Collision Course

Collision Course

A Chapter by Ricky

Lycia manages to make it to the alien system but realizes that she's not alone. Meanwhile Richard tires to gain control over his demons


                                            In Between Systems. Escaped pod, Day 8

               Lycia dreamt that she was at home, her father and mother at opposite sides of their dining table taking about their day. Her brother, Dremux, and sister, Emerzan were there as well sitting across from each other. Emerzan was teasing Dremux about how the girls at the academy all thought he was handsome and that it’d be nice if he dropped by. As he usually did he replied firmly denying such request and reminded her she was there to learn not gossip with the other girls.

               He’d been so emotionless ever since he joined the navy, they had taken her joyful brother away and morphed him into an organic machine. He always did say he wanted to become more than what he already was, probably didn’t expect months of intensive training through all his weaknesses. They hardened his mind, body, and very core to become as unbreakable as it possibly can.  She remembered how playful he used to be as a child, if it wasn’t for his face she’d probably not recognize him.

               Emerzan scoffed at his casual response and continued onward just to annoy him. Lycia smirked, it was amazing that he’d let her constantly bother him. Then again it had been the case throughout their life, Lycia recalled that if Emerzan wasn’t teasing her, she’d be picking on their little brother. Though she’d been doing it more so to Dremux than herself lately, maybe it was because he wasn’t around as much anymore. Lycia rolled her eyes as Emerzan continued blabbing on about what was happening at school, Emerzan was always so talkative always having something to say. But whatever it was she was say she noticed her father stop his conversation with her mother and praise Emerzan for whatever she had done. Emerzan, along with being talkative, was very kind and helpful to everyone she met, which was one of the reasons everyone loved her so much.

               Lycia sighed thinking about what she had accomplished through her life and couldn’t recall anything too memorable. Her height alone made things harder by itself, but what was expected of her later on after her father decides she’s ready to carry his torch. She wasn’t too sure she was ready for that responsibility. She just sat and stared at her food, her mother began calling her and instinctively she raised her head ready to answer her. “Yes moth…er?”

               There was no one at the table, which had been absolutely wrecked covered in broken glass, charred wood, and plates and silverware thrown carelessly on the table ad floor. She then felt a hot breath on the back of her neck and terrifyingly familiar growl. Before she could get up Lycia was yanked to the back of her seat by a scaly clawed pair of hands.


“You thought you could escape from us Alyuan, but you can never escape. Never!” It was Daemon’s voice alright but when she looked at her assailant she was greeted by the Renuein she’d milled. Its neck wound poured blood all over her face and it gave off a horrific grin. Lycia pulled at the grasp choking her and began gasping for air calling out for her family to come and save her. But nobody came; it all started to blacken and the only sound she could her was Daemon’s laughter which was becoming more distorted. She could feel herself falling venturing deeper into the dark abyss with the laughter all around her.

               Lycia woke up falling out of her seat her head slamming hard against the floor. She groaned rubbing where her head and looked around her. The emptiness of the life pod was getting to her, she’d been isolated in the pod for what must’ve been days at this point. It wasn’t that she was lonely she was use to not having anyone to talk to, it was the small area she was confined in. She’d spend the time she was awake pacing around the pod checking on how close she was to her random destination. But the once she noticed the pods lights beginning to flicker she decided to stop the checkups, no point in knowing where you’re going if you get stuck once there.


       Now she’d just pace, eat, drink, sleep, etc., all day long the same routine was driving her crazy. The pod didn’t even have any books or videos to take her mind off her current situation. At this rate, Lycia felt like she’d go insane before anyone could find her. She shouted in frustration releasing some of her stress out. For a while she just sat in silence doing nothing but listen to the sound of the Slip-Space Drive pounding.


       The pod then jerked bringing Lycia back down to the floor, the pods navigation system tried to speak but all that came out of the speakers was garbled and static. “What happened?” Lycia questioned. Again though, the response was incomprehensible, but a hologram popped up and showed the star system she was in as the pods engines where ignited. The planets were all unfamiliar to her, with different sizes and colors revolving around a star much smaller than her planet’s. The types of planets were surprisingly organized with solid planets closer to the sun and gas planets, aside from a displaced moon, were farther away neatly divided by an asteroid belt.


Lycia stared at the projection, the scan showed that it was third planet from the star that was habitable. Wasn’t the worst place she’d seen, it was smaller than her planet and only had one moon but it would do. The scans then picked up some anomalies near the planet that didn’t appear in the projection but blink a dark blue.

