ransomed.” As it finished speaking her nerves went back to action peeving her relentlessly.

               An idea sparked into her mind that would help her situation entirely. Boldly she tapped Daemon’s rough green-scaly arm, Daemon reaction was what was to be expected and she pressed her weapon further into Lycia’s hip. As calmly as she could Lycia spoke, “Let me go activate the Slip-Space Drive.” Daemons hissed which caused a domino effect of hisses and roars from the other Renuein in the room.

               “Do you think you are the one in control?” Daemon spoke her voice deep and rough. She again flared her teeth but her mouth now was pouring out saliva onto the floor. The small Alyuan’s breath shivered, Lycia did her best to recompose herself and speak again. She motioned Daemon away from the computer’s console and slowly the large Renuein humors her.

“If we restart the Slip-Space Drive it will restart all of the ship’s systems to prevent them from being disabled by the EMP it will admit. You could use that opportunity to purge the ships computer from the ship entirely.” Lycia whispered into her captor’s ear hole.

               Daemon pauses and withdraws her weapon from Lycia’s side. She contemplates the idea of being rid of this stupid machine and actually have control of this grand ship. On the other hand, she wondered why would her hostage want to help them kidnap her. She knew Lycia was planning something but couldn’t put her claw on it. “Why do wish to help us?” Daemon questioned.

“The computer is broken, probably damaged by your assault on the ship. It would rather sit he and have the Alyuan fleet scan through open space to find us, and who knows how long that could take. And even if your crew leaves the ship behind I’m confident your ship does not have the ability to properly support my needs. I’d rather be a hostage on an Alyuan vessel rather that whatever ship you’d have me locked away on.” Lycia explains.

               Daemon took this into consideration, the one who is funding the use of her and her crew did require that she bring this Alyuan in a fair state. And her ships were nothing more than a bunch of stolen and outlawed ships that were patched together and armed by whatever they could scavenge. And certainly, she nor her crew knew the needs of an Alyuan, nor did their ships prepared to support her needs either. “How will you get to the Drive if we are still locked in here” She finally asked.

“The Communication station is not too far from the Slip-Space Drive, I could simply take a detour on the way, once reactivated you can purge the computer, and then we could go wherever it is you’re planning to take me.” Lycia planned.

“Fine, but two of my crew will go with you. I know you are up to something Alyuan, I just don’t know what.” Daemon expressed her distrust.

“My dear queen, you have nothing to fear.” Lycia mocks walking back to the console as quickly as she could before Daemon could retaliate.

“Computer, I will take on the task of reestablishing communications with the rest of the fleet. I do ask however that two of the Renueins be allowed to come with me.” Lycia requested from the blue orb.

“Negative, all intruders must remain where they are until the fleet arrives to dispose of them. Already some of them have used explosive charges to force their way to other parts of the ship. I cannot allow the risk of more of them spreading.”  The computer spoke as if the Renuein were nothing more than vermin, which got a growl out of the in the room.

“But computer the drones are too large for me to carry myself and their aid would be greatly appreciated.” Lycia acted out.

               The computer remained silent again, and analyzed the truth in her words and the capabilities of the Renuein being able to carry the drone given their size. They were short but bulky, and if instructed properly could handle to drones with minimal damage to them. “Alright My Lady, they may accompany you to retrieve the drones, but they must leave their weapons.” The computer conceded.

               Daemon pointed to a pair of Renuein who were about stomach level and called them over. The two trotted on over to her and she took their weapons from them, but also whispered the plan into their ears.  While she whispered, Daemon gave Lycia a foul look, scrunching up her lips on the side of her snout presenting her teeth once more. Lycia brushed the look off and waited for the small green reptiles to come to her. As they leave Daemon, they give a nasty look to the computer’s projection, one even gave it a hiss.