“Enhance image around the third planet.” Lycia ordered which was followed but given a broken reply.


With a better look of the planet she could see what she was dealing with, the planet was mostly covered in water. And there were divided continents each showing their degrees of lushness and aridness, which was fairly balanced. That wasn’t the focus of Lycia’s attention however, she was more focused on the stations that were orbiting the planet. This planet was inhabited.

               But judging on how primitive the stations were as well as how there was no traffic going to its moon nor the red planet after it, that look like it only needed a bit of terraforming to make it habitable, she assumed that they had not yet achieved long distance space travel. “Great I get to deal with savages to deal with savages a well. Just what I needed.” Lycia whined. She sat back down into her seat and sunk her face into her hands, she just wanted the hardships to end. She just wanted to go home and get her life back, it was dull but it had to be better than all the trauma she’d been through.

               And having to land on that planet with the aliens that live there, she can recall all the stories Dremux told about encountering isolated beings. They were always cautious and ready to attack the moment you did something the disliked. And communicating with them was near impossible because they wouldn’t let you get close enough to them to place a translation device on them. He said that if managed to grab one it would scream and squirm about causing a panic where the mass of them would flee or try and stop you.


       That got Lycia thinking, how was she going to communicate with them? Does this pod even have the necessary equipment to handle first contact experiences? She got up and stated looking around the pod trying to find anything that’d might be of use. There weren’t many places that one could store any equipment, and the places that were there we a bit out of her reach. She extends her arm toward the overhead storage, barely reaching it handles even standing on her toes.  After a few attempts Lycia managed to open the cupboard, only now left with how to grab the long container within it.


Lycia wanted to groan but after the dream with her mother she recalls what her mother would say about that type of behavior and tries to maintain herself.  Looking around she tries to figure out what she could stand on to grab the container. But seeing how Alyuans only have escape pods really for show, due to how low the need for them to evacuate is, not much was placed in them aside from the necessities. And idea filled her head and she goes back to the console that the navigation system was within. “Commence manual override.” She commanded getting a muffled static reply that was followed by a pause. “Commence manual override!” Lycia ordered once more sounding annoyed.

 After this second order two nabs jutted out of the console adjacent to the one she was at, they were at her chest level. She refused to sit in the chair that was stationed at the console, it would only emphasize how small she was. She grabbed the levers and tilted the pod so that the container would slide out. She heard it slide but it got caught on the edge. She gives it a scowl and tilts the pod further, but nothing happened. Agitated Lycia thoughtlessly jerked the levers to get it over, but threw the pod and herself around. She was thrown into the air and slammed against the ceiling, the pods lights began it flare a dark blue and the stress put on the hull could be heard with a quick few pops and cracks.

The pod realigned itself resetting it trajectory so that it can reach the third planet as intended. This sudden change body slammed Lycia back to the floor leaving her dazed, but before she could do anything the container came rushing down towards the consoles sandwiching her head knocking her unconscious.

                           Earth.  Alki Beach, Seattle, Washington. 8:15 P.M.

Richard chuckled at what a pathetic sight he must’ve been right now, this large man sitting alone in the fading sun, in his underwear, knees huddled on a deserted portion of the beach. He felt pity for himself and hated himself for it. “She’s right. I’m almost an adult I need to get my act together, even if I have to be herded like the rest of society. At least I’ll know that I’ll have a role with meaning to something.” He spoke openly to himself. As he finished though his thoughts filled with dreams he had, things he wanted to do, ways he wanted to set himself apart from the rest of the world.

The feelings inside him conflicted making him a boiling pot of emotions ready to burst once again. He grabbed his head and just wanted it all to stop, he wanted things to go back to being simple without things and people complicating everything. “Richard, are you ok?” Sara’s voice cuts through these thoughts like a heated blade. He flinches thinking that’d he was alone.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. How, uh, how long you’ve been standing there?” Richard does his best compose himself.

“Not that long I saw you hit your head pretty hard, so I jogged the rest of the way. Are you sure you’re alright?” Sara asked looking very concerned.

“What that, that was because I felt a mosquito land on my head and you know that I hate bugs. I don’t think it got me though I’m pretty HARD HEADED.” He did his best to erase all the troubling him from his mind.