               Once beside her, one of the little green beast tightly grasped her wrist cutting the circulation to her hand. Lycia winced and moaned, the scaled of the Renuein prodded her skin and the long claws felt like they were going to tear into her flesh at any moment. “Release her at one!” the computer picked up on Lycia’s stress pattern. The Renuein gave the blue orb a growl and turned to Daemon for direction.          

               Daemon waved her hand and the Renuein unhinged its tight grip. Lycia yanked her wrist as soon as she could from the brute; she rolled her wrist around trying to get the blood and feeling back in her hand as soon as possible. The heavy metal door slid open and the three ventured off through the ship.

               As they traveled Lycia was still able to smell the corpses of the ship’s crew, sometimes catching a glimpse of where the Renuein had stored some of the bodies. It made her sick to her stomach to look at, but she had to keep an eye out for any escape pods in order for her plan to work. The group stopped at one of the ship’s many maintenance closets and pulled four small drones out for the repairs. Eventually she spotted a group of them all stationed near the officers’ cafeteria. It also was not too far from the Drive Room only a few turns and a long corridor separated them.

               “Now how can I get to the Drive room without the computer shutting us out?” She thought to herself.  They kept on walking toward the Communications Room she noticed a few Renuein conversing and purposely stepped on one of their feet. The alien lizard screeches in pain and yanks Lycia down to the floor. The Renueins that escorted her stepped into action and threw the hostile Renuein against the wall and began to hiss and roar at them.

               The two Renuein were then jumped by the other Renuein that were talking to the one they just threw to the wall. An all-out brawl ensued with the lizards throwing each other around slicing and biting into one another with their claws and teeth. A puddle of spit and blood formed on the floor giving the air a foul stench. It was at that point where the new nasty smell reached her was when Lycia decided that it a good opportunity to sneak away, especially with all the commotion happening.

               Taking the drones, she ran off with any notice from her handlers who were still busy fending off their three assailants. Lycia dashed to the to the Drive Room and was sure to seal the door behind her and took this moment of freedom to catch her breath.  It wouldn’t be long until they notice she’d escaped and come after her. Setting down the drone she went through each of the drones’ repair settings placing them to repair the Slip-Space Drives.  The four machine rose from the floor and hovered to the Drives that to her opinion looked fine, but as the drones worked it became more apparent of how severe the damage was. The pistons that punch at near light speed to create wormhole in the vacuum of space had been bent, chipped, and broken to the point where the drones had to tear off a whole panel to replace them.

               Along with the pistons the reactor to power the pistons had been damaged and surrounded by a containment field. Radiation was leaking from the reactor cutting off all the power to the Drives as well. Luckily the ships hazard system was still functioning because without the containment field most if not all of them would be dead in an instant due to radiation exposure.

               Two drones simply were able to faze through the containment field due to it being of non-organic matter and they began to fix the reactor along with contain any leaked radiation.  The one working on the reactor moved it small metallic mandibles so quickly it was hard for her look at it, it all looking fuzzy with how fast it was moving. The other just floated around making a buzzing sound along with the sound from its radiation detector. The ticking from the detector was diminishing and pretty soon after both of the drones had finished with the reactor the containment field shrunk back into the small slots that it came from. Lycia turned around and watched as the other two drones placed the new pistons they had made from the 3-D printers within them into their slots and firmly secured them into place.

               As soon as they were finished Lycia ordered one of the drones to restart the Slip-Space Drive while setting the rest into emergency mode. The machines scanners went on overtime trying to find a problem that needed fixing. As she did that she heard pounds and scratches from the other side of the door, the lizards had finally noticed that she was gone, and they didn’t seem too happy about it.  To make matters worse the door would open to prevent anyone from being locked inside as the ship’s systems rebooted. “Just what I needed.” She mutters to herself sarcastically.