               Sara didn’t laugh, but she did smile and shake her head tossing his backpack next to him. He thanks her and pauses awkwardly while yanking it over to him opening up. He asks if she could turn around while he puts the shorts on.  As she turns around he stands up scans the area to make sure no one can see him, he brushes the sand off his underwear and thighs, then quickly pits the shorts back on soon after.  He walks up to Sara and tells her that they should head back.

“Don’t forget all the drift wood you collected.” Sara reminded him

“Right things are probably already, ya know, because you already had to walk back there alone without me.” Richard collected to wood and placed it all in his backpack.

“Yeah… when they asked me where you were I told them that you tore your pants.” Sara slowly answered.

“Wait. What?!” Richard felt his heart pop out of his chest. If she told them what happened he knew that they would all think of him as some sort of sociopath with a mental timer in his head.

“Richard, calm down. I didn’t tell them about anything that happened over here, when they asked where you were I said that you had tripped and your pants caught on something and ripped. And that you didn’t want to walk back with ripped pants so you asked me to get your shorts from your backpack. I know you probably want to keep what happened over there between just us.” She explained.

“Yeah if you don’t mind. I really don’t want to play into the stereotype of the big aggressive guy.” He thanks her and they continue walking.

               The walk back to the group was a long, quiet, and awkward one, with neither of them wanting to make eye contact. Richard just stared at the still gleaming water. The sun was hidden behind Bainbridge Island, but the light still shined bright around it’s outline. The sky near the light was a soft pink that faded into a darker blues-purple the farther you got away from it. The heavy sounds of helicopter rotors swallowed the splashes of the water causing Richard to search for the aircraft. He barely gets the chance to glimpse the helicopters as they were speeding across the sky. He recognized them as a pair of apache attack helicopters. “That’s weird.” He thinks to himself. He never remembered helicopters being part of Sea Fest, but those helicopters were pretty maneuverable and they might be new.

“Richard going on?” Sara asked distracting him from the oddity of the military aircraft.

“Hmm, oh nothing. Just lost in my thoughts.” He answered.

“No, I mean up ahead look.” Sara continues pointing at the crowd of people gathering on the shore. Richard takes notice but only for a brief moment, because of a blinding glare coming off the water. He looks over and sees a bright dot in the sky that was the midway point between a star and the sun.  The light from it lit the landscape around it into a blinding white color, so much that it hurt his eyes trying to focus on it.  He took a moment and rubbed his eyes, but when he looked again it looked a little larger and closer to the water.  Richard took a look at the landscape around it and noticed the light was moving at an insane pace.

The object’s glare was intensified when its light reflected of the city’s skyscrapers which caused the whole sky to light up. He jumped when he heard bloodcurdling screams coming from down the beach. Glancing over he saw a crowd of people running away from the beach ducking behind cars and panicking into nearby buildings. He took one last look at the object and it was clearly hurling straight for them.

“Sara run! Run!”  Richard made his message as loud and clear as he possibly could. He drops the wood and yanks her away practically dragging her.  Sara tells him to slow down and that she can’t keep up with him. She then in such a cliché manner falls down, Richard stops and picks her up taking a look to see when the object is. That was a mistake.

Richard get Sara up and tosses her up the cement staircase and tries to follow her. The object crashes in to beach the sand giving way as it carves its way up the shore. He jumps out of its path and tries to crawl away, debris showers over covering him in hot sand that sinks into him clothes. The sound of the crash makes his ears ring and when he thinks he’s far enough he covers his ears pressing them firmly against his head.  From the wreckage, a heavy piece of debris comes flying out hitting him square in the jaw. Richard slumps to the ground and fights to stay conscious, but he fails.


© 2017 Ricky

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Very good read. I'd love to read more! It really got me about Lycia trying to recall anything "memorable" just because hes in the navy. I'm sure different people will be able to see different points of view, so you can catch a lot of peoples attention and have them connect differently

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


1 Year Ago

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah Lycia has something to her that she can't see, but i plan o.. read more

1 Year Ago

Super cool. I can't wait to read more!!


Very good read. I'd love to read more! It really got me about Lycia trying to recall anything "memorable" just because hes in the navy. I'm sure different people will be able to see different points of view, so you can catch a lot of peoples attention and have them connect differently

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


1 Year Ago

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah Lycia has something to her that she can't see, but i plan o.. read more

1 Year Ago

Super cool. I can't wait to read more!!

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