               The ship speakers then go off, “Attention all personal, the ship’s system will be temporarily offline due to manual reset of the Slip-Space Drives. All personal report to your stations and wait for further instructions from the captain.” Immediately after the lights black out and the drones all shut down giving a deep whine. As the ship goes silent the sound of the Renueins hisses and growls are consumed by the sound of doors slamming open one at a time. The Renueins stop clawing at the door leaving her alone with the eerie silence. Lycia looks down and sees that the drones that she had put in emergency mode hadn’t booted back up.

“Please, please, turn back on now!” she grunted at the limp machines. The door slams open and cutting through the darkness she can see red lights glowing off the weapons these Renuein were carrying. She was disturbed, but not from the weapons but from the glow from the Renuein’s eyes. It was a thicker red than the red from the weapons, but it cut split in half by their dark pupils. She could hear their breathing, it was raspy and grabbled each exhale giving of a different type of hiss than the one prior. Their weapons were raised and they took their time stomping over to her.  One to her left suddenly fell however, landing on its stomach tripping over one of the drones.

               She took this opportunity and jumped for its weapon. Yanking the blaster out of its claws she took it and pointed it at the Renuein’s head. The other two raised their weapons at her hissing and growling probably telling her to drop the weapon, but there was no way that was happening. Meanwhile the Renuein on the floor remained silent even its breathing had softened. “Drop your weapons or I’ll kill him.” Lycia screamed as assertive as she could be. The Renuein hiss and roar back at her probably understanding her as well as she understood them. She pressed the barrel against the lizard’s head and continued to demand that they drop their weapons.  

               “Reset of the Slip-Space Drive will commence in five, four, three, two, one.” The ship’s speakers count down.

               The standoff was interrupted when the Drive emitted and electromagnetic blast that disabled the weapons, their red lights dimming out. Along with that after the EMP burst had past the drones in emergency mode sparked back to life. They did a quick visual scan of the dimmed room and their attention locked on the disabled weapons. Immediately the drones hover over to the three in an attempt to fix the guns. The drone that hovered toward Lycia was able to snatch the blaster from her and began observing it dismantling it to try reactivate it. The Renueins however were not all that keen on giving up their weapons and tugged against the drones fighting for control.

               As the lizards wrestle Lycia dashes out of the room, pushing pass the Renueins makes a break for the nearest escape pod. She’s not alone though, she peers over her shoulder and sees the Renuein she held at gunpoint bounding on all fours after her.  At this point it’s all or nothing, so with every ounce of her strength she sprints running as fast as she ever has before desperate to escape. She takes every turn as sharp as she could sliding a bit in her sandals. All the while she could hear the clicks and scratches of her pursuer’s claws skidding on the metal floors.

               As she took the next turn she could see officers’ cafeteria along with the group of escape pods stationed nearby.  The Renuein chasing her slid into the corridor’s wall and was now much closer, Lycia could hear the heavy puffs of each of its breath.  Pushing herself she dashed to the closest pod at this point her lungs burning. She could feel her hearts pumping, each one beating like a drum her chest now rumbling from the consistent beats.

               Halfway from the escape pod she trips feeling a terrible pain in her right leg, the Renuein had caught her and was going to make her pay. Her leg oozed blue blood that seeped into her dress, she screamed as it sunk its claws further into her leg. It seemed to chuckle at the sound of her agony and raised its other arm swiping it down upon her. The Renuein claws sliced her forearm clipping part of her abdomen in the process. Lycia let out another wail, tears formed in her eyes and anger through the rest of her being.            

               Her vision reddened and she could feel her second pair of teeth setting into place. She knew what was happening to herself and hated it, she fought her primal urges. But it was already a lost fight, her mind was beginning to slip. The last thing she was able to memorize was the expression of confusion on the Renuein’s face before it went all red.

               When Lycia came to she found herself lying on top of the blood-soaked corpse of the Renuein.  She stood up and felt heavier than usual, looking down she saw her clothes were completely drenched in red blood the original golden-violet patterns no longer distinguishable. As well as on her dress, blood covered every limb of her body was wet with the lizard’s blood. The overwhelming smell was too much and Lycia hunched over vomiting.  When she finished, she felt disgusted with everything that has happened, “I’m someone very important to the galaxy and this has happened! Sent away without proper time to prepare, my ship get boarded by pirates, I’m taking prisoner, and now this! Vomiting all over the floor covered in blood all because this stupid lizard…”

               She stopped her rant once she realized the full extent of the carnage she inflicted on the Renuein. It laid in a puddle of its own blood, its right leg bone poked out of its scaly exterior, two of the fingers on its left hand were laying against the wall separate from the rest of its body.  The tip of its tail was completely flattened and its right arm was bending in a way it wasn’t supposed to. The feature that stood out the most though was its neck where a large chuck had been torn out and spat out against the wall. The wound was so deep that she could partially see some of the Renuein’s spine; she was at a loss of words, none even came to mind. So, she just ran.

               Lycia ran to the nearest escape pod ignoring the pain stinging all over her body and manually detached it from the ship. As the pod drifted away from the ship and Lycia takes her seat its power slowly coming back online. “Hello I am your life pods navigation system, please punch in the coordinates of your destination.” A female Alyuan voice instructed. Lycia was still trying to process what she had just done back there however, and completely ignored the system’s request. “Hello passenger, please respond and input the coordinate data into the panel before you.” The system tried again but there was still silence with in the pod. “Scanning… scanning… passenger do you require medical assistance? My scan has indicated that you have received lacerations on your forearm, leg, and abdomen. Shall I administer bio-gel to remedy your injuries?” “How could I do that I’m just a…” Lycia mumbled to herself ignoring the system’s request.

               A small palm sized drone deploys from the ceiling of the pod behind Lycia and hovers over to her applying the bio-gel over her injuries. Lycia hearts jumps unprepared for the bio-gel and how much it stung. She backhands the drone across the pod swatting it so hard that it shatters against the pods interior. “Please refrain from damaging property of the Alyuan Empire.” The system warns. Lycia finally takes notice of the system and takes action, “Take me to the nearest Alyuan controlled system!”

“Apologies,” the system responded, “but all Alyuan controlled space is out of this pods reach.”

“WHAT!?” Lycia shouted.

“This pod’s Slip-Space Drive is not powerful enough to reach any known Alyuan system. The best I can do is to make short jumps to get us to the closest system of Drexul.” “How long would that take?” “Approximately around one thousand five hundred twelve Alyu hours.” “Great, I manage to escape the ship but now I’m going to starve to death trying to get home.” “Not true this pods has food reserves that will last up to….” Their conversation is cut short when the pod shakes violently.

               “What just happened!” Lycia demands. “Hull integrity lowered to ninety percent. Cause plasma bolt striking the pod.”  The system replies bringing up a projection of the pod the rear of it blinking red. The pod is struck once more tossing Lycia onto the pod’s floor, “Hull’s integrity at seventy percent. Incoming message from the Restored Order.” The system blared.

“Very clever young Alyuan. I knew you were up to something when you agreed to help us take over the ship from blue machine, I just didn’t know what. Here we are though with us having almost everything we came here for, and you out there being the missing piece to what we have earn.” Lycia scowled at the sound of Daemon’s voice. “Come back to my ship now and I may be able to keep you safe from the rest of my crew. They’re not particularly happy with what you did to Renaiir. So, unless you want to end up like he did I’d suggest think carefully about your next move.”

               Lycia grunts, doing exactly what Daemon said I thinking about what she’s going to do now. If she goes back, then escape will be impossible with all the security and limitations enforced upon her. And if she ran there’s no guarantee that she’ll make it not Alyuan space with how damaged the pod is. So the only question is which choice was worse?

“*growl* I am losing my patience Alyuan, come peacefully or else we’ll drag you back ourselves! You have a minute to comply.” Daemon warns cutting off the transmission.

               Lycia thought rush into overtime thinking what she could do. “Passenger I am detecting multiple small vessels on unknown classification approaching. Would you like to set up communications with these vessels?” the system pondered. “No! Um… how far is your transmission range?” She started to come up with an idea. “This pod’s transmission range can only reach two point three six light years, but can release a beacon that reaches twenty light years” the system informs. “Okay how far is the nearest habitable system?” “Approximately 0.03 light years away but is unexplored do you wish to travel there?” At that moment, the pod was struck once more with plasma fire buckling the pod once more. “Yes, now!” Lycia ordered trying to strap herself in. “Hull integrity now at fifty percent, there’s a seventy-eight percent chance that many of this pod’s systems will go offline if a jump is initiated. Do you wish to….” “For the love of Alyu, just do it!”

               The pod’s engines began to pumping creating a wormhole and the pod thrusts itself into Slip-Space plunging into the unknown. Meanwhile aboard the Restored Order Daemon watches as her prize slips away. “Someone get me the coordinates of her jump and bring all ship into the docking bay and prepare for the jump into Slip-Space!” Daemon commands with her subordinates waddling as fast as they could. “Shipmisstress, we have captured an Alyuan ship, along with all the goods aboard it what does it matter if the Alyuan got away?” A younger Renuein questions. Daemon glares at them slowly stumbling closer and closer. The room become still as she walks, all eyes focusing on her. Standing in front of the young pirate continued her stare into her being. In it she finds fear and uncertainty from lack of experience. She pities hers.

Before any apologies could be made Daemon burrows her dagger into the Renuein’s eye gouging it out. The young pirate howls in pain falling to the floor, hands over her empty eye socket. “Our client asked for the capture and delivery of that Alyuan in exchange of foods you can’t even imagine. So, we will not give up our pursuit until that brat is captured,” Daemon speaks with a solid stern voice calmly walking back to the captain’s seat. “So, I’ll only say this one more time. Follow! That! Pod!”

© 2017 Ricky

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I think the beginning could use some cleanup. The idea is great dont change the set change how you get us into the chapter.
I would start with a POV, let us see the battle through someones eyes. Also show dont tell.
-One example was the dagger- you told us it was a unifying dagger and why, let it come up in dialogue. Maybe we see her use it in battle and almost lose it, maybe someone tries to take it from her.
Another example is the lizards noticing the Mc is gone and are happy about it. Dont tell us show us, how do know they are happy, are they dancing singing. its small details like these that go a lonog way.
The pacing works and the plot is fine so no worries on that, space adventures are always fun, and using aliens insted of humans is refreshing. But first few paragraphs are everything in story.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


1 Year Ago

Thank you i plan on bringing these characters back soon and i'll try to show this rather than tell i.. read more

1 Year Ago

Yeah its a hard skill to gain, so no worries. If you are mindful of it at all times you will find yo.. read more


i was amazed

Posted 10 Months Ago


10 Months Ago

Thank you very much i'm glad you liked it.
I think the beginning could use some cleanup. The idea is great dont change the set change how you get us into the chapter.
I would start with a POV, let us see the battle through someones eyes. Also show dont tell.
-One example was the dagger- you told us it was a unifying dagger and why, let it come up in dialogue. Maybe we see her use it in battle and almost lose it, maybe someone tries to take it from her.
Another example is the lizards noticing the Mc is gone and are happy about it. Dont tell us show us, how do know they are happy, are they dancing singing. its small details like these that go a lonog way.
The pacing works and the plot is fine so no worries on that, space adventures are always fun, and using aliens insted of humans is refreshing. But first few paragraphs are everything in story.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


1 Year Ago

Thank you i plan on bringing these characters back soon and i'll try to show this rather than tell i.. read more

1 Year Ago

Yeah its a hard skill to gain, so no worries. If you are mindful of it at all times you will find yo.. read more

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I am a young ambitious man who has always been fascinated in telling stories. And unlike the rest of my family who can draw very artistically i cannot so writing is as best as i can in displaying what.. more..

